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Dull Skin treatment is not as complicated as you think. Here’s why!

Don’t see the same glow as before on your face? Tried every home remedy and over the counter product there is for Dull skin? Wondering if it is serious?

Why does your skin look dull?

Dull skin is one of the most common skin conditions and it is not as complicated as it may seem. You see the radiance that is associated with young and healthy skin in your 20’s since your skin cells turn over every 28 days. As you age, the turn over process of the skin cells becomes slower hence making your skin look dull.

Also, given the hectic schedules taking time to regularly wash your face, apply a face mask on both face and neck, properly exfoliate the skin to remove dead cells and improve blood flow are not a part of our skin care routine. This takes a toll on the health of the skin making it look dull and sometimes even leading to appearance of dark spots.

Sometimes even our lifestyle habits like not drinking enough water, not getting enough hours of sleep, not maintaining a balanced diet and not removing makeup before going to bed, etc. that worsen the case. Add to that dust and pollutants in the air that make skin tone uneven and any kind of treatment ineffective.


Call it the side-effects of technology or something else, but  people tend to take dull skin treatment lightly and try every remedy out there first before consulting a dermatologist. Home based remedies that you read on the internet may seem promising but they are not backed by scientific methods.

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Over the counter products that you trust have a very generic composition and sometimes even harmful ingredients, hence they may not be able to solve your issue of dull skin.

Lastly, consulting a general physician for your dull skin treatment is of no use because what a dermatologist is qualified to do is what will help your skin get better.

Now that you know the root cause of this issue lies deep beneath the surface of your skin, do you still think over the counter products or generic creams can help get rid of dull skin? This is where CureSkin steps in as your online dermatologist.

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CureSkin your online dermatologist.


Why CureSkin works!

At CureSkin, our Skin specialists and expert dermatologists analyze the cause of your dull skin. This diagnosis helps to curate a treatment regimen that will work best for your skin type and condition. Treatments for Dull skin at CureSkin include products which help speed up the skin-cell turnover to expose the newer, younger skin underneath.


Image of dermatologist
At CureSkin, our Skin specialists and expert dermatologists analyze the cause of your dull skin.

This approach proves to be more effective and pocket-friendly when compared to the amount you’d otherwise spend for salon treatments easily ranging from Rs.3000-Rs.7000 per session.

Additionally you will also receive follow-ups by doctors to ensure your treatment gives you the best results.  Additionally, there is 24×7 chat support from our team for your queries and doubts regarding your treatment regimen.  When compared with generic or over the counter products the range of treatments for Dark circles is priced reasonably at CureSkin.

To get the right treatment all you have to do is install the CureSkin app on your phone, answer the questions asked and upload your picture.  You will then receive a personalized treatment regimen for your condition which will be delivered to your doorstep once you place an order. So, you do not even have to step outside your home to get your dull skin treatment.

Of all the things you worry about in life, strike off Dull Skin that list right away with CureSkin. Get back your natural healthy glowing skin!


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Horrific side-effects of experimenting with Dry skin

Have you been noticing a lot of flaking, scaling or redness on your skin lately? These are symptoms of severe Dry skin and need immediate attention!


Dry skin is usually harmless hence most people just use over the counter products or try brands they see in prominent advertisements to get rid of it. Trying out home remedies that claim to be simple and cost-effective is another trend when it comes to treating dry skin.

It is important to understand here that although dry skin isn’t as serious a condition as Acne or Dark spots but experimenting with generic products can wreak havoc for the skin in the long run.

Dry skin is usually temporary and is ignored by most people. In case of chronic dry skin, it can become a lifelong condition. Ignoring it or experimenting with generic products can worsen Dry skin and will require expert attention. You can get accurate diagnosis of your condition using the CureSkin app at the comfort of your home.

Moisturizers are meant to help with Dry skin but when you pick the wrong one for your skin type, it can actually cause more harm than good. At CureSkin, Skin specialists and dermatologists curate a treatment regimen specifically for your skin type and condition.

Also, applying the products at the wrong time can further deteriorate the condition of your skin. Your Dry skin treatment regimen from CureSkin comes with proper instructions on usage and application by specialists to guarantee best results. This will also be accompanied by regular follow-ups from the doctors and 24×7 chat support to keep track of your progress.

Now that you know CureSkin has the solutions to your problem of Dry skin, here’s what you need to do:

  • Open the CureSkin App on your phone.
  • Answer all the questions and take a photo (If you haven’t already)
  • Order your custom-made Dry skin treatment regimen from CureSkin now.
Dry skin can often be uncomfortable and unsightly. Get your customized treatment from CureSkin to maintain soft and supple skin throughout!

