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6 Skin Care Tips To Wake Up Beautiful

A night of good sleep is essential for your skin to rejuvenate; there’s a reason some call it beauty sleep. When we sleep, our stress hormone (cortisol) goes down, and our sleep hormone (melatonin) goes up. Our body, and our skin, are in repair mode. In other words, nighttime gives our skin the opportunity to recover from any daytime damage. If you’re craving for beautiful skin, the way you treat your skin during sleeping hours shouldn’t be overlooked. 

6 Ways to embrace beauty sleep as a way to beautiful skin:

1 Get a Full Night Sleep

Even one night of poor sleep can cause hanging eyelids, swollen eyes, darker undereye circles, paler skin, wrinkles, or fine lines. Anyone can tell that you had a bad night’s sleep looking at your morning face. Whereas, when you get a full night sleep, your skin repairs, restores, regenerates, and this means a happy skin. You should get an average of  7 to 9 hours of sleep every night to look beautiful and have healthy skin.

Wish to have a bright looking skin in the morning? Keep any distraction away and sleep early at night! 


2 Follow a Night Skin Care Routine

Never forget to wash your face and follow a night skin care routine before your bedtime. Going to sleep with a dirty face can clog your pores and harm your skin. Additionally, sleeping with a dirty face may cause rashes, infections, inflammation and acne outbreaks.

Follow a simple night skin care routine to maximise the benefit of beauty sleep. Don’t let the day’s pore-clogging irritants sink in and do damage your skin overnight.  Use a gentle cleanser to remove dirt, makeup, and extra oil. Apply a moisturiser after that. 

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3 Hydrate yourself well before you fall asleep

During sleep, your body temperature rises and makes your skin dry. Drinking a glass of water before you sleep helps your skin stay hydrated overnight. Make this a part of your skin care routine.

Also, include a moisturising cream in your night skin care routine to avoid drying out of your skin.

4 Sleep on your back

Position of your face while you sleep matters to your skin. Wrinkles on your face can be a result of sleeping constantly on your stomach.

Train yourself to sleep on your back. Get a soft cushion pillow to sleep sideways.

5 Keep your head elevated

Keeping your head elevated improves the quality of your sleep by preventing snoring and nasal drip. Better the rest you get, better the skin you have.

Sleeping with your head elevated also improves blood flow reducing eye bags and dark circles under your eyes.

6 Do not sleep under the sun

Sleeping under the sun in the morning damages your skin’s health and appearance.

Cover your windows with curtains and make sure your bed is out of the sun’s direct rays to avoid sun damage.

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