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Is there any specific climate that will call for fungal infections?

" Humid and hot climate will increase the chance of fungal infection because of more sweating and moisture retention in the skin folds . That's why fungal infections tends to worsen or develop mainly during summers and rainy season."

Can I treat fungal infection at home, by any home remedies?

" It is best to seek a skin specialist's help and guidance for treating your fungal infection rather than trying random home remedies as this can further irritate the skin and chances of further worsening of the condition increases. At home you can follow measures to prevent the infection from further spreading on the body at the same time to other family members.1) Do not mix your clothes with that of others and always wash them in hot water with detergent.2) Daily take bath with soap and water3) Avoid sharing of soaps , towels and other self care products.4) Always use a hand wash for cleaning hands rather than sharing soaps.5) Avoid tight fitting clothes to prevent further occlusion and retention of sweat and moisture in the skin folds.6) Keep nails short and each time you scratch wash your hands."

What are the types of fungal infections?

" Fungal infections can be broadly classified into:-1) Superficial fungal infections2) Subcutaneous fungal infections3) Deep fungal infectionsSubcutaneous and deep fungal infections are mainly complex infections involving deeper layers of skin and other body organs like muscles, bones, lungs, abdominal viscera, central nervous system etc.Superficial fungal infections is what we commonly see and mainly includes tinea and candidal infections which affect stratum corneum ( top layer of the skin) hair and nails."

Can I have more than one type of infection at one time?

" Yes, you may have more than one type of infection. Eg:- Fungal infection along with secondary bacterial infection."

Who is prone to fungal infection?

"13) Any individual can develop fungal infection but can occur more in individuals:-1) Living in hot and humid climate2) Professions like athletes ,labourers etc where sweating and moisture retention in the folds can be more.3) Individuals with systemic conditions which affect the body's immunity like diabetics, cancer patients, those on immunosuppresant medications or long term steroids or during pregnancy.4) Poor personal hygiene"

Which antifungal drug should be chosen?

"20) The type of antifungal drug chosen depends on the site, the extent of the infection, age of the patient, previous treatment taken and any underlying medical condition( renal/liver/heart disease)."

During fungal infection, is my condition likely temporary or long lasting?

"17) Fungal infection is a curable condition and if you follow the doctor's advice and treatment plan regularly you will get results. Even after the cure taking care of personal hygieneis very important else the infection can recur."

What does Candida look like on skin?

"20) Candidal infection of skin mainly presents as red, itchy rash which can appear moist and macerated too. In some cases, the infection can cause the skin to become cracked and sore. Blisters and pustules may also occur.The rash can affect various parts the body, but it’s most likely to develop in the folds of the skin. This includes areas in the armpits, in the groin, between the fingers, and under the breasts. Candida can also cause infections in the nails, edges of the nails, and corners of the mouth."

If my face becomes too much dry after applying night creams, won’t that make my skin rough?

" Night creams which help repair the skin may cause slight tingling sensation or dryness during the initial few days for some users. However, this is usually bearable and very short-lived. Use of medicated night creams under the guidance of your dermatologist is safe. If you are using night/repair creams without the supervision of your doctor, adverse effects such as dryness, flaking, discolouration, skin atrophy can occur."

When I use peroclin on Tri acneal, will th at give the same results as applying peroclin alone? Same with the other night creams also.

" Every night cream contains different active ingredients and have different actions on the skin. For instance, tri acneal targets blemishes, marks and the early signs of ageing, whereas peroclin acts on inflammatory acne."

If my night cream causes redness what could be the reason?

" Mild irritation or discomfort can be expected during the initial few days of starting a repair/night cream. However, if the irritation persists, or causes redness, you may be using more quantity than required. You may reduce the quantity to half. If the redness or irritation still persists and is unbearable, you may need to consult with your doctor."

Tri acneal makes my skin dry what could be the solution?

" Mild irritation or discomfort can be expected during the initial few days of starting triacneal. You may either reduce the quantity of triacneal or make sure to apply a good layer of moisturizer in the morning. This would help with the dryness. However, if it persists and is unbearable even after these changes, you may need to consult with your doctor."

At night while removing makeup, which cream should i apply after washing my face?

" If you are under a regimen, follow the instructions as advised and apply the night creams.Otherwise, in general, if no skin concerns are present, you may apply a good moisturiser that suits your skin type."

Will the hyper pigmentation on my face will cure permanently

" There are different types of hyperpigmentation that can occur on the face. Common ones include:-1) Post inflammatory dark spots (typically post acne)2) Melasma3) Localised hyperpigmentation (peri-oral or under eye)4) Acanthosis nigricans5) Lesional hyperpigmentation (DPN, Actinic lichen planus,etc)6) Drug reactionsPrognosis of these conditions would depend on the type, cause and severity of hyperpigmentation. In general,, hyperpigmentation may not be cured completely, however, in mild to moderate cases, we will be able to lighten them to about 70 -80%. Other measures such as lifestyle, adequate sun protection and diet will also play a role."

From 2 months i am on regimen for acne , darkspot ,pigmentation but still the concern has no improvement and still my face is dark and oily.

" Acne is a chronic condition. Even after treatment, you may notice few new pimples arising from time to time. This may occur due to hormonal issues, dust, pollution, diet, lifestyle, etc. This is why it is important to always take care and maintain your skin after your finish your treatment.If you are on treatment and there is no improvement even for the existing acne, your doctor may ask you to do some blood tests to rule out any hormonal or endocrine problems that may cause persistent acne."

How dry scalp is different from dandruff? How can both be a reason for hairfall?

" Dry scalp is not a medical condition. It can be relieved with the use of good hair oils, scalp massages and a good sulfate free shampoo.Dandruff or seborrheic dermatitis is basically chronic inflammation of the scalp. Contributing factors include genetics, fungus (Malassezia) and other environmental/ general health factors. Mild cases appear as powdery flakes on scalp with probable itching. More severe cases would appear as red patches on scalp with greasy yellow scales.An inflammed or dry scalp can both contribute to hair fall."

How is home remedies different from any topical medicine for hair fall control

" The main difference is evidence.Whereas some home remedies may prove to be benefical for some people, it is not scientifically or medically proven to always attain results. Medical treatments are evidence based and supported by multiple studies from various parts of the world. They are also scrutinized and checked not only for the respective treatment outcome but also for short term and long term side effects."

Does too much hair fall indicates baldness

" Not always necessarily."

From what age I can start taking supplements for hair?

" There is no particular restricted age group for supplements, however, it is important to first consult with your dermatologist prior to considering taking any form of supplements. This will reduce the chances of adverse effects."

what are those specific hair containts which are present in hair color that can lead to hair fall, apart from ammonia ?

" Apart from ammonia, other common harmful contents in hair dyes include:- - peroxide, - p-phenylenediamine (PPD), - diaminobenzene, - toluene-2,5-diamine, - resorcinol"

Why hair fall starts from the frontal area?

" For men with androgenic alopecia (male pattern baldness), it is common for them to loose hair from the frontal and temporal areas of the scalp.According to recent studies, the main probable cause is the hormone DHT. For some reason, the hair follicles in those areas seem to be more androgen sensitive compare to the hair follicles on the back of the scalp.Another probable reason from recent studies talks about the pressure on the hair follicles which is normally buffered by the surrounding subcutaneous fat tissue and young dermis that is capable of keeping itself well hydrated. As one ages, thickness of the subcutaneous fat tissue and the volume of the dermis decreases, that is, the buffer decreases and consequently the pressure on the hair follicles increases, which may be another cause of the hair loss on the top of the scalp.Further reading - [] ("

I have changed the location and the water doesn’t suits me, how can I take care of my hair in that case?

" Hard water contains more mineral content and this may lead to brittle and weak hair, increasing hair fall. You may use a water filter/ water softener for your shower outlet to reduce this problem."

Can we take the keratoderm tablets at night ?

" You may do so, however talking to your doctor and following instructions exactly as advised would be recommended."

While being on regimen, as you have informed not to use any makeups, but once in a month if I go for the party and if I am applying the make up, so in that night do I need to use any night repair cream after removing the makeup?

" Yes, once you remove all your makeup properly, wash your face with the face wash that the doctor has suggested. Dry your face gently with the help of a face towel. Apply the nights creams as suggested by your dermatologist."

