About Us

Learn more about CureSkin, the story, the team and the mission.

About CureSkin

CureSkin is your everyday dermatologist! We give you the highest quality care and treatment for dermatological issues. CureSkin is instantly accessible right from your mobile phone, anytime, anywhere, without stepping out of your home.

Our team of extremely qualified and experienced dermatologists are here to solve your skin and hair care related concerns throughout your regimen. Our CureSkin team is always available with you to continuously care for and help you get better.

CureSkin uses breakthrough technology to make your skin-care treatment personal to you and your needs. All information provided in the app and treatment regimens are confidential to you and highly secure.

About CureSkin

Our Story

We started our journey in 2017 with a simple premise: We take the responsibility to cure your condition.

We were surprised to know how few people actually take any dermatologist guidance for common issues like acne or hair-fall. Yet they spend so much on expensive products with nothing really working. Even when they go to a clinic, the doctor doesn’t even know if you are got better with the treatment they gave.

And we are changing all that.

Our Story
Behind the scenes

The CureSkin Team

Get to know the people behind CureSkin!

Guna Kakulapati
Guna Kakulapati Co-founder & CEO

Ramakrishna R
Ramakrishna R Co-Founder & CTO

Dr. Charu Sharma
Dr. Charu Sharma Head of Dermatology