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cureksin reviews, testimonials, cureskin app
cureksin reviews, testimonials, cureskin app
cureksin reviews, testimonials, cureskin app
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cureskin reviews, testimonials
cureskin reviews - avani

"I recommend CureSkin
for Acne Problems"


Avani was struggling with Acne Problems until she found CureSkin App. She found the App very easy and convenient to use. After discussing her skin and hair related problems with an expert dermatologist through the app, she started using the customised skin care products given to her. Now, she highly recommends CureSin App to everyone, especially for those suffering from acne-skin related issues.

I'm an IT employee and a new mom from Bangalore. I had no time to visit a dermatologist for my acne issues. Thank god, I found CureSkin at the right time.
cureskin reviews Tanvi
IT Professional
I suffered from dark circles & pigmentation, but not anymore. ☺☺
cureskin reviews - sukanya
Saw a big difference in just a week after using my Treatment Kit as advised by CureSkin Dermatologist. Can't thank CureSkin App more👍
cureskin Reviews Neha
Artist, Bangalore
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My skin just got better during lockdown. Thanks to CureSkin 🥰
cureskin reviews- shivani
Shivani Patel
CureSkin has solved all my skin problems. 😍😍 I now go out without foundation, that's how clear my face is!!!
cureskin reviews - shikha
Makeup Artist
Tried many products, none cured my acne, but CureSkin did!
cureskin reviews sultan
IT, Bangalore
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"My skin started glowing because of CureSkin"


Meet Bhavna Paralikar! She had Skin issues like comedones and pimples that made her feel less confident about herself. One of her colleagues introduced CureSkin App to her. Without much thought, Bhavna decided to give CureSkin a try by uploading pictures of her skin conditions. She started using Dermatologist Given Treatment Kit for the recommended period of time. Some days later, when her family and friends started complementing her improved looks, she feels positive about the results CureSkin has brought to her. Here’s her skin transformation journey.

cureskin Reviews

Just like them,
find what suits you!

cureskin app steps, skin treatment process, Dermatologist
cureskin app steps, skin treatment process, Dermatologist
customised skin treatment kit, cureskin app, dermatologist


With just your photo, AI-powered Cureskin App home delivers you customised treatment kit curated by Expert Dermatologists after carefully analysing skin type and conditions. Regular follow-ups & constant guidance provided by Dermatologists through the App during your treatment plan ensures good improvement in your skin problems

With CureSkin App, you can easily get the dermatologist-driven skin & hair care.

6 Reasons To Choose CureSkin:

✔ A personalized approach to skin and hair care to help you get the results that you want.
✔ Our Dermatologist-given customized products address skin concerns that a mass-produced over-the-counter product cannot.
✔ You can easily avoid allergy risks caused due to the usage of wrong products on your skin while trying to resolve simple skin problems.
✔ You will have a sense of assurance knowing that something was made specifically for you by Dermatologists.
✔ To ensure the BEST care possible, a dedicated Dermatologist regularly follow-ups with you and provides constant guidance through the app during your treatment plan.

Once you upload your photo on CureSkin App,

1. Our smart AI detects your skin’s health, skin conditions like acne, dark circles, pigmentations, scars, etc. even the ones invisible to naked eyes.
2. Our Dermatologist looks at your AI photo report to understand and visualise your skin/hair conditions.
3. The Dermatologist will curate a treatment regimen, specifically for your skin type and needs.
4. Your photo will be used as a reference by our Dermatologist, not just for accurate diagnosis but to monitor timely improvements during your treatment plan.

In just a few quick steps, you’re on the road towards your healthiest skin ever!

Yes, CureSkin Dermatologist needs to see your photos to understand, diagnose and treat your conditions with just the right treatment kit that suit your unique needs.

Yes, our doctors are expert skin and hair specialists, certified by the Indian Association of Dermatologists (IADVL).

They have superior medical knowledge, proven experience in treating a range of skin, hair and nail conditions. Thousands of people just like you have got great results under the guidance of CureSkin’s Dermatologists.