Why is my skin so itchy during pregnancy?

" Mild itching can be expected during pregnancy as the baby grows. However, if it is severe, persistent, or rashes develop, you will have to consult the doctor who will guide you with appropriate treatment."

Are there kinds of make-up I should avoid during pregnancy?

" Although there are no specific make up items that are contraindicated, it is always safe to avoid use of any products on the skin while you are pregnant, unless suggested by your doctor."

Are there complications from the skin condition during pregnancy?

" Skin changes can happen during pregnancy due to hormonal changes. Most of them if treated on time, will not cause any complications. It is recommended to check with the same with your dermatologist."

What types of lotions and creams are safe for pregnant women to use?

" Although there are no specific lotions or creams that are contraindicated, it is always safe to avoid use of any products on the skin while you are pregnant, unless suggested by your doctor."

Does the issues happen during pregnancy temporary?

" Most of the skin issues faced during pregnancy are mild, and if treated on time, will be temporary."

My hair is still thin by birth. Is this thin forever during pregnancy?

" Few contributing factors for hair density includes genetics, lifestyle, and diet. If you notice that the intensity of hair fall is increasing than normal, it is always best to consult with your dermatologist.As mentioned earlier, after pregnancy, it is common to notice increased hair fall. This is known an telogen effluvium. This will resolve on its own within few months even without treatment."

Can I prevent my hair loss during the pregnancy?

" During pregnancy or post delivery, it is common for some women to notice increased hair fall. You can consult your dermatologist who would be able to guide you better. Use of sulfate free shampoos, healthy and balanced diet, good lifestyle are few ways to prevent further hair fall by urself."

Benefits of crystal tomatoes ?

" Benefits include:- - Decrease in skin dryness - Decrease in skin roughness - Increase in skin suppleness - Improvement in skin tone - Improvement in skin texture"

After applying waterbomb and sunscreen , I am feeling itching and rashes on my skin.What can I do? I am on dull skin regimen for pregnant women, and using kojivit in night only 1 rice grain for full face.

" Mild discomfort or itching may be noticed during the initial 2-3 weeks of application of night creams. However, if there is presence of any rashes or if itching is severe or persistent, you will have to consult with your dermatologist."

After applying sunscreen, I feel my skin is getting more oily?

" This can happen if you have used too much of your sunscreen or if you have applied too much of your moisturiser prior to applying your sunscreen. You can either apply less of your moisturiser or avoid it completely if your skin is oily. If you were only using your sunscreen and still it feels too oily, you may reduce the quantity of the sunscreen."

After applying waterbomb, I am feeling dryness alot. What can I do?

" Waterbomb Hydration Gel provides extensive hydration for your skin without making your skin look oily. If you still feel that your skin is dry, you may apply slightly more quantity of the gel. If dryness still persists, you may be using too much of the repair cream at night. Reducing the amount of night cream would be the next step if dryness persists. Even after this, if the dryness still persists you may consult with your dermatologist who would be able to help you out further."

what is the preferable time to take the tablet whether in the morning or night which has suggested in the regimen?

" Follow the instructions exactly as advised by your dermatologist."

How can we control the pimples on the scalp? If the pimples are too much of itch?

" It would depend on the cause. Your dermatologist would suggest a regimen according to the clinical picture and diagnosis. This may be folliculitis or seborrheic dermatitis."

After applying the Episoft Ac cream, i feel too much oily and there is too much of humidty in my place? so how can i use the regimen products?

" You may reduce the quantity of episoft AC cream."

Do we treat Laugh line

" Yes, it comes under anti-ageing regimens."

the regimen you are providing is for 3 months, it will be cured in 3 months or do I need to continue more than that?

" Each skin concern is different and it would depend on the type and severity of the condition. It is not only important to treat the skin condition, but also equally important to maintain it for long term. Thus, constant follow up with your dermatologist and maintenance regimen are vital to maintain your results."

Will severe melasma can be cured in 3 months? will it takes long time?

" Melasma can take longer time to be cured especially if the pigmentation is dermal (deeper). However, improvement may be seen with 3 months of treatment.100% improvement may not be seen in all users.It is also imperative to be adequately sun protected and to follow a maintenance regimen after treatment to maintain the results."

Are eye bags and eye puffiness same?

" These are interchangeable.Under eye bags or puffiness may occur due to the following common causes:-1) aging,2) lack of sleep3) genetic (hereditary)4) fluid retention5) allergies6) smoking"

Is it normal to see eye puffiness in youngsters too? Why do someone have eye puffiness?

" It may be observed in youngsters.Common causes in this group include lack of sleep, smoking, genetics and allergies."

I wanted to know my complexion as i am unable to know which skin complexion i am .

" That would depend on the user. To find out your right complexion and shade, you need to check your skin colour and skin undertone."

Why my face is so oily ?

" Your skin tends to be oily when it secretes more amount of sebum. Oily skin is known medically as seborrhea.Two common and important factors include genetics and hormones.1) During puberty and other life events, fluctuating hormones can result in increased androgen level which causes increased sebum productions.2) Genetics can also play a role in oily skin.Life events like puberty or pregnancy can result in hormone fluctuations, and genetics and hereditary factors can determine how your skin reacts to these hormone fluctuations."

Intake of Glutathione tablet for 1 month would help them better there skin tone or should it be takien life time? Will the skin get back to normal once stopped taking these tablets?

" After the course of glutathione, you may continue with vit.c supplements to maintain the results. However, it is possible for some users to loose the effect once the supplement is completely stopped. Thus, it is very important to maintain the results with the help of our maintenance regimen."

what does spider veins on face means? do we treat this? what is the reason for one having this issue?

" Telangiectasia is a condition in which broken or widened small blood vessels that sit near the surface of the skin or mucous membranes create visible patterns of lines.They are also known as spider veins. They can develop on face commonly due to sun damage, as part of ageing of skin and also steroid abuse on the face which makes the skin thin and fragile and underlying blood vessels become visible.They can also be part of some genetic disorder or underlying systemic diseases.Spider veins cannot be treated with any creams and require special kind of LASERS to reduce the appearance but yes such a skin does require good moisturization and sun protection. If there is history of long term steroid usage then it needs to be stopped to prevent further damage."

Why is my hair getting greasy?

" The hair can get greasy when there is excess sebum and oil secretion and this also increases the chance of scalp issues like dandruff or folliculitis.When the scalp is greasy make sure to wash it atleast twice or thrice weekly with a suitable shampoo which can help with the oil and sebum control and also avoid application of too much oil on scalp .Restrict oiling to once or twice a week and either do it overnight or 30 to 60 min before hair wash. Do not leave the oil on scalp for long duration as this will attract more dust and dirt on scalp during the day and with sweat and sebum secretion the greasiness will worsen."

What happens when we get a sunburn?

" Sunburn signs and symptoms include: - Pinkness or redness - Skin that feels warm or hot to the touch - Pain, tenderness and itching - Swelling - Small fluid-filled blisters, which may breakAny exposed part of your body — including your earlobes, scalp and lips — can burn. Even covered areas can burn if, for example, your clothing has a loose weave that allows ultraviolet (UV) light through.Signs and symptoms of sunburn usually appear within a few hours after sun exposure. But it may take a day or longer to know the full extent of your sunburn.Within a few days, your body may start to heal itself by ""peeling"" the top layer of damaged skin. After peeling, your skin may temporarily have an irregular color and pattern. A bad sunburn may take several days or longer to heal.So make sure to apply sunscreen throughout the year and always reapply your sunscreen every 3 hours between 9am to 4pm for adequate sun protection and do moisturize your skin at night."

Does a pigmentation on 60 year old lady can be treated?

" With ageing, the outer skin layer (epidermis) thins.The number of pigment-containing cells (melanocytes) decreases. The remaining melanocytes increase in size. Ageing skin looks thinner, paler, and clear (translucent). Large pigmented spots, including age spots, melasma ( due to hormonal changes and sun exposure) can develop.Changes in the connective tissue reduce the skin's strength and elasticity. The blood vessels of the dermis become more fragile and they can easily bruise or bleed under the skin.Sebaceous glands produce less oil resulting in dryness and itchiness.Thus an ageing skin naturally undergoes all this changes and appears thinner, fragile, more pigmented, drier and wrinkled.Pigmentation on a 60 year old lady can be treated but the results seen in an aged skin is definitely different and lesser from a younger skin. An older skin requires more moisturization and better sun protection apart from the skin lightening agents ."

