Hydration Gel

✔ Anti-Acne  & Anti-Pollution Effects
✔ Deep pore cleansing
✔ Gentle on Skin
✔ Non-Drying
✔ Reduces wrinkles
✔ Oil Control
✔ Skin Soothing

Rs 400

Product Description
A quick overview on CureSkin Hydration Gel

CureSkin  Hydration Gel hydrates your skin making it non-greasy. It locks moisture in your skin & helps it look smooth and soft.

✔ All age groups

✔ Both men and women

Aloe vera

Take 1-2 pea size of hydration gel and apply on clean skin. Can be combined with sunscreen.

Re-apply every 2 hours to keep your skin moist.

Customers Reviews on
CureSkin Hydration Gel

I have no more dry skin.Thanks to cureskin for providing such wonderful skin care product
cureskin reviews
My skin now feels so soft and supple. Can't imagine a day without hydration gel.
cureskin reviews
Model, Bangalore
Just the right thing one needs to get rid of my dryness.
IT, Bangalore
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Never miss to include a hydration gel in your skincare routine! 

Hydrated skin reflects good health.  Keeping your skin moisturised with a good hydrant is extremely useful if you’re craving for soft and smooth skin. Aloe Vera has antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties and helps neutralize infection-causing germs, thus clearing your skin of unwanted pimples.

I personally recommend a good hydrant with aloe vera for every skin type. 

Dr. Jisha Gomez

Skin Specialist, CureSkin

Why is CureSkin Hydration Gel better than any other product?

100% Safe

Clinically Tested

Dermatologists Approved

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Perfect PH Balance

12 Lakhs Users Trust us


Take 1-2 pea size, and apply on clean skin.
Can be applied with Sunscreen or every 2 hours to keep skin moist & hydrated.

Yes, it is suitable on all skin types and conditions – Acne & Pimples, Damaged Skin, Dead Skin Cells, Dirt, Roughness, Skin Impurities


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