Disappointed with your Acne treatment? Here’s what to do.

You’ve been diligently using your acne treatment medication every day, but you’re still breaking out!  In fact, it seems like every day you wake up to a new pimple (or three or four).

Why aren’t your acne treatments working?

Acne’s are usually negligible but when they are more frequent and alarmingly increasing day by day, you resort to treatment soon. These treatments might be either topical antibiotics or antibacterial creams, retinoid, oral antibiotics and other costly treatments like laser treatment, light treatment, chemical peels and to high extend even surgeries. Once you start treatment it takes 12 weeks to start showing a change.  

Tried some of these and still no change? Well, you just took things into your hands and failed miserably.
Acne is not something you get to treat on your own so easily. Your problem needs to be studied deeply and a customized treatment must be given to you.

You’ll still get breakouts in the initial days of treatment. It reacts first and then subsides.

There is nothing to be worried about if you are doing it the right way.

With a good set of Dermatologists on board, CureSkin can solve that problem of yours. You just need to give your mind and body into it and believe in it.

Most acne treatments are risky and have side effects. And even if it’s a prescribed treatment you still need to follow it accordingly. All these and more is given to you by CureSkin and you have the power on your fingertips.

With CureSkin it is possible to detect and prevent skin damage at an early stage. Skin specialists and expert Dermatologists at CureSkin analyse your condition and curate a treatment regimen suited for your skin type to give you the best results.


Get the right treatment for your Acne at CureSkin today. Here’s what you need to do:

  • Open the CureSkin App on your phone.
  • Answer all the questions and take a photo (If you haven’t already)
  • Order your custom-made Acne  treatment from CureSkin
Your skin needs to be pampered the way you pamper your family..Get the best treatment for your Acne now!

Treat your dull skin immediately, here’s why!

Do you wake up looking tired or with dull skin? Here is why it is important to take treatment for it.

Dull skin is generally caused due to poor diet, lack of sleep, consuming alcohol, smoking, stress etc. Even without these factors, you may get dull skin due to exhaustion. It is important to look good in front of the ones who care for you. Your dull skin will only trigger sympathy and concern from them, not appreciation and praise.

Dull skin treatment requires more than just an exfoliator, moisturizer, and creams. It needs a medical professional’s advice and treatment plan.  
Level up your sunscreen game. It is very important to apply sunscreen regularly. If not for regular sunscreen use, you may end up ruining your skin

You definitely deserve your friends and family’s appreciation and praise and not their sympathy and concern. You want them to look up to you happily and be proud of having you around.

Dull skin if not treated will turn out to be a much bigger problem in the future. Depending on home remedies is always not wise. Some may work but some may worsen the condition. With the kind of climate and lifestyle we deal with, we need a quick and easy solution.You get both at Cure Skin App.


With CureSkin it is possible to detect and prevent skin damage at an early stage. Skin specialists and expert Dermatologists at CureSkin analyse your condition and curate a treatment regimen suited for your skin type to give you the best results.


The right treatment for your Dull Skin is just three steps away. Here’s what you need to do:


  • Open the CureSkin App on your phone.
  • Answer all the questions and take a photo (If you haven’t already)
  • Order your custom-made Dull Skin treatment from CureSkin


Your customised Dull skin treatment regimen from CureSkin will be delivered to your doorstep on time. Get yours today and start seeing the difference!

Are Dull Skin treatments making your skin even worse? Here are a few reasons why.

Not that your online research and advice received are of no use, but they are just not the ones your dull skin wants.

You or your close ones must have noticed your dull skin and this has got you worrying. But are you taking any action for it?

You could easily neglect dull skin but till how long? It wouldn’t take much time for people to notice your dull skin.

Most dull skin treatments include regular salon visits where they have facials and smaller treatments. But you can never trust these salons completely. The products they use are anonymous to you and they may harm your skin. You should know what is happening on your skin.

Other treatments like exfoliating and applying masks are quite popular too but if overdone it may harm your skin.

Dead skin cells are another reason for dull skin. They need revival from inside out. With a proper diet plan and active lifestyle, you can replenish dead skin cells.

Treatments vary for dry skin, oily skin, normal skin, and combination skin types. So treatments must be customized according to your skin type.

Stress and depression are another reason for dull skin. You have already so much to stress about so why stress about dull skin. Leave that to us. We will take care of that.

A dermatologist can give you the best treatment plan. You can sit home and get rid of dull skin but with a slight upgrade. Cure Skin brings the medicine to you and the doctors here keep track of your progress in every step.

