Our Doctors

CureSkin Dermtologists are professional skin and hair specialists certified by the Indian Association of Dermatologists (IADVL).


Dr Charu Sharma

Chief of Dermatology

15+ years experience

She is a renowned Aesthetic Dermatologist. Accomplished Chief of Dermatology, CureSkin with more than 15 years of experience in hospital academics, clinical settings, health technology and administrative duties.

Skilled in Advance Aesthetic & Dermatology procedures, Personalised treatments, Medical Education, Medical Devices, Medicine and Cosmetic Skin Care & Clinical Research.

She had a successful career as a Corporate Dermatologist, VLCC Health care Ltd.HOD- MASK, Medical services,Manipal cure and care and Head-Aesthetic training, VLCC institutes.

As a Speaker & panelist in various talk shows & health columns in India’s leading Newspapers, MNC’s & International conferences.

Member of IADVL( Indian Association of Dermatologists, Venereologists and Leprologists).

"My passion is dermatology. I never get tired. It gives me immense satisfaction in being able to help people look good & feel better."

Dr Leena

Skin Expert

9+ years experience

She has extensive experience in treating patients with aesthetic needs.She has worked in the past with leading chains of centres, pioneers in wellness and beauty.

She is passionate about helping people be confident and feel good about themselves by having healthy glowing skin & hair

"The transformation that my patients go through is my driving force. They tell me how they feel more confident about themselves and seeing them glowing & smiling in every followup is my reward."

cureskin doctor

Dr. Anuradha Shukla

Doctor-Skin Care

5+ years experience

She is a patient oriented & a caring doctor with comprehensive knowledge about dermatological diseases.

She has a special interest in Aesthetics and Cosmetology and a keen approach for Anti-aging medicine. She has completed her P.G Diploma in Dermatology (clinical practice), UK with additional training in Aesthetics from Empire medical training, New York & Fellowship in Medical cosmetology, University of Greifswald ,Germany.

"I believe you are amazing the way you are, but let's commit towards healthy skin & hair and make it your superpower. Walk with the confidence of being yourself and skin you wear.”

Dr Jisha Gomez

Doctor-Skin Care

5+ years experience

She is a highly skilled dermatology physician with strong expertise in improving skin & hair health through development of corrective treatment combinations.

She completed her Post-graduate Diploma in Dermatology from Cardiff,UK & Fellowship in Aesthetic Medicine (FAM) from the Institute of Laser and Aesthetic Medicine, Delhi with over 5+ years experience treating skin patients.

She has worked in Government hospitals in Trivandrum and Bangalore. She is actively involved in creating awareness for healthy skin, breaking the social stigma based on skin colour & stopping steroid abuse in our country.

“I believe that skin conditions can affect a person's self-esteem and confidence. Hence I love helping my patients by giving them the best care I can."

Dr. Himanshu Kumar


4+ years experience

He is a passionate and focused dermatologist with the sole drive to provide holistic treatment to his patients and help the society at large. He has extensive experience in clinical set up with exposure to a variety of cases. He loves taking up challenges.

His areas of interest are clinical dermatology including immunodermatology and the more common conditions like acne, hairfall and pigmentation.He prefers a conservative approach while treating his patients.

“A healthy skin is the key to a healthy mind. And to help people lead a happy and positive life is my biggest motivation.”

Dr Madhav N Purohit


5+ years experience

He has years of 5+ years of experience diagnosing and treating a variety of skin conditions.

He has a passion for treating and counseling the patients –not just to treat skin disease but to cure as well.

He believes that everyone should feel and look beautiful, with skin and with a healthy body and lifestyle as well. Counseling the patients to adopt healthy life and skin is his goal and motto.

Everyone has a right to healthy skin and life. Everyone should feel and look beautiful, with healthy skin, healthy body and lifestyle as well. Healthy you is healthy skin.

Dr. Hinal Shah


4+ years experience

She is a dedicated & caring dermatologist specializes in clinical dermatology,skin polishing, fungal infection, eczema, psoriasis,vitiligo & urticaria.

Published article in “indian journal in research of dermatology” on ‘Effect of intralesional Platelet rich plasma in chronic localized vitiligo’.

Poster presentation on ‘cutaneous mastocytosis in a 2 years old child’.
Her Area of Focus has been skin care, skin hygiene,skin rejuvenation, skin glow and anti aging treatments in an economical & efficient way.

“Fair skin is a myth , Do not chase it. Chase a beautiful and healthy skin instead.”

Dr Keerthi. S


4+ years experience

Board certified dermatologist. She is adept at managing chronic cases as well as curing acute onset skin disorders. She has experience working in government as well as private clinical atmosphere. Having completed her post graduation in dermatology with a gold medal in her batch, she did her fellowship in Trichology and Hair transplantation.

She has a keen interest in educating her patients about their condition and helping them in managing them.

"My inclination towards dermatology was to correct my own skin, as acne was my greatest nemesis. Having helped myself now I have taken up the task of setting things right for others."

Dr. Akila Reddy


4+ years experience

A Dermatologist and Cosmetologist with experience of working in a medical college hospital and Corporate hospital. I believe that every patient has a different story and they need precision and a personal touch to enhance their outcomes. I have done MD and DNB in Dermatology followed by Fellowship in Aesthetics from a renowned university. I have published and presented papers in National and International conferences. I have catered to many International patients during my stint in a major corporate hospital in south India.

I believe that if you focus on good skin care you really will not require a lot of make-up. Invest in your skin, it is going to represent you for a long time.

Dr. Priyadarshini P Gaddagimath


10+ years experience

She has vast experience of 10 years plus in treating and diagnosing a variety of skin conditions.