Do any cream will help for double chin or any neck lines?

" creams do not help with double chin and will require cosmetic procedure.Neck lines are part of skin ageing and can be reduced to some extent with retinoid based creams which help in anti ageing and improve the elasticity of skin and collagen synthesis."

Is there any categories for skin complexion?

" The widely accepted classification of skin tones is The Fitzpatrick Skin Type Test. Based on the skin's reaction to sun exposure, this system classifies skin tones into 6 basic categories: - Type I: Light skin( pale white skin) that always burns and never tans. - Type II: Fair skin that usually burns than tans. - Type III: Medium skin that may burn, but tans well. - Type IV: Olive skin( light brown) that rarely burns and tans well. - Type V: Tan brown skin that very rarely burns and tans well. - Type VI: Black brown skin that never burns and tans very well.The common Indian skin type is IV and V."

As right now in most of the places its humidity, users are getting sweat after using sunscreen, what can we suggest?

nges can help reduce or control sweatAfter applying sunscreenDo not apply sunscreen in a hurry.Reduce the quantity to just 1 small drop for full face and neck.Avoid massaging just spread withe finger tips.Remember to apply sunscreen at least 15 mins before you step out.In case of moisturiser too is added in regimen as a part of daily routine, they can avoid using it and only use sunscreen.In case they are not going out in house only the whole day can use only moisturiser ( in case of mild dry skin) and avoid sunscreenNormally in humid weather the dryness will not be there and the redness or sensitive skin if there can be due to over rubbing of face because of sweat.Ask them to use a soft towel and just dab and don’t rub hard with towel or cloth.

if user is having pcod acne can they consume, milk and milk products?

al circumstances and if the patient is not allergic milk in moderate quantity should not cause any issues.avoid skimmed milk or any form of whey protein containing products as those can cause more break outs .In case patient feels milk or milk products aggravate the condition, then stop it completely.Proteins and calcium can be taken in other forms to avoid any deficiencies like pulses, beans, tofu etcCan take curd instead of mil

How to get rid of oily skin?

" Excess sebum secretion can lead to oily skin. Factors which contribute to this include genetics, weather, hormones, etc.Certain foods have also been linked to excess oil production and acne.You can reduce the same with the help of the following:-1) Use of a good face wash/cleanser depending on your skin type2) Avoiding foods that disrupt your blood sugar levels or those that are high in saturated fat might help to curb your oil production from within.3) If it persists, you may consult with your dermatologist who can assess your skin type and suggest further."

How to shrink my large pores? how to reduce my scars? will it get cured in 3months or how long it takes to get cured? should i go for laser treatment for it?

" In general, skin pore size depends on a variety of factors. Out of these, common ones include genetics and sebum production.Although, we cannot completely cure this issue, we can suggest ways to reduce the size of the pores by adequate oil control."

Does melasma treatment depend on age also? Can it be treated if my age is 50+?

" Melasma can be treated even if the patient is above 50. However, it is imperative to note that depending on the severity, 100% improvement may not be possible in all cases.Also, once the pigmentation is reduced, it is vital to ensure adequate sun protection and follow the maintenance regimen to maintain these results."

Is there any treatment for warts and can a regimen help?

" There are various treatments for warts. This would depend on the type and location of the wart. We also have a regimen which can be used for single or few warts with smaller size.If the patient has other comorbidities and has multiple warts, cryotherapy, cautery or lasers may be suggested. rashmi.g (2019-09-03 09:49) If too many then may require clinic visits, images are mustSometimes lesions are not warts but pt thinks off"

Do we have to use the product for facial hair lifelong to control the hairgrowth?

" Our regimen for excessive facial hair helps in slowing the hair growth and is not a permanent solution. If the regimen is stopped, the effects may stop and hair growth may go back to normal. rashmi.g (2019-09-03 09:48) User will not get any results in 3 months and have to use it for at least 6-8 months to see change"

What is the reason to get more facial hair?

" All women have normal facial and body hair. Normally the difference is that the texture and growth of the normal hair is very fine and light in colour (also referred to as peach fuzz).In some women, facial hair may be excessive. Common causes include:-1) PCOD2) Genetics3) Adrenal gland disorders - cushing syndrome4) Certain medications - minoxidil, anabolic steroids, danazol (given for endometriosis)"

I wanted to know my skin type ?

" There is no ideal way to find your skin type as it may keep changing depending on your age, weather, etc. However, one way to help identify your general skin type that I can suggest is the following:-Apply nothing overnight and observe your skin the next day morning before washing your face. If you feel your face is greasy, you probably have oily skin. If you feel your skin is tight and dry, you probably have dry skin. If you feel oily only on the Tzone and dry otherwise, you probably have combination skin. If you do not feel greasy or dry, you probably have normal skin type."

Whether the stretch marks can be removed completely with the regimen? Any creams available to tighten the skin?

" Skin tightening of the face can be achieved with our anti-aging regimens. Jisha John Gomez (2019-09-06 12:17) One main factor is the onset and duration of the stretch marks.When the stretch marks treatment have been started early (pink color), treatment would be more effective. If the stretch marks have already become white or depressed, they will be more difficult to treat."

Even if I do not apply moisturizer I get oily face, what can I do for that?

" Sebum secretion depends on various factors such as genetics, weather, hormones, etc. Depending on your concern and after assessing your skin, your doctor will suggest what is best for you.If you do feel more oily than usual, make sure to wash your face again with plain water. If it still persists, you may gently wipe off the excess oil by using a facial tissue."

Does applying powder helps reduce the oiliness?

" Yes, it can. However, while you are on the regimen that is suggested to you by our dermatologist, it will be best not to use any other products as this may interfere with your treatment progress. If you do feel your face is more oily than usual, you may wash your face with plain water or wipe off the excess oil gently with the help of a soft facial tissue."

What foods can help me control oiliness?

" In general, a balanced diet is always recommend to maintain your overall health. There are no known foods that reduce the oil secretion. However, reduce intake of oily or fried food items, junk food and sweets can help."

Does using shampoo often reduces oily scalp?

" Using a good shampoo 2-3 times a week will help. However, over doing it will not help reduce the oiliness of the scalp."

How many times can i wash my face if i tend to get lot of oil on my face?

" If you are on our regimen, use the recommended face wash twice a day as suggested by your dermatologist. If you do feel oily in between you may choose to wash your face with plain water once or twice."

I have oily face and i am not using anything on my face, still i have more oiliness on my face.What can i do for it?

" Sebum secretion depends on various factors such as genetics, weather, hormones, etc. Depending on your concern and after assessing your skin, your doctor will suggest what is best for you.If you do feel more oily than usual, make sure to wash your face again with plain water. If it still persists, you may gently wipe off the excess oil by using a facial tissue."

I always apply coconut oil overnight and take my hair wash on the next day. still I feel oiliness on my scalp after 2 days so I am washing my hair thrice a week. can I do it or not?

" It is best to apply coconut oil for half an hour or one hour during the day and then wash your hair with shampoo. With this, you can wash your hair twice a week.However, if you have seborrheic dermatitis, or very oily scalp, you may choose to wash your hair thrice a week for a while."

Due to oily skin, i cant even apply my sunscreen on my face and it look more oily and sticky. How to reduce my oiliness on my face ?

" Your dermatologist has suggested your sunscreen taking into account your skin type and skin concern. After applying the sunscreen, if you do feel more oily than usual, you may inform your doctor and reduce the quantity to half."

Can i use wet wiping tissue or micellar water to look fresh and reduce oiliness on my face?

" If you are on our regimen especially with a repair cream, it is best not to use any other product.Otherwise, in general you may choose to wash your face with plain water, or wipe off the excess oil with the help of a soft facial tissue."

i used to travel every day and i have lot of sweating on my scalp and looks more oily.Can i wash my hair daily without shampoo?