Image illustrating Dry Skin

5 reasons why your Dry Skin is not improving even after treatment

Dry skin is a very common condition that manifests in the form of flaky cracking dry patches on the skin.  In most cases it becomes frequent during extreme climatic conditions. Using natural oils, or a moisturizer or even wearing gloves during winters are some of the most commonly used remedies taken for dry skin.

Let us assume that you have all of the above and even done a good amount of research on the internet for best possible treatments for Dry skin. But even after a week or two you still struggle with Dry skin. What could be the reason? Is Dry skin really that serious a condition?

Here is why your Dry skin is not improving even after treatment:

  1. Not the right medication

When you buy over the counter medicines or search on the internet and buy a medicine, you usually get a general medicine for common dryness.

It may give you temporary relief but you are never cured of it. That is because every skin type is different and every dry skin condition is unique.

It takes a proper professional to diagnose it and prescribe treatment for complete cure.

image illustrating OTC products
When you buy over the counter medicines or search on the internet and buy a medicine, It may give you temporary relief but you are never cured of it.
  1. Do it the right way

Every treatment requires a systematic approach to it. It should be regular. Medications need to be taken on time and every step should be followed in that order. This is where you tend go wrong when you resort to self-medication or use skin care products without expert guidance.

You do not know what to do when and eventually just mess up and worsen your condition leading to side effects. A dermatologist charts out your regimen and medications and how long you should take the treatment.

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  1. They know it better

Dermatologists are trained to make the distinction between dry skin or dry skin caused by another condition, and a diagnosis will exclude more serious conditions. They know how to treat dry skin in the best way. Being your own doctor is not advisable, especially when you still deal with dry skin even after taking treatment.

  1. Different skin types different reasons

Every person is unique and so is your skin. Some may have oily skin, some have dry skin and some have sensitive skin. Treatment and medication for dry skin must be done according to the persons’ skin type and the reason causing the dryness. Only a medical expert can identify that and guide you accordingly.

Also, the climatic conditions of the place you live in, the products you use and lifestyle habits on daily basis can also contribute to Dry skin. The humidity levels of the city you live in or using too much hot water, frequency of hand washing and opting for fragrance free products on a daily basis can go a long way in contributing to the severity of your Dry skin.

  1. It’s Genetic

Yes! That’s possible. Some people are born with genetically dry skin. Some mutations in proteins alter the natural moisturizing property of the skin making it difficult to keep the skin hydrated and leading to lifelong dryness. Taking treatment at the right time from an expert dermatologist can help you overcome this condition.

image illustrating genetics
Some people are born with genetically dry skin

To an extent, self-treatment and home remedies work but not always depending on how severe your Dry skin is. It is important to get it checked with a dermatologist to get the right treatment.

At CureSkin, skin specialists and expert dermatologists analyse your condition to give you the best treatment suited for your skin type. Once you download the app, all you need to do is answer a few questions and upload a picture of your condition. Your customized treatment will then be delivered to your doorstep.

Your CureSkin regimen will also include follow-ups by doctors to ensure your treatment is coming along well. A 24/7 chat-support for you to put in any queries or help regarding your treatment regimen.

Dry skin may not be a condition as serious as Acne or Dark circles but ignoring it can make it severe and in some cases even not treatable.  Timely treatment for dry skin including products recommended by dermatologists help maintain healthy skin.


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illustration of excessive hairfall

Why many Hair Fall treatments don’t work as well as they claim. An analysis

There is approximately 810000 number of hair loss sufferers worldwide. So it’s not a surprise as to why there are more and more hair loss treatments and why its one of the most booming industries too. And you know it well because you’ve been in that club for quite some time now.

There are different types of hair fall control treatments available for both men and woman to keep hair healthy and you must have tried a few of them that too at a very high price to pay for.

Are the hair fall control products really worth it?

Remedies for Hair fall control are generic in nature and are the same for all. But the fact is that the same treatment doesn’t work for everybody the way it should makes it clear that every individual needs customized treatments and regimen suited to stop hair fall  in their case.

The moment one notices signs of hair fall some of the most commonly sorted ways to curb the issue are trying out natural home remedies, buying over the counter products meant generally for hair fall or even consulting a general physician who might not be qualified to solve your problem.

You have seen one or more of these remedies work wonders for people around you. This is the reason you decided to give them a try. But why aren’t any of these working for you then?  What could be the reason?

Are home remedies effective?

Also, most of the treatments including home remedies or generic over the counter products that claim to prevent hair loss are not scientifically backed. Specific instructions on their methods of usage, quantity etc are not clear hence their effectiveness is questionable.

