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Your skin is as unique as you are! And we will make sure it gets the best. Our dermatologist curated programme will provide exactly what your skin deserves. Say goodbye to skin and hair problems, sitting at the comfort of your home!
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How Our App works

App work

How Our App works


Tell us about yourself

What is good for your friends may not always be good for you. So, we take the time to get to know you and your lifestyle. We promise, this won’t take long.


Click a picture

We all love selfies. But this is your skin and we won’t compromise. Your photo will help to understand and analyse your skin better. Guide to take picture Don’t worry, we take your privacy very seriously! All your photos are 100 % secure & confidential.


Get your skin reviewed

Once your photo is analysed, your personal dermatologist will review your skin and recommend a skin care routine tailored to your skin needs and lifestyle.


Order your personalised kit at home

Once you are satisfied with the regimen designed for you, you can get it home-delivered and start your journey of transformation.

One stop solution
for all your skin & hair

Beauty is more than what meets the eye. To find the right skin care routine is difficult. So our expert dermatologists along with AI driven technology will cater to your skin and hair needs, pigmentation, acne and other issues, to give you exactly what your skin needs. Our programme includes:
  • CureSkin Treatment Kit with Diet & Lifestyle assistance
  • Dermatologist Checkup & follow-ups
  • 24*7 Assistance
  • CureSkin improvement guarantee
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"Only you can be the
best version of yourself!"

My team of experienced dermatologists & skin advisors guide you through every step of the skin care journey and support your progress. Our efforts are driven to ensure the best care for your skin. Skin care is not just a routine but a way to show your body, you care.
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Dr. Charu Sharma
Head Of Dermatology - CureSkin
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Stories of Transformation

Get amazing skin just like thousands of our users.
Don't believe us? Have a look at what they say!

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Before | After

Mamta from Thane

When I started, there was too much of acne on my skin. CureSkin helped me for better result, provided the medicine according to my skin. I got great result using regimen regularly and as advised by their Dermatologist and it really helped. Thank you.

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Before | After

Anjali from Bangalore

I have been consulting to different Dermatologists but didn’t get satisfaction. As I heard about this app, I too had a doubt, that how could an app help with my skin but after using it, all my doubts were cleared. It is user friendly, you can clear all your doubts through chats. I had regular follow ups and used the regimen exactly as per the instructions. I would recommend to use CureSkin app and get clearer skin.

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Before | After

Varsha from Gujarat

I got surprisingly nice results after using the regimen, which I didn’t expect. I was thinking that it will give me something temporary but I was wrong about it. After using the products, my skin doesn’t need makeup and I can freely go outside without getting ready. It gave me a confidence to stand anywhere without getting uncomfortable. I am really thankful to CureSkin.


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