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Skin Doctors in Nalbari definitely don’t have a positive track record with treating Skin issues such as Pimples, Dry Skin, Psoriasis, Leucoderma, Dark Circles, Pigmentation etc. It is thus necessary to make sure that you stay vigilant about other options.

About Nalbari and why Skin problems happen

Nalbari is a beautiful city in every sense of that word. The warm and welcoming locals, the quaint Ganga Pukhuri, audibles of the melodious Assamese being said as the aromas of delicious Assam savouries fill every nook and corner of the city… Nalbari is certainly a place that everyone from Assam and India, in general should definitely give a try.

The Nalbari district, having areas such as Santipur, Bidyapur and Nalbari harbours a Temperate climate which stays the same, more or less, during all seasons, except for some exceptions.

Even though Temperate conditions are favoured by a section of Nalbari natives and shunned by the rest, they bring us to one deduction despite varied opinions about the climate, and that, is the occurrence of Skin conditions. With Whiteheads, Acne and Fungal infections observed as being some of the most widespread Skin ailments of Nalbari, one can safely say that the sources for such issues are not merely climate-based.

About Nalbari and why Skin problems happen

Skin Doctors in Nalbari – Are they worth it?

Despite Nalbari being a decently populated city, it is hard to find Skin Doctors. Nalbari natives generally find themselves toiling to find a Skin Doctor that can assist them solve their existing Skin issues.

It is a widely observed issue with the Dermatologists of Nalbari that they rely on yesteryear proficiency that is irrelevant and write down medicines that carry a plethora of side effects which can definitely harm those who take such medicinal routines.

Apart from that, getting an appointment with with a Skin Doctor in Nalbari can be a costly affair as per the calculations of time and money spent, not to mention that the Skin Doctor probably wouldn’t be able to genuinely identify your condition.

Skin Doctors in Nalbari - Are they worth it?

Is Cure Skin the answer?

It definitely is! Cure Skin is your virtual Skin Doctor in Nalbari and your personal Skincare guide to boot!. Simply by downloading the app, giving answers to a small assortment of questions and putting up a photograph, you can get on board with an AI-backed consultation that will not only determine your issue, but will go on to advise you a curative schedule to figure out your issue.

The best part is Cure Skin’s in-house team of Dermatologists will assist you throughout the rather long 8-12 week regimen and will also continue to check back to understand that your Skin issue is getting treated for good!

Is Cure Skin the answer?


So try one of our Skin doctors today!

Cure Skin has been developed with a veritable purpose to help people for improving the condition of their Skin. Download it now and start communicating with your very own Skin Doctor at any location in Nalbari, Assam or even the rest of India! Get the Cure Skin app today, and say Goodbye to forming long lines, sitting through ridiculously long waiting times at Clinics and encountering all the inconveniences that came organically with conventional Dermatologists. You’ve got the power!

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