CureSkin Immunity Kit

What it contains:
✔ Vitamin C tablets (30 Days Supply)
✔ 2 Pocket Hand Sanitizers (50 ml each)
✔ Diet Consultation with Nutritionist (Telephonic)

Rs 1,100

Product Description
A quick overview

CureSkin Immunity Kit for Better Health (Recommended & Trusted by the doctors)

Boost your daily performance with the CureSkin Immune System Booster Kit. Keep your Immunity Strong with this immunity booster combo that helps protect you and your family against viral infections. If you want to boost your health, make this immunity boost kit a part of your everyday essentials.

✔ Contains WHO recommended hand sanitizers with 75% alcohol concentration.
✔ Boosts your body’s defence system & builds immunity.
✔ 100% Safe for all age types.
✔ Prevents cross-contamination i.e spread of diseases from one person to another.

✔ All age groups

✔ Both men and women

✔ 60 Minute one-to-one Consultation with the Expert Nutritionist over a call
✔ 30 Days Vitamin C Supply to support your immune system

✔ 2 easy-to-carry Pocket Sanitisesr to prevent contaminations on the go.

  1.  After you Buy this kit, our team will contact you and fix an appointment with our Dietician.

  2. The nutritionist will call you to get to know you and analyse your lifestyle completely.
  3. The Nutritionist will prepare a personalised diet plan for you and suggest necessary lifestyle changes.
  4. You will receive the complete details of your consultation over WhatsApp/mail.

Got queries with your diet plan? Contact support anytime within 7 days after you buy this kit and get your problems resolved!

Customers Reviews

My travel immunity kit. Pocket friendly and recommended by Doctors
cureskin reviews
Vitamin C tablets work amazingly well. Love this Immunity Kit
cureskin reviews
Model, Bangalore
Just the right thing needed during this pandemic. Thanks CureSkin for understanding our needs
IT, Bangalore
skin doctor near me

Right amount of Vitamin C boost your body’s immunity with special reference to respiratory infections. Vitamin C is a must for all age groups.  

I personally recommend everybody to intake Vitamin C supplements as it prevents different kinds of infections and boosts your immune system from within.

Dr. Jisha Gomez

Skin Specialist, CureSkin

Why is this better than any other product?

100% Safe

Clinically Tested

Dermatologists Approved

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Perfect pH Balance


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