" It is not recommended to shampoo your hair everyday. If you do feel your hair needs a wash everyday, you may do so with plain water instead."

is there any treatment for Lichen planus?

re is , we don't have a regimen but we can make one for the patient depending on the concerns provided it's not very severe and patient is already on some form of treatment locally

I am really skeptic about ordering the regimen as I heard that avene triacneal contains retinaldehyde which causes skin purging. I had faced the same issue while using deriva cms. It made my acne worse. Can you please help me out

ues you are mentioning are when the products are not used as per the recommendations given. The regimen is perfectly safe and effective to treat your skin when used exactly as per the instructions given. Your skin needs corrective action which can happen with products and guidance that target and heal it.All the products in the regimen work together to complement each other and give the best results. Using only the repair cream or only part of the regimen will not give the results. The treatment products have to be used together exactly as advised (which we will guide after you start the regimen).

Does Mosquito coil’s smoke affect skin?

much smoke can cause breathing discomfort and might cause irritation too

Can we suggest the regimen grey hair for beard too or is there any other regimen that we need to suggest for graying of beard hair?

" We can suggest. However, greying of hair depends on multiple factors and results may very. It may have to be discussed with the respective doctor."

Can we suggest any sunscreen to an 1 year old baby?

" Not needed. Babies btw their 1st year change shades often and few parents keep their kids in sun for exposure recommend by doctors too.Make sure to cover the baby properly and avoid direct sun exposure. Moisturizing is important."

Does drinking a lot of Tea damage skin?

" Although tea is a beverage and with antioxidants but anything in excess is not good for health.Drinking a lot of tea can cause dehydration which may result in a change in the skin. The dehydrated skin looks dry dull and tired(lifeless)."

What is acanthosis nigicans?

" Acanthosis nigricans is a skin condition that causes one or more areas of the skin to darken and thicken. Often, the skin may feel like velvet. It is commonly seen on the neck, face, armpits, knuckles, elbows, etc. Common causes include obesity, diabetes and hormonal issues (PCOS/thyroid)."

A male user wants to take head bath everyday and wants to use the regimen too is that okay?

" Head bath everyday is also not good. It will wash away all natural oils making it dry and brittle. As advised in the regimen we recommend 2-3 times a week. However, if the user still wishes to wash his hair everyday he may do so with plain water."

user has headache after applying C stay lotion, is it expected?

" With c stay , normally it’s not . Only check if the climate is cold , the lotion can give cool effect.Ask the user to use it 2- 3 hrs before head wash and avoid using it at night leaving on for full night."

User says she does wudu 5 times a day for namaz and can she keep applying acne moist everytime?

" Normally as per the regimen, moisturiser once a day in the morning after face wash is enough.But as you wash 5 times and if the climate is cold and drying you can apply it once in the afternoon also.Over washing and over moisturising can aggrevate your pimples.As we understand that you cannot reduce the face washing so plz follow few suggestions.Morn -1st wazu, use your face wash followed by moisturiser after namazAnd your last wazu at night,wash your face with face wash again .In btw just use plain water only and gently wash . Avoid rubbing the face during face wash and with towel. Just gently dab the towel on face."

Do we suggest any product to remove eye make up?

" Yes we can suggest sensibio H2OOr Loreal gentle lip and eye make up remover"

just wanted to know if night creams have to be restored in the refrigerator specially Peroclin.

" No, you do not need to store any of the repair creams or peroclin in the refrigerator."

user is asking why cant they use skinlite during pregnancy, and also she missed to use skinlite one night and next day her pigmentation is more

" Skinlite Cream contains Hydroquinone Topical, Mometasone Topical and Tretinoin Topical as active ingredients and its contra indicated during pregnancy and for the safety of the foetus . It gets absorbed in to the blood stream and can be harmful for the foetus.Pigmentation takes a long time to show significant improvement and 100% changes may not always be possible especially if the pigmentation is deep."

is there any cream of any product that we suggest for eye lashes?

" We can recommended Lashisma Lotion."

do we have any home remedies to remove or reduce chicken pox scars?

" no effective home remedies can be suggested Yes acne scar treatment only can be suggested in case of recent chicken pox scars/dark spots."

if the user has purchased regimen for pigmentation and also asks if there is anything that we can do to cure his pores, is there any cream that we suggest for pores?

" We can suggest or add sebium serum which will work on both pigmentation and open pores."

Do we have a treatment for vitilogo?

" It would depend on the extent and severity. We do have a regimen for vitiligo. "

do we have treatment for acanthosis nigricans?

" yes we do. "

Do we have product for the darkness and to remove the smell of underarms, user has comodones also there.

" For odour or bad smell-1) Regular shower and maintain hygeine2) Avoid synthetic clothing. Use more breathable material.3) May use a talcum powder if excessive sweating.4) Avoid excessive use of deo or directly spraying it onto the skinIf there are comedone-like lesions on the underarm area, it may be folliculitis. Sometimes, there can be lesions seen which could be hidradenitis suppurative. This needs to be discussed with the dermatologist. "

can stitch scars be removed?

they are fresh ( few days to 3-6 months old , we can prescribe the medication for topical application and will help in improving the appearance and in case there is itching and pain , can help in reducing that too)Very old scars it’s little difficult but can try and see how it responds

Can user go for a hair spa when he is on a hair fall regimen

" Yes user can go for a purely hair spa treatment. It is not recommended to do any other procedures such as straightening or smoothening while on our hair regimen."

Can we take any oral medications for facial hair?

" No, there are no known oral medication which can stop growth of excess facial hair.However, one of the common causes for the same is hormonal abnormalities. Treating the underlying cause may help treat the excessive growth of facial hair."

if we apply the hair oil on face, will the facial hair increase?

" Hair oil does not directly lead to increase in hair growth. Oils help moisturise and nourish the hair strand."

Does using razor brings more strong hair after that?

" This is a myth.Using a razor does not cause your hair to grow thicker afterwards. Normal hair is usually thick in its mid-length and thin at the end. When you use a razor and remove the hair, the hair is cut in between where its thickness is more. So when it starts to grow back, you may feel that the hair shaft appears to be thicker but infact, the hair will grow out thin just as before."

Does oily face will reduce by growing age?

" One of the major factors contributing towards sebum secretion are hormones. Thus during puberty, more sebum secretion is noticed. With age, this will slowly reduce in women reaching menopause, however, in men it may stay the same."

To what extent laser treatment is useful?

" The use of lasers in hair removal allows selective targeting of the hair bulb and can diminish regrowth for at least three months according to recent studies. Evidence of permanent hair removal has yet to be established but is under investigation.Reference - [] ("

What roles do age and genetic play?

" Age does not necessarily play a role, however genetics does. It may run in families."

When should excessive hair growth be a concern?

" This would depend from person to person."

Can overweight also be the reason for facial hair growth?

" Yes, it may contribute especially if the user has concomitant hormonal issues such as PCOD or cushing's syndrome."

what can we suggest for scalp acne?

" This will need to be discussed with the doctor to make an apt diagnosis. Commonly, it could be folliculitis, seborrheic dermatits or tinea capitis. Treatment for each will be different."

Do we cure butterfly rashes?

" Classic butterfly rash is seen in SLE patients. If so, doctor would suggest accordingly.In case of melasma, we do have a regimen."

Is there any product to tighten the skin?

" This would come under anti-aging. Our anti-aging regimen may be suggested for the face."

do we have any cure for xanthslasma, cholestoral deposits under the eye lids.

has to get done trichloroacetic acid application at regular intervals or get them cauterized along with check on lipid levels

Does oily scalp causes dandruff?

" Yes, Overly oily scalp can lead to dandruff or dandruff like conditions such as seborrheic dermatitis."

How do you treat oily scalp?

" Oily scalp is a result of increased production of sebum or oil from sebaceous glands around the hair follicles. Regular washing of the scalp with a good shampoo and conditioner will help reduce this."

Why does my scalp stink even after I wash it?

" Sometimes, when you have severe eczema of the scalp or severe seborrheic dermatitis, you might feel like odour persists even after washing your scalp. Your dermatologist will be able to guide you with this depending on your condition."

Does drinking water help oily skin?

" Yes, it can help. Drinking adequate amount of water can effectively moisturize and hydrate the entire body. This can eventually lead to normalization of oil production."

Does lemon reduce oily skin?

" Lemon tends to have more risks than benefits when applied directly to the skin. Although it may help reduce inflammation and oil, it can cause irritation as it is extremely acidic.When you are on a treatment regimen, we do not recommend use of any other products on your skin."

Is bleaching good for oily face?

" Bleaching creams are used to lighten dark patches of the skin. It does not have a direct effect on oil secretion."

