Glycerine For Hair: Should You Really Give it a Try?


The benefits of glycerine for skin aren’t unknown. It’s an ingredient that is known for its hydrating and nourishing properties. However, there isn’t much awareness about using glycerine for hair. Here, we will be discussing how glycerine can be helpful to attain healthy hair and the proper ways to use them as part of your hair care routine. 

Quick Facts About Glycerine

  • It is a sugar alcohol that is both odourless and colourless. 
  • You can get it from plants, animal products and petroleum.
  • It is a humectant, i.e. a substance that absorbs moisture or water from the surrounding.

Is it Safe to Use Glycerine on Hair?

The Environmental Working Group (EWG) rates glycerine an ‘A’, which implies it is entirely safe to use and doesn’t harm the environment or human health. Having said that, there are few points that you need to keep in mind.

  • Do not use glycerine as it is; always mix it with oil or water to avoid making your hair greasy or sticky.
  • If you use a heat styling tool, ensure that you use glycerine sparingly because it conducts heat well. Glycerine can intensify heat (from the tool) and harm your hair.
  • Never apply it on broken or cracked skin.

Who Can Use Glycerine?

It is excellent for all hair types. However, those with frizzy, curly, or thick hair can find it immensely useful. If you have damaged hair and a dry scalp, you can use it too.

Benefits of Using Glycerine for Hair

Makes Hair Soft & Moisturised

As a natural humectant, it helps turn dry hair soft and moisturised. You can also use it to condition your hair.

Glycerine Can Give You Healthy Scalp

By eliminating dryness from hair and adding moisture, glycerine helps improve overall scalp health.

Helps Repair Hair Damage

Pollution, heat styling tools, and hair products can damage your hair. Due to its conditioning and hydrating properties, glycerine helps repair hair damage.

Boosts Hair Growth

A healthy scalp is a foundation to achieve healthy hair. As the scalp turns healthy, it creates a perfect environment for hair growth. According to a study, it did indicate hair growth (1) , but it’s too early to claim anything.

Great for Itchy Scalp

Glycerine has moisturising and anti-inflammatory properties that can protect from dryness or itchy scalp.

What are the Ways to Use Glycerine For Hair?

There are several ways to use it in your hair care routine. Though, it would mainly depend on the hair concern you wish to deal with. You can use glycerine in the following ways:

A Hair Spray

You can mix glycerine with water to make a hair spray that can act as a leave-in treatment or hair detangler. You need to experiment and reach a point where you achieve the right consistency that works for you.

Create a Hair Mask

Based on your hair type and concern, you can use ingredients along with glycerine to make a hair mask. Some of the hair masks are as follows.

  • Aloe vera & glycerine
  • Rosewater & glycerine
  • castor oil, egg & glycerine

Add it to Your Hair Conditioner

Glycerine is an excellent natural conditioner. If your conditioner already doesn’t have it, you can add some to it. Ensure that you cover all your hair strands and leave your hair for around 5 minutes. Wash with your regular shampoo.

Get Products Consisting of Glycerine

You can buy shampoos, conditioners, and hair serums that have glycerine in them. Especially if you aren’t comfortable, do not have access, or cannot use pure glycerine for other reasons.

Point to Be Noted

Usually, glycerine may not lead to any issues but it is better to be sure that you aren’t allergic to glycerin. In case there’s any allergy or reaction, talk to your doctor. 

How Much Glycerine Should You Use?

In a hair spray, you can use equal quantities of glycerine and rose water or plain water. Whereas in a mask or conditioner, a few drops are enough if other ingredients are equally hydrating.

When Should You Avoid Using Glycerine for Hair?

If you are allergic to glycerine, it is better not to use it.

If the surrounding air is drier than your hair, it can draw out moisture from your hair and then use it to balance the moisture in the atmosphere. It is common in dry climate areas with low humidity.

Summing Up

Glycerine can turn out to be a great addition to your hair care routine. It makes hair moisturised, shiny and healthy. You can add it to conditioners, as a hair mask or as a hair spray. Even products with glycerine are a fantastic option. Mostly, it doesn’t cause any adverse reactions but if you notice anything or have some queries, consult a doctor.

FAQ’s about Glycerine For Hair

Can you use glycerine directly on your hair?

Do not use it directly on your hair. You can go through the blog to understand the proper usage and proportions. 

Can you mix coconut oil with glycerine and use it on your hair?

Yes, you can mix it with coconut oil and use it on your hair.

Does glycerine help straighten hair?

You may come across these tips and tricks on the internet that glycerine straightens hair. However, there’s no evidence to prove that. 



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