Get Dermatologist Care For Your Skin & Hair,
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Get a customised treatment kit, 24/7 support from skin advisors & timely follow-up from your personal Dermatologist for your best skin & hair.
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How CureSkin Works?

Enjoy BETTER skin in just 4-6 weeks!

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How Our App works

Enjoy BETTER skin in just 4-6 weeks!


Choose your concern, tell us more!

Select the problem that concerns you the most and answer a few questions. Your Dermatologist checks your photo report & other details to understand and visualise your problems.


Click a photo, get your skin report!

With just your photo, our AI technology instantly detects and reports all your skin & hair defects, even the ones invisible to naked eyes.


Order your skin treatment kit home!

The dermatologist will curate a Skin/Hair Treatment Kit for your unique needs, after analysing your concerns thoroughly. Order your kit home & start using it!

Start following your regimen as instructed on the App to see noticeable improvements. Your Dermatologist will check your progress with regular follow-ups.

Let The Doctor Decide What's Right For You.

Every skin is different, so is yours!
Stop experimenting with random products, start using Dermatologist-given skin & hair care kit that takes care of your unique needs.
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Find out what Dermatologist recommends you
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"Trust ONLY Experts for your Skin & Hair!"

We teamed up with India’s TOP skin doctors and experts to make dermatology-standard skin and hair treatments accessible, affordable, and easy for everyone.
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Dr. Charu Sharma
Head Of Dermatology - CureSkin

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Mamta from Thane

“My acne healed completely after using CureSkin regimen regularly as advised by the Dermatologist. Wish to have tried this way earlier.”

Cureskin reviews, cureskin app reviews
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Anjali from Bangalore

“My skin is clear & glowing. My acne was gone in just a few weeks and never reappeared once I started using the CureSkin products. Extremely glad to have found this app.”

Cureskin reviews, cureskin app reviews
Before | After

Varsha from Gujarat

“My dark spots and acne have reduced significantly, thanks to CureSkin doctor who guided me at every stage. With CureSkin, I'm no more afraid of skin problems!.”


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