How can i reduce the oil production in my skin?

" Oil production by your skin is a normal physiologic process maintained by your skin to nourish and hydrate your skin. However, when this is excessive, it can lead to acne and breakouts. Depending on your skin type and concern, your dermatologist will guide you how to control it.For general, these tips may help -1) Washing your face with a suitable face wash at least twice a day would be recommended.2) Use a good moisturiser - Yes, even if you have oily skin, using the correct moisturiser will control excess sebum production.3) Use a blotting paper/ soft facial tissue - Throughout the day, you may use a blotting paper or soft tissue to gently remove the excess oil without excessive washing or tugging away at your skin."

Due to harsh climate in hilly areas i feel my pigmentation had increase. Is it really because of the cold climate.

" Pigmentation especially on sun exposed areas is due to chronic exposure to harmful UV rays. However, during cold climate, your skin tends to be drier than usual and this may make it look like your pigmentation and marks have increased. Adequate sun protection is imperative independent of the type of climate. This includes daily use of sun screen, protective clothing and avoiding direct sun exposure especially during peak time (10 am to 4 pm)."

Which skin areas should i pay more attention?

" This would depend on your concern and personal preference. If you are worried about pigmentation and sun damage, exposed areas would be your concern. If you are prone to increased sweating especially during summers, skin folds would be your area of concern."

Can oily scalp cause hair thinning?

" Excessive oily scalp can cause dandruff like issues and eventually lead to hair fall."

Can we help a user who says that he is just 13 and hair is turning white?

" Premature canities or early greying of hair is mainly either genetic or due to nutritional deficiencies or auto immune conditions. The person first needs to be asked about family history of early greying of hair and also needs to be worked up for common nutritional causes- VITAMIN B12 LEVELS, VITAMIN D, CBC, IRON PROFILE INCLUDING FERRITIN LEVELS , THYROID LEVELS(TSH,T3,T4) tests should be done as baseline in these individuals before advicing any treatment. "

Can i use hair dryer or blower ?

" Use of any heat devices such as blow dryer or straightners can lead to brittle, frizzy and damaged hair. Over time, this can also lead to increased hair fall."

TriAcneal, Does it have glycolic acid in it ?, Does it give peeling effect?

" No, triacneal does not contain glycolic acidTriacneal contains the following active ingredient:-1) diolenyl - antibacterial and antiinflammatory2) xpressin - gentle exfoliating effect3) retinaldehyde - reduces marks, unclogs pores, anti-ageing effect."

Is it okay if user drinks Lemon juice added with fenugreek seeds as she is on hair fall regimen does it have any side effects

" When on regimen, it is always better not to mix it with other home remedies. In small amounts, intake of fenugreek seeds is usually safe. However, if taken in large amounts, it may cause certain side effects such as stomach upset, nasal congestion, bloating, etc."

Does doing hair spa during hairfall treatment is good?

" Hair spa treatments help in moisturising your scalp and hydrating your hair strands. They do not have a direct effect on improving hair growth. However, hair spa once a month can be suggested to help improve texture and health of the hair."

What is the difference between Q-Sera Black Hair Serum and Altris 5

" Both Altris 5 and Q-Sera Black hair serum help with greying of hair.1) Altris 5 contains melitane and is preferred to be used for premature graying for hair upto about 25 years of age.2) Q-Sera serum is preferred to be used in older users with greying of hair upto 35 yrs of age. It also has antioxidants and help protect the hair from further sun damage and prevents normal ageing of hair."

Does mosquito coil’s smoke affect skin?

" If used only once in a while, it should normally be safe. However, if you are someone who is prone to allergies, or have a strong family history of asthma, you may have mild irritation on the skin as well. It is always safer to put the coil away at a corner rather than very close to you."

I have oil dandruff… Alternate day of washing my hair my scalp looks little dull nowafter using this proanagen my hair is looking too dull..

" Proanagen by itself should not cause oiliness or dullness.Your dermatologist has checked your concerns before approving your hair regimen. If you do have dandruff and oily scalp, your doctor would have added a hair lotion or antidandruff shampoo according to your condition and severity. Hair regimen do take time to show a visible difference. Be patient and consistent with your treatment."

Can we suggest Cleanance MASK for new mom/pregnant women

" Yes, it is safe. It is a premium mask which contains AHA's and BHA's which are suitable for acne prone skin. It helps to control acne, soothe the skin, maintain oil control and cleanses the skin."

User is getting stomach pain from 3 days due to antibiotics, can you please help me what can i suggest further

" Mild stomach upset or acidity can happen in some users with use of antibiotics. However, it is not very common. If it is severe or bothersome, you can check with the concerned doctor who will be able to suggest something for the same."

Any diet suggestions for beard growth?

" A balanced diet including Vitamin A, B6, B12, C, E, proteins and Omega - 3 fatty acids can help improve hair growth. Such food items include eggs yolk, carrots, kale, almonds, citrus fruits, spinach, beans, walnuts, etc."

User is loosing eye lashes and eye brows, she dont even use eye lashes kajal what could be advised in this case

" Certain vitamin deficiencies or internal issues (Autoimmune conditions) can cause loss of hair not only on the scalp but also the eyelash and eye brows. Your doctor will be able to guide with the same."

Can B12/suppliments causing acne

" Vitamin B12 supplements do not definitely cause acne in everyone. However, there are studies showing a probable aggravation of acne in patients with already acne-prone skin.There have been reports that the oral supplement does cause inflammation and acne through altering the metabolism of bacteria that live on the skin."

Does muesli cause pimples? Also can user take chia seeds daily does it have any effects on skin?

" Yes muesli has dry fruits and nuts and in case taken in excess can cause oiliness in some patients, chia seeds - they are rich in antioxidants and can help improve the overall health of the skin, however, I am not aware of any studies that prove it definitely."

Can i go for any chemical peel for hyperpigmentation ?

" Yes can, but that depends on the type of peel carefully done under a dermatologist, As regimen have repair products which consist of active ingredients and both should not be done/ used simultaneouslyFor chemical peeling , Also if anyone is planning to update the doctor so that we plan before and after care"

if a user is taking Glutathione tablets can they take any other tablets for a different concern, like a painkiller for tooth pain?

y can after consulting a doctor for the particular concern.

Does having excessive Facial hair leads to acne problem?

" Excessive facial hair usually occurs due to hormonal imbalance. Hormonal changes could be the reason for acne aggravation in the same user."

how can we distinguish normal facial hair and excessive facial hair growth?

" Normal facial hair (vellus) commonly known as peach fuzz - is fine, light coloured and tiny.Excessive facial hair (terminal hair) commonly due to hormonal imbalances appear to be darker, thicker and courser."

which areas on the face can be excessive hair growth can be seen?

" Usually in women, it can occur on chin or jawline."

Does our diet or any health condition lead to facial hair growth?

" Common causes include:-1) PCOD2) Genetics3) Adrenal gland disorders - cushing syndrome4) Certain medications - minoxidil, anabolic steroids, danazol (given for endometriosis)Diet as such should not cause excessive facial hair growth."

User is getting headache when they are using the ProAngen and Minepop. Is there is a solution for it?

" Normally we see headache in some people with minoxidil.Use it in the morning instead of night or use in the evening g instead of late nightminopep is a conditioner and should not cause headache. Can even ask them for any stress during this time.and if u wish you can ask the concerned doctors to look into the case in case after the above alteration still they get headache"

user can take GLO tablet when she has PCOD issue?

At what stage tablets are suggested?

" Tablets in general are not suggested for mild cases. The stage would depend on the clinical concern and severity of the condition."

Can the overusage of antibiotics affect any other part of the body?

" Antibiotics should not be used without the supervision or prescription of the doctor. Over usage would lead to resistant cases and cause adverse effects such as diarrhrea, vomiting, etc."

How isotretenion differs from azhithromycin?

" Azithromycin - Is an oral antibiotic (macrolide). Commonly used for bacterial infections such as acne, skin infections, respiratory or ear infections.Isotretinoin - is a systemic retinoid indicated for moderate to severe acne. It is a form of vitamin A."

Is taking antibiotics a permanent cure for the reoccuring acne?

" There is no permanent cure for acne. It is a chronic condition and its duration and frequency depends on multiple factors. Antibiotics help in controlling mild to moderate acne and reduces the redness and inflammation."