Image highlighting different home-remedies
Most of the treatments including home remedies or generic over the counter products that claim to prevent hair loss are not scientifically backed

Techniques like using Onion juice, Aloe Vera or even green tea that are touted to be some of the best remedies may work for some and show no difference at all for others. The results depend on the type of hair and scalp condition as well.  This is why you see certain remedies working amazingly well for some but not doing any good to your hair.

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Is self-medication worsening your condition?

Self-medication is another way people resort to for reducing hair fall. This practice should stop because we do not know what our hair type and scalp condition is.  Going wrong with something as simple as your method of application of a certain product meant for hair fall control can lead to something as serious as rupturing your hair follicles.

Any kind of unsupervised medications may lead to loss of more hair strands than before hence worsening your condition. Commercial hair fall treatments are harmful and some of them have bad side effects on the skin as well.

What about the products on commercials?

Most of the mainstream hair fall treatments are expensive and positive results are not one-hundred percent guaranteed. The products may contain harsh ingredients and may have side effects too. The generic composition of most of these products are not meant to cater to the needs of specific hair type and skin condition.  To control hair fall the treatment needs to be from inside out with proper care.

What should you do now?

To promote hair growth, apart from maintaining a healthy diet rich in protein and iron, changes in lifestyle habits like using a mild shampoo to wash your hair and being careful to avoid brushing wet hair, it is always advisable to have a professional look at your issue and get the right treatment plan.

That is where CureSkin App steps in.  It gives customized hair loss treatments with a guarantee to solve your hair loss problems once and for all. At CureSkin expert dermatologists examine your issue and suggests the treatments and medications that are delivered at your doorstep.

Unlike the other treatments, your CureSkin treatment regimen includes regular follow-ups by doctors to keep track of your progress. Also, a 24/7 chat support is made available for when you need help with or have any queries regarding your regimen.

Thousands of people gave CureSkin a try when nothing else worked for them.  Their testimonials on our YouTube channel and reviews on the Apps store are a proof of the fact that CureSkin helped them get rid of issues they never thought they could.  The stories of these happy customers are what gives others the confidence to try CureSkin.

Image of a happy girl
Thousands of people gave CureSkin a try when nothing else worked for them


If hair fall has been on your list of worries all this while, it is time to try something that actually works. Click here to download the CureSkin App today and let hair fall issues be a thing of the past!

image of a girl highlighting Dark Circles

Losing the battle against Dark Circles? 5 things you need to know

Tired of your regular beauty products not reducing your dark circles? If you are having a tough time battling those stubborn under eye dark shadows, trust us you are not alone. Dark circles are a common skin issue that make your skin look dull and exhausted.

Since dark circles are majorly linked to lifestyle reasons, it is a common practice to try and rectify it at that level only . Trying home-based remedies and generic eye cream is usually the go-to move in case of dark circles.

While it works for some, others have a tough time trying to get rid of those horrid dark rings. It is important to understand what causes dark circles to be able to treat it effectively. If you feel like every remedy has failed and you are losing your battle against dark circles.

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Here are five important things you should know:

  • There’s a difference between blue and brown under eye circles

Most articles on the internet refer to ‘brown circles’ when they talk about dark circles under the eyes. Hence suggesting a generic treatment approach to get rid of dark circles. Technically, they are both different and need different treatments. Knowing this difference will go a long way in understanding what causes dark circles and how to treat it.

  • Allergies can have something to do with it

For many people, seasonal allergies cause blood vessels to dilate resulting in under-eye swelling and darkness. If gently stretching the skin under your eyes results in a color change, allergic reactions could be the cause. Consulting a dermatologist for removing dark circles in this case would be the ideal step.

  • Genetics play an important role

Dark circles can be an inherited trait that may worsen as you age. It is particularly common among  people with darker skin tones. So if Dark circles is something that runs in the family there are chances that you may develop the condition as well.  Proper guidance from dermatologists

Dark circles can be an inherited trait that may worsen as you age
  • Dehydration can wreak havoc

The skin underneath the eyes begin to look dull when the body doesn’t receive enough water. Dehydration makes dark circles even more visible.  Additionally lifestyle habits like excessive alcohol, caffeine, sleep deprivation and sun exposure can add to the circles under your eyes.

  • Thinning skin

Natural aging is followed by thinning of the skin. Hence affecting the blood flow in the eye area and revealing the dark blood vessels under the skin even more clearly. Skin in this condition is more prone to sun damage and darkening due to lack of sleep.

To be able to understand what exactly is causing dark skin troubles for you, expert advice is needed. At CureSkin, Skin specialists and expert dermatologists provide the best solution for your issues. The treatment regimen is curated based on your specific skin condition hence making it more effective.