Along with her post graduation in dermatology she has a sub-specialization Fellowship in Paediatric Dermatology from Bangalore Medical College and Research Institute and Indira Gandhi Institute of Child Health. She also trained in Aesthetic dermatology for fillers and neurotoxin from Allergan.

She is the Joint Secretary of Community Dermatology Society (CDS) and a member of the Indian Association of Dermatology, Venereology and Leprology (IADVL) and Indian Society Of Pediatric Dermatology (ISPD).

She was one of the associate editors of textbook of Association of Cutaneous Surgeons of India (ACSI) 2nd edition and she authored the chapter “Video consent in Surgical procedures” in the book Medico-Legal Aspects of Dermatology and Plastic surgery.

"The best investment anyone can make is for their skin , as that’s the one they exhibit throughout their life"

Dr. Megha Pundir


2+ years experience

She is a highly qualified and dedicated dermatologist who has expert knowledge and experience in both clinical dermatology & aesthetic medicine. She believes in a holistic approach while managing any skin or hair condition. She follows a 360-degree approach for her patients so as to provide the best possible care by delving into medical, aesthetics, nutritional, as well as lifestyle factors.

In addition to her MD (Skin and VD), she has done a Fellowship in Cosmetic Dermatology and has worked at prestigious institutions like I.M.S (B.H.U), Isya Aesthetics, International Institute of Aesthetic (New Delhi), and Richfeel Trichology Centre (Mumbai). She has presented, published & has been awarded for several papers & posters at national, international & state level conferences in the last few years.

She is an active Member of IADVL (Indian Association of Dermatology Venereology & Leprology ), Founding member of ADDS (Aesthetic dermatology & dermatosurgery society)

“Your skin is an investment, not an expense. So invest in it.”

Dr Vaibhavi Patel


2+ years experience

Dr. Vaibhavi Patel is a patient oriented individual with over 2 years experience in the field of dermatology. She has done MBBS from Terna Medical College, Mumbai and her post graduation from College of Physicians and Surgeons, Mumbai. She holds a excellent track record of patient satisfaction and treating patients effectively.

“Healthy skin begins with exceptional skin care. So invest in your skin care as it will represent you for a longer time “

Dr. Shuchi Sharma


7+ years experience

Dr. Shuchi Sharma is a dedicated physician with more than 7 years of experience treating and diagnosing a variety of skin & hair conditions.

She has done her Masters in Dermatology from Delhi. Skilful, intuitive and well articulated , she believes in a holistic approach to patient care and prefers to start with a conservative treatment. With years of experience behind her, she believes in treating her patients till they get the results they desire. Using her medical knowledge to solve diagnostic dilemmas is her penchant.

"Skin is the largest organ of the human body. I provide the care it deserves to last a lifetime."

Dr. Nithu B Johns


5+ years experience

Dr. Nithu B Johns is a dedicated dermatologist with more than 5 years of experience treating and diagnosing a variety of skin & hair conditions.

She is a cosmetic dermatologist and making people beautiful has always been her interest and more than a job dermatology is her passion. In dermatology cosmetic/aesthetic and surgical dermatology are her subjects of special interest. She has secured awards/prizes in various conferences as well as presentations. She is a life member of the IADVL and IMA.

"Having a flawless skin is everybodys dream but always remember beauty is skin deep!"

Dr. Surabhi Jain


4+ years experience

Dr. Surabhi Jain is a dedicated dermatologist with more than 4 years of experience treating and diagnosing a variety of skin & hair conditions.

She is a passionate dermatologist with rich experience in clinical and cosmetic dermatology. Post completing her MD, she has completed fellowship in Aesthetic Dermatology. She has presented papers and posters at various conferences. She believes that one size doesn’t fit all. Every patient is unique and should be dealt with an individual approach. She is an active Member of IADVL (Indian Association of Dermatology Venereology & Leprology ) & ACSI (Association of Cutaneous Surgeons of India).

“Healthy skin = Happy skin. I truly believe that taking care of your skin is more important than covering it up.”

Dr. Priyanka Yadav


6+ years experience

Dr. Priyanka Yadav is a dedicated dermatologist with more than 6 years of experience treating and diagnosing a variety of skin & hair conditions.

She has worked with various renowned stalwarts in the field of dermatology in few of big corporate chain hospitals, with vast hands on experience in the field of Aesthetics and Cosmetology. She has been part of various research in the field of dermatology. Also presented and won scholarship awards Internationally. She has been working as assistant in writing papers for renowned Journals.

"Beauty is beyond skin , A healthy skin is gateway to confidence."

Dr. Sharanya Bhupathi


2+ years experience

Dr. Sharanya Bhupathi is a dedicated dermatologist with more than 2 years of experience treating and diagnosing a variety of skin & hair conditions.

She is a board-certified Dermatologist specializing in providing skin care by making appropriate diagnosis and creating customized treatment for both children and adults. She has various publications in Indian Journals and has done researches on standardizing skin care procedures. She was presented Awards in various National and International conferences. She has worked in multiple cosmetology centers.

"It's an everyday challenge to keep yourself healthy ! Beauty is not just having High definition skin, but having healthy skin that starts from inside."

Dr. Mounika G


4+ years experience

Dr. Mounika G is a dedicated dermatologist with more than 4 years of experience treating and diagnosing a variety of skin & hair conditions.

She is a board-certified dermatologist with over 4 years of experience, and an expert in treating skin and hair related disorders. Post completion of her MD, she’s also excelled during her fellowship in aesthetic dermatology under RGUHS. She uses her skill to integrate the conventional approach to skin care with the latest developments in the field. Her aim is to be able to provide the highest quality of treatment through skilful decision making, ensuring that her patients achieve excellent outcomes, and they are empowered to a life of healthy skin.

"Healthy skin is a reflection of overall wellness and you'll wear it everyday. Treat it well and remember skincare is a lifestyle."