Can we take antibiotics if we are on some other medications for some other concern?

" Certain medications cannot be given together. This will be decided by your doctor."

Why antibiotics cause upset stomach, do all the antibiotics act like that?

" Stomach upset is a common side effect of most antibiotics. This usually happens when the antibiotics also attack your normal bacteria in the intestine which normally maintains your digestive health."

is it important to take topical medication also along with the antibiotics?

" For acne, your dermatologist will check your condition and suggest treatment. In general, yes, along with antibiotics, following the regimen including face washes and creams will help you to attain better results."

Does isotretinion affects the same way for male and female?

" Yes the mechanism of action and results of isotretinoin is same for both males and females as fas as acne control is controlled.As isotretinoin has teratogenic effect its more important to check for pregnancy before or during the course the treatment in women( if they miss their periods) and explaining them the risks if they conceive as well as the importance of contraception .Men also need to be counselled for same if the couple is planning for pregnancy ."

Normally for how long antibiotics can be taken? What are the side effects if taken for long term

" Antibiotics are usually advised for moderate to sever inflammatory acne and can be taken safely for 4-6 weeks.If antibiotics are taken for too long without proper supervision by a doctor patient is at risk of developing antibiotic resistance and some antibiotics also have other side effects like renal or liver complications."

When do i start taking the tablets?

" If the acne is not getting controlled with the first line treatment of topicals even after 3-4 weeks of regular usage, there is sudden flare up of the inflammatory and pustular acne or it is moderate to severe inflammatory acne to start off with itself."

Will my periods be affected if i take tablets?

" No the menstrual cycles will not be affected or become irregular by taking antibiotics or isotretinoin."

Will the tablets make me put on weight?

" No you will not gain weight while on antibiotics/isotretinoin/antifungals/multivitamins."

With the antibiotics i get allergies ?What should i do?

" Some individuals can develop allergic reaction to antibiotics or any other oral medicines which can present in the form of urticaria , itching all over body , angioedema, rash, severe abdominal discomfort or diarrhoea , vomiting .In such cases stop the tablet immediately and inform us.Also if the itching is too much or there is angioedema( swelling of eyes and lips with breathing difficulty) need to visit the emergency department locally immediately and will require anti allergy /steroid injections to control the same."

Should i avoid any foods during this medication?

" No there is no food restriction when you are on oral antibiotics/ isotretinoin or multivitamins."

Why isotretinion is not suggested during pregnancy?

" Isotretinoin has teratogenic effect and causes birth defects in the fetus that is why it is avoided during pregnancy. It can cause craniofacial, cardiovascular, neurological and thymic malformations in the fetus."

I have allergy post using antibiotics, do i need to still continue?

" If you develop any allergy after taking antibiotic either in form of rashes, urticaria, vomiting, severe abodmonal discomfort stop the tablet immediately and inform the concerned doctor .Do not continue the tablets further."

I am athleta can i consume isotretinion/antibotics?

" yes isotretinoin or antibiotics can be safely taken under supervision of a doctor even if you are an athlete."

is there any particular course for consuming antibiotic tablets

" Antibiotics are prescribed for moderate to severe inflammatory acne and the dosage, duration and frequency of each antibiotic differs based on the severity of the skin concern . your concerned doctor will advice you regarding the same."

Can I prescribe an antibiotic suggested to me for the sane concern my brother is suffering?

" No you should never advice oral medications especially antibiotics to another individual without a doctor's advice or suggestion ."

Can antibiotic be addictive?

" Antibiotics are not addictive or you cannot become dependant on them. Some individuals when they see that their inflammatory acne reduces well with a course of antibiotic they start self medicating themselves each time they get a flare up and this can lead to antibiotic resistance or other systemic side effects in such individuals."

Keratoderm tablet, will this tablet help me in reducing the hair fall problem?

" Keratoderm tablet contains vitamins and minerals which helps improve the overall health of your hair. It also promotes hair growth and prevents hair fall."

What if, I am taking the tablets in night instead of morning as it is prescribed?

" There is a reason why certain tablets are suggested at a particular time of the day. For example, some may cause increased photosensitivity and so it is not recommended to be taken in the morning. It is always better to take the tablet at the time that the doctor has suggested."

I cant swallow the tablets, Can I mix it with water or crush it and then can take it?

" It would depend on the tablet. If it is difficult to swallow, you may discuss it with your doctor."

Why do we not suggest some tablets during pregnancy? How does it make difference if it is only making our concern better?

" There are certain tablets that are contraindicated during pregnancy or breastfeeding. These may cause side effects to the baby or mother and thus are not given during this time."

Taking antibiotic will cure my concern for lifetime?

" Acne is a chronic skin condition and a few new pimples can come up once in a while due to the changing weather, humidity, dietary habits, close to menstrual cycles, hormonal fluctuations , stress etc and your regimen helps to keep the severity and flare-ups of acne under control.Antibiotics help to reduce the inflammation faster and better but after that also skin maintenance is important long term with certain skin care products else the acne can flare up again.So usage of antibiotic does not mean that your acne will be cured for lifetime."

In clean up also, scrubbing and mask is there, would not that affect my skin along with the treatment?

" Mild scrubbing is not harmful to your skin. We usually suggest a clean up once a month only. If you do have sensitive skin, it is best to confirm with your doctor first prior to any skin procedures."

How can I manage facials along with the treatment as its my marriage?

" It is best to discuss the same with your doctor. If you do have severe inflammatory acne, it is not recommended to do any facials until your acne is settled and under control."

Can I use nose strips and sheet mask along with the treatment?

" Depending on your skin concerns, your doctor will be able to guide you best. Use of nose strips once or twice a month can be recommended for users if there is no active inflammatory acne on or around the nose. Sheet masks are also safe to use if u do not have active acne and if you have not used OTC steroid creams on your face without the supervision of your doctor."

Can I use home remedies like besan, multani mitti etc along with treatment, how does that affect the treatment?

" Home remedies can be useful for some people and can also cause harm in others. We do not recommend use of any home remedies, while you are on the regimen as this may cause your skin to get sensitive or irritated. Use of such ingredients may also interfere with the progress of your treatment."

Are all antibiotic make us feel drowsy or is there any particular antibiotic that makes us feel drowsy

" Antibiotics in general do not cause drowsiness as long as u follow the instructions. In case you do feel drowsy inform your doctor immediately."

Can i take the tablets after pregnancy?

" This would depend on the tablet and your concern. Your doctor will check with you and guide you as to when and how you should take any tablet."

The day I do clean up, should I use the night repair creams?

" No, do not use your night repair creams on the night of doing your clean up as this may cause increased sensitivity to your skin. You may continue the repair creams from the next day onwards."

Can I do clean up at my home?Is it necessary to go to parlor?

" Clean up done once a month by a professional can be recommended in general if you do not have severe inflammatory acne."

Will doing clean up, increase the peeling on skin?

" In general, we recommend clean up to be done only once a month. Clean up helps to remove the superficial dead layers of the skin. If excessive scrubbing or clean ups are done too frequently, it may cause irritation and peeling of the skin."

” In general, steaming or professional clean up may be done once a month.”

Can I do steaming on my face, how many times can I do?

Will I have any hormonal changes post consuming isotretenion?

" Isotretinoin tablets in general do not cause hormonal changes."

I have more whiteheads and blackheads can i go for basic cleanup for 2 times in a month?

" If you do have multiple comedones (whiteheads/ blackheads), we recommend that you consult your doctor who would check your skin and recommend a treatment plan for you. Basic cleanup will help in maintaining your skin and preventing comedones from occurring in the future."

I don’t have acne and my skin is very dull and dark skin so can i go for facial once in a month?

" Please keep in mind that we cannot change your complexion or natural skin colour. A facial or basic cleanup will help in mild exfoliation of your skin which will improve your skin texture, remove dullness and prevent clogged pores."

Can I use fresh fruit instead of facial creams in the facial for glowing skin?

" It is not recommended to do so as the ph level of each fruit is different and can cause irritation especially if you have acne prone or sensitive skin."

I am 25 years old will the facial or facial mask or clean up. can help for anti ageing?

