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We all know that it’s extremely necessary to drink ample amounts of water, but do we know what the benefits of drinking water to the skin are? It’s something

we hear almost every day, but choose to ignore most of the time. While most of us may claim that we drink enough water when we’re thirsty and so it should supposedly be enough, the point is that this still won’t be sufficient for your entire body. 70% of your body is made up of water; in that case having just a glass of water after every meal will never be enough. (1)

Every part of your body is made up of cells that hold a large water content. Think of your cell as a balloon; when you fill the balloon with water, it stretches with no creases and becomes firm. That’s also what happens to your skin cells when you drink ample.

Keeping in mind that skin is the largest organ in your body, imagine the number of cells it contains and how much water it would need in order to keep these cells rejuvenated.

Here are 5 Benefits of Drinking Water for the SkinWe’ve all been told to drink water for a good health. This is not something we only learn from our family, but also something we study in our textbooks. Water is obviously something we need for our survival, but it has more functions than just keeping us alive. If you’ve noticed, when you don’t drink enough water you could get a headache as well. This is because your body is dehydrated and it’s impossible to function efficiently without water. That is the length to which water affects the functions of your system.

A number of problems could arise when you don’t drink enough water, and they won’t all be as small as a headache. If you don’t drink water for a prolonged period of time, it could result in severe cases such as kidney stones. The following are 5 ways drinking water can benefit your skin.

Manjesh V is Technical Writer at Cureskin.com

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Verified by Dr. Charu
Manjesh V is Technical Writer at Cureskin.com