All you need to do is open the CureSkin app that you have installed on your phone and answer the questions. Upload a picture and receive your treatment regimen. Additionally, you’ll receive 24/7 chat support for your queries and a treatment guarantee.


Image of a happy girl
It is important to understand what causes dark circles to be able to treat it effectively


You don’t have to live with dark circles. With CureSkin you can win the battle against dark skin everyday.  Click here to download the CureSkin app!

women's face highlighting Skin pigmentation

5 reasons why your Skin Pigmentation is not going away

Internet has been our go-to-option for anything and everything these days. We are so used to it that we find our alternative doctors and professional advice online. Typing in symptoms and finding the solution is easier than actually visiting a doctor right?


The skin is the largest and arguably the most sensitive organ in our body. Experimenting with remedies off the internet when you face an issue as serious as Skin pigmentation is like putting the largest organ of your body at the risk of an allergic reaction or something even worse.

If all your home remedies, over the counter products and generic medications haven’t done any good in solving your issue of skin pigmentation, it is time to reconsider your approach. Your wrong approach towards treating your condition could be the prime reason why you still suffer from Skin pigmentation.


Here are some of the other reasons why your skin pigmentation is not going away:

  1. You may be treating it wrong

One should never take such risks about their health and medical conditions. We may find good alternatives and preventive tips online but it’s not the right treatment for your issue. You may find names of medicines and creams for skin pigmentation and you decide to try it but do you know that it does more harm than good for you.

  1. You are not aware of the depth of the condition

You switch medicines and give it another try but fail again. Then you just let it go and wait for a miracle. You clearly have no idea how serious skin pigmentation is. Lack of knowledge leads you to make stupid decisions.

  1. You may have taken medicines but it was not the right one

You may have tried OTC creams with Hydroquinone in it which is usually prescribed for for skin pigmentation. But it must not have been the right dosage for your condition. Only a Dermatologist can determine these critical details for you.

  1. You aren’t wearing the right sunscreen

Using sunscreen regularly is very important. At the same time getting the right sunscreen is also important. Dermatologists recommend one with SPF 30 and more to prevent skin pigmentation.


Image illustrating application of Sun Screen
Using sunscreen regularly is very important. At the same time getting the right sunscreen is also important
  1. Your skin care regimen might be to blame

Toner, cleanser, face wash, scrub, night creams, moisturizers and other products you use as your daily skin care regimen might not be the one suited for you. The products need to be suitable for your skin type and should address your issue of skin pigmentation accurately.

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The guidance and advice of dermatologists and skin care specialists are often the best options to take, especially when battling conditions like skin pigmentation. If left unchecked this can become a permanent condition.

This is what CureSkin App is all about. If you are suffering from Skin pigmentation and nothing has worked CureSkin is ultimate solution for you. With results assured, you can keep skin pigmentation at bay.

To get the right treatment for your Skin pigmentation all you need to do now is download the CureSkin App on your phone and answer all the questions.  Take a photo of your condition(If you haven’t already) and your custom-made skin pigmentation treatment from CureSkin will reach your doorstep.

Image of a girl using CureSkin app
If you are suffering from Skin pigmentation and nothing has worked CureSkin is ultimate solution for you


Now that you know CureSkin is the answer, what are you waiting for? Click here to download the CureSkin app now!

5 reasons why your Dark Spot cream is not working like you thought it would.

“Only fever and emergency situations need a doctor” this is what you all must have thought. It’s a general trend among us to take self-treatments for small skin issues. But Dark Spots isn’t a one that can be healed with OTC medicines and home remedies.

1. With no proper prescription: You must have tried around 5 versions of the same over-the-counter products. Most dark spots require prescription medication, and only then it can make real progress once you start an appropriate, individualized treatment plan.

2.  Too much or Too little: Dark spots requires only a thin layer of medication. Applying more will dry out your skin and will not cure dark spots.  Even applying too little cannot solve your problem. This is where you need an expert’s directions.

3. Using mixed products on the spot and mixing products within regimen: you must be following a treatment your local doctor said but along with that, you must be using your daily skin products. Both these products have strong chemicals that can go react badly and leave your face with more dark spots.

4. Not bothered about the “After”: You must have solved the issue partly and then once you start seeing your clear face you go back to your daily routine and slowly neglect the aftercare like applying sunscreen or finishing the medications course. Thus the issue bounces back in no time.

5. Too late and Too wrong: you must have waited a long time to finally address your issue and act upon it. Along with it, you get all the wrong medications. Now your condition has worsened beyond self-care. And thus the dark spots stay.

It is very important to get a Dermatologist to have a look at it and decide the treatment and that too as early as possible before things go wrong. Use the Cure Skin App wisely to solve all your skin problems.