" If you have an acne prone skin or currently on acne treatment with us we would advice you to avoid any facials as the usage of creams during facial massage can clog the pores and further increase acne, a basic clean up would be fine .Facials, masks or clean ups help mainly to cleanse the skin and remove the dead skin cells and clean pores or hydrate the skin but they do not help with anti ageing."

After the cleanup, I got acne is it normal or not?

" You can get new break outs sometimes post clean ups either because of over scrubbing or popping of an existing pimple so make sure when you get a clean up done inform the beautician to scrub the face gently and not to squeeze existing active pimples ."

Shehnaz facial is good for my skin or not?

" We do not recommend any particular brand of facial and if you are on acne regimen with us then kindly avoid any facials as this can clog your pores and cause new break outs.For users on treatment for skin concerns other than acne, facial can be done in a good parlour under clean and hygienic conditions and products can be chosen based on skin type."

How frequently is it necessary to get your face cleaned up?

" You can do a basic clean up once a month or once in 2 months ."

After facial, my face has become red, what can I do now?

" Do not apply any repair products on your face for the next 2-3 days, only use your face and sunscreen/moisturizer daily 2-3 times on your face. Do not use any make up on face.Always cover your face or carry an umbrella in case you need to go out in sun.If there is itching , irritation or any swelling immediately inform us on the chat and send pictures for further guidance and advice from your doctor."

After how many hours, I can wash my face after the basic clean up?

" The day you get your clean up done , you can wash you face at night with the face wash followed by a moisturizer and do not use the repair products that night."

Is fruit facial good for the skin along with the treatment.

" We do not advice any particular type or brand of facials and especially if you have an acne prone skin and on acne treatment kindly avoid facials. You can go for a basic clean up in a good parlour under good hygienic conditions ."

What is the benefits of clean up?

" -It keeps your skin free from dead skin cells, dirt, excess oil and sweat.-Ensures proper skin health and rejuvenation.-Helps loosen the pores of your skin, eliminate blackheads and reduce clogging of the skin pores.-Regardless of what your skin type is, deep cleaning hydrates your skin and keeps it soft and nourished.-Direct sunlight can darken your skin and also lead to pigmentation. A clean-up helps to reduce the tan ."

Can I apply ice after getting my facial or bleach?

" Kindly avoid bleach or facial while on treatment as it can irritate the skin and cause break outs, rashes or irritation . You can go for a basic clean up instead to unclog the pores and remove excess oil ,dirt and dead skin cells. Post clean up you dont need to apply any ice on face ."

Can we do facial within 15 days of treatment

" We advice you not to do any facial while on regimen as the creams or products used during facials can irritate the skin and cause rashes and break outs . Instead you can go for a basic clean up once a month to unclog pores and remove dead skin cells, excess oil and dirt."

What is the time span for the improvement if the user is on the following regimens?

gimen:The changes start to show after 5-6 weeks.For hair regimen:hair -8-12 weeksFacial hair:Facial hair is temporary and will show decrease in growth on application and reverse back once stopped will take around 4-6 months to start seeing growth control .Strech marks:Acute (recent with in 6 months ) stretch marks will take around 4-6 months to see the improvement on regular use of treatment and need to be used for 1 year minimumchronic ( older) will not show much of an improvement with just the topical treatment. may require other treatments like peels, lasers etc along with topical for improvement and may not completely get cured.

For “winter care regimen” how the follow-up should be done?

re few users who have bought "winter care regimen". For their follow-up we have to ask them these questions:1.If their skin is tight or they have itching.2. Ask about the dryness, are they able to manage that.3. Tell them to avoid taking frequent hot baths and once in a while they can take coconut oil massage to avoid excessive dryness.

Is there any product which help in reducing the black or white heads permanently.

" Unfortunately, there are no permanent solutions. With consistent treatment, they can definitely be treated and kept under good control."

Kindly suggest which clean up is best for normal,oily or dry skin.

" We suggest only a basic cleanup for all skin types. A gentle cleansing, mild exfoliation and a good soothing face mask can be suggesting for all skin types."

Do retinoids really reduce wrinkles?

" Yes retinoids help in reducing and slowing the signs of skin ageing like wrinkles and fine lines. It does this in two ways. First retinoids speed up the rate at which the skin cells turnover ,so the superficial layer of dead skin cells are removed off at a faster and more efficient pace for the new healthy skin to come to surface . Secondly as the skin ageing starts the production of collagen decreases and retinoids increases the collagen production in the dermal layer of skin at the same time also prevent the break down of the existing collagen ."

Can user tie wet hair?

" Wet hair is much more fragile than dry hair and is more prone to breakage and splitting.When wet, elasticity is at its max, so when we try to tie it up in a bun or braid it the hair is more prone to break. Therefore never tie wet hair."

Should the user always tie her hair or can they leave there hair free? does leaving there hair free cause hair damage?

" Tying the hair in the same way or very tight everyday can cause pulling, a receding hairline and breakage so try and style your hair differently more often. Take care to keep it comfortable and loose and yes you can leave it free once in a while .When you leave the hair loose do make sure to comb it gently with a wide toothed comb to detangle the strands before you go to bed and tie it up in a loose braid so that they dont get frizzy and tangled the next morning."

What is Photofacial? Can any user get that done when they are on the treatment also how good is it for skin/

smetic procedure that needs to be done under the supervision of a registered dermatologist.In this procedure a special type of light called intense pulsed light (IPL ) is used for skin rejuvenation - it stimulates the production of collagen and elastin fibres by causing micro injury in the layers of skin mainly epidermis and dermis and thus helps in anti ageing and skin tightening to some extent. The IPL also works on sebaceous glands and pigment cells of the skin and do help to some extent in acne control and dark spot reduction. All these changes do not happen in one session but require multiple sessions over several months to see the difference.The procedure needs to be done by a skin specialist else it can cause skin reactions and burns if not done correctly.

Can i do lazer treatment for my acne scars? While using this regimen.

" It is best to avoid any laser treatments or procedures while on regimen. Repair creams along with laser treatments can cause excessive exfoliation and irritation. Always inform your doctor prior to deciding on doing any procedures or treatments."

Will the regimen help to remove freckles.

" Freckles are usually deeper pigmentation and cannot be completely removed with creams."

What are the major reasons for getting deep pigmentation?

" There are various reasons which may cause pigmentation. Some common reasons include:-1) Sun exposure2) Inflammation3) Hormonal changes4) Systemic causes- eg. diabetes, addisons disease5) drug reactions"

Is melasma genetic/hereditary

" Melasma is a pigmentary skin condition commonly seen in women due to hormonal changes which is usually during or post pregnancy. This pigmentation gets darker and deeper with sun exposure and without adequate sun protection. Women using oral contraceptive pillls can also develop melasma.It can be genetic also in certain racial groups and mainly melasma in men is genetic /hereditary."

At what age melasma occurs?

" Melasma usually occurs commonly in women during their reproductive years. It can present in men or older women as well."

Will melasma completely reduce during the regimen duration?

" Not always. It would depend on the depth of the pigmentation and severity."

Does melasma happen only on face?

" Yes melasma occurs only on face and it can appear in three patterns commonly- centrofacial( forehead, cheeks, nose ,upper lip and chin) , malar( cheek and nose area) and rarely mandibular."

How to cure the melasma and pigmentation if there is too much of humidity in my place? will my regimen can help with my skin concern?

" Melasma depends on chronic sun exposure and hormonal changes. Your doctor can definitely help you with your concerns. Humidity does not have a direct effect on the pigmentation."

Will the sunscreen can help to reduce the pigmentation on exposed area(hands and legs) and how much time it takes to see the improvement?

" Depending on the type of pigmentation, Yes.With consistent use of your regimen as suggested by your dermatologist and adequate sun protection, pigmentation can definitely reduce. However, maintenance in these cases is just as important after treatment to maintain results and to avoid pigmentation from coming back again."

How long does it take to spread melasma?

" There is no specific time period for development of melasma. This condition is dependant on various factors like genetic, hormonal , pregnancy , hormonal pills etc and its mainly the depth of the melasma which determines its response to treatment and the modalities used to treat it. Melasma can epidermal, dermal or mixed type."

Do lasers work for melasma?

" Again, it depends on the depth and severity of the pigmentation and type of laser available. Very deep pigmentation may be difficult to treat with laser or topical treatments(creams)."

What SPF is recommended for melasma?

