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Visit a dermatologist rather than treating skin and hair issues yourself

5 things you didn’t know about seeing a Dermatologist

We often tend to solve our problems on our own, and never ask for help even with professionals. This rule applies to our skin problems as well. While this self-dependence is appreciated, it might not be in our best interest to avoid consulting with a dermatologist.

Skin conditions tend to appear out of nowhere and prove to be tough for the common man to pinpoint the actual cause behind it. This is where the importance of a professional is really highlighted. While people often understand the importance of taking professional help in most cases, when it comes to their own skin they tend to hesitate.

There may be a number of reasons behind this hesitation. The higher costs incurred in consultation and buying and following the regimen that they provide can be a hindrance. And sometimes the clash of medical opinions with your beliefs or earlier misconceptions can make a visit to the dermatologist seem unreasonable.

However, it is important to visit a dermatologist regularly; especially if you suffer from long-lasting skin conditions that refuse to disappear even after home remedies and over-the-counter medication. They have their means and methods which always prove to be safe and effective.

Dermatologists know how to treat your problem better than home remedies
Though home remedies do tend to be effective at times, visiting a dermatologist is sure to give you results.

Dermatologists, on the other hand, are doctors who are known to diagnose and treat conditions, all of which are based on one of the most important organs, the skin. People rarely remember that the skin is the largest organ in the body, and has to be taken care of regularly.

Only dermatologists can correctly diagnose complex skin conditions and find minute differences and nuances in the condition which help identify and treat even the trickiest of skin abnormalities.

How do Dermatologists function?

Diagnosis of skin condition: This is the first and foremost step taken by dermatologists in order to identify the skin condition. They examine the skin and note down signs and symptoms that may be hints of skin conditions. This stage involves everything from blood tests to skin biopsies to get results(1). This is also when dermatologists spot defects and suspicious moles that may be early signs of skin cancer.

Treatment selection: Often, dermatologists are faced with skin conditions that are incurable but highly treatable. This includes chronic diseases like psoriasis and eczema. This means that patients can be in long-term treatment and the path of treatment prescribed is unique for dermatologists. They have the ability to adapt and shape treatments according to the needs and necessities of the patients, which is a specialty of dermatologists.

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Surgical Procedures: Dermatologists are often the only people authorized to perform many cosmetic treatments on the skin, such as laser therapy and treatment, dermabrasion or even chemical peeling(2). They are also known for overall treatment to improve the skin’s appearance. Many of the diagnostic techniques require surgical procedures like skin scraping and tissue removal for examination. All this has to be done under the observation of a dermatologist.

Research and teaching: Clinical research and a pursuit of teaching is often an adopted path by many experienced dermatologists. Seminars and lectures from dermatologists are highly valued in many universities. Furthermore, being specialized in this domain, dermatologists are almost always up to date with the latest medication and their pros and cons.

Is it important to actually visit a Dermatologist? 

It is indeed very important to visit a dermatologist because a professional opinion and help are always better than your own. There are many factors of a dermatologist’s job that many do not realize, which make the profession all the more admirable.

  • Detecting underlying conditions: the skin happens to be a canvas that showcases many of the signs that indicate underlying conditions and diseases. And only dermatologists have the knowledge,understanding, and experience to correctly identify the signs. Any good dermatologist can identify signs of diabetes, autoimmune diseases and lupus on the skin. This not only saves time but ensures that the conditions get treated.
  • Hindrances to diagnosis: we rarely realize the difficulty we present to dermatologists when going for a consultation. Since majority of their work revolves around conducting an accurate diagnosis, any obstacle can misguide them. In this case, tattoos, makeup, and embellishments on the skin can make the job of a dermatologist much harder.
  • Emphasis on lifestyle choices: dermatologists always put in high praise for good lifestyle choices. They regard this as the best form of prevention and healing for any skin condition in general. And they often have the best advice when it comes to the right diets and diet plans for a healthy lifestyle.
  • Pressure to look good: one of the first impressions people have of their dermatologists is usually the appearance of their skin and healthy. Dermatologists are often under tremendous pressure to look good and have healthy skin, at least for the sake of credibility and assurance to their patients.
  • Choices: although dermatologists are brimming with tips and pointers for maintaining healthy skin and hair, it is not mandatory that they follow all of it themselves. This is a topic that often arises in debates between patients and dermatologists.
Dermatologist can treat your skin and hair issues better than general physician can
Visiting a dermatologist is important to get specialized treatment for your skin and hair issues

The importance of dermatologists following their own advice is high, however, it should not influence your actions. Regardless of whether they live a lifestyle with their own advice, patients are expected to follow the instructions and advice given for healthy skin.

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