" Typically, SPF 30-50 would be recommended. However, reapplication of sunscreen every 2 or 3 hours if user is exposed to constant sunlight is highly recommended. Also, avoiding direct sun exposure even after applying sunscreen would be ideal."

Is it possible to prevent melasma?

" To an extent, Yes. Adequate sun protection and regular skin care can help in preventing melasma."

What are the possible cause for pigmentation?

" There are various reasons which may cause pigmentation. Some common reasons include:-1) Sun exposure2) Inflammation3) Hormonal changes4) Systemic causes- eg. diabetes, addisons disease5) drug reactions"

Are there any home remedies to control pigmentation?

" We do not recommend any home remedies as some may cause more harm than good and there is no available studies or data showing significant improvement with such remedies.Best advice would be adequate sun protection."

Is there any permanent solution to pigmentation?

" Unfortunately, no.Depending on depth, severity and cause of pigmentation, your dermatologist will guide you with a treatment regimen to help reduce the pigmentation as much as possible.However, even after good results have been achieved, maintenance is just as important. Our skin keeps changing as it is constantly exposed to internal factors such as aging, hormonal changes, stress and external factors such as sun exposure, pollution, etc.Maintaining your skin with the right products is always important to keep good results for long term."

Melasma comes during pregnancy?

" Melasma is a disorder of pigmentation occuring mainly due to hormonal fluctuations in the body and increased levels of progesterone, estrogen and MSH ( melanocyte stimulating hormone ) during pregnancy stimulates melanogenesis ."

Are there any oral supplements or tablets given for melasma?

" Yes, tranaxemic acid in the dose of 250 mg twice daily for 6 months is found to be a promising modality for the treatment of melasma with proven clinical trials. It is the only agent that acts by inhibiting UV light-induced melanocyte activation, hormone-induced melanocyte proliferation, VEGF vascular endothelial growth factor -induced neovascularization, and mast cell-induced basement membrane damage which are all the causes for melasma and so this molecule helps with reduction in melasma.Apart from it antioxidant tablets and Vitamin C supplements can be used as add ons to topical treatment for melasma."

Is it good to take laser treatment along with the topical medications?

" Melasma reduction and response to any form of treatment depends on the depth of the pigmentation. Melasma can be epidermal, dermal and mixed. The mixed and dermal melasma show mild to moderate response to topical treatments because the creams and serums act mainly at the epidermal level and cannot reach the pigmentation in deeper layers of the skin.Combining cosmetic procedures like LASERS and chemical peels with the topical treatment does give better results with dermal and mixed type of melasma but such procedures should be strictly done under the supervision of a trained dermatologist and the doctor should be aware of the topicals which the patient is applying."

How long does it takes to see the changes in the pigmentation, if we are on the treatment?

" Melasma response depends on the depth of the pigmentation which can be epidermal, dermal or mixed. Usually any type of melasma starts showing reduction within 6-8 weeks of starting the products.Also when melasma occurs in pregnant , breastfeeding women the response can be slower because of the continuous hormonal fluctuations .Epidermal melasma shows greater response to topical medicines whereas dermal and mixed type will show mild to moderate response and will require combined modalities like LASERS/ chemical peels for better results.Melasma even after reduction needs to be maintained long term with adequate sun protection and a skin lightening agent else can relapse or worsen again."

How can I take care of diet for skin if I am suffering from issues like diabeties, cholestrol etc

" Diet and lifestyle are very important parameters to check and correct if you are suffering from systemic diseases such as diabetes and high cholesterol. A low carb balanced diet is recommended."

In winters, we do not feel much thirsty, how can we take 2-3 ltrs of water a day?

" You should not just drink water when you are thirsty. Whether it is summer or winters, it is necessary to drink adequate amount of water daily to maintain your overall health."

how do i know which diet is right for me?

" A well balanced diet is always recommended."

What are the pros and cons of having non veg in diet, is it necessary to take non veg in diet?

" Having a well balance diet is always recommended.Non-veg diet pros - High protein content, iron, calcium contentNon-veg diet cons - Increased risk of heart disease, weight gain, digestive concerns."

I intake a lot of protein in my diet still my hairfall is more and hair strength is less, what could be the reason?

" There are various reasons which can contribute to increase hair fall or loss of hair strength. Some of them include vitamin deficiencies, iron deficiencies, stress, hormonal fluctuations, etc."

does taking fish oil pills to improve my skin tone

" Fish oil contains omega 3 fatty acids (DHA and EPA). According to recent studies, EPA has anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties which may help in preventing photo aging. Further studies are required to evaluate the same."

During treatment can i take whey proteins

" It is not advisable to take any supplements or treatments while on your regimen as it may interfere with the progress of your treatment. Certain studies have shown that whey protein can aggravate acne in some individuals."

What are the benefits for skin by taking multivitamin tablets

" In general, multivitamins have multiple benefits for skin and hair including hydration and rejuvenation. However, it is always recommended to get an advice from your physician or dermatologist prior to taking any supplements."

I am on the night shift so how can I schedule my diet plan?

" It will remain the same. Have a light breakfast before going to bed. Lunch as normal. Dinner can be the main meal of the day as you are working throughout the night."

I am vegetarian where I can’t eat meat and eggs in my diet plan is it good or not?

" Even if you are a vegetarian, you can incorporate protein rich foods in your daily routine such as soybeans, lentils, brown rice, spinach, etc."

I used to have ghee with chapati and rice is it good to continue with given diet?

" In moderation, Ghee has some benefits such as boosts energy and immune system. However, Ghee should be avoided in those who are obese or have underlying heart disease."

Can I have green tea every day in the evening along with the diet plan?

" Yes you may. Green tea contains antioxidant which is good for overall health and the health of your skin."

I have a habit of having too much green tea every day and is it good or bad? Will it help my skin to be healthier?

" Having too much of anything is not recommended. Try to have only one or 2 cups of green tea in a day. Having multiple cups will not give any additional benefits."

How can a pregnant user can take-up the diet?

" When you are pregnant, make sure to eat a well balanced and healthy diet not just for you but also for the health and development of your unborn baby. Everything in moderation would be recommended."

Do i need to count calories?

" You can and you may not also. If you do feel that you are taking more than required calories in a day, counting your calories intake will help you to monitor you food intake better. However, again it is not a necessity as long as you incorporate a well balanced diet with everything in moderation."

what and when should i eat around my workouts?

" That would depend when you usually do your workout. You may avoid heavy meals immediately before or after workouts. Make sure to drink lots of water and keep yourself hydrated."

will eating at night make me fat?

" It is best to avoid heavy meals for dinner to aid in better digestion. It is recommended also to have your dinner at least 2 hours before you go to bed."

how many times a day should i be eating?

" 3 meals a day can be recommended."

what type of food should i avoid?

" This would depend on your concern and medical condition.For acne- avoid oily/deep fried items, dairy, sweetsIt is best recommended to follow a low glycemic diet and high protein intake."

how much water should i drink every day?

" It is recommended to have about 2.5 litres every day.

I have been using Vitamin C Cream so is it also required to consume the tablet?

" Not necessarily but If your doctor has suggested so, it would be beneficial for your concerns."

Can i take multivitamin twice a day for earlier results

" No, never exceed the dose as suggested by your doctor. Eating more tablets a day will not give you early or faster results."

Glutothoine tablets will it give me brightening skin, is it benefical for my skin?

" Glutathione is an antioxidant naturally found in human cells that neutralizes free radicals, boosts the immune system and detoxify the body. It can also cause skin lightening by converting melanin to a lighter color and deactivating the enzyme tyrosinase, which helps produce the pigment."

Can I take this tablets for 1 year continuously?

" Always follow the recommendation and prescription as suggested by your dermatologist. You may not need to take it for so long."

Does taking multivitamins stop my periods

" No, multivitamins will not affect your menstrual cycles"

It says, that if you are taking vitamin tablets you have to consume more water, what if I am not in habbit of drinking more water?

" It is always recommended to stay hydrated which will not only benefit your skin and hair but also your overall health. We recommend drinking at least 2.5-3 litres of water a day."

What is the difference between GLO tablets and Vitamin C tablets? Can I just take GLO tablets for brightning instaed of taking both glo+vitamin c?

" Yes you may. However, it is recommended to take it along with vitamin C for better absorption and improved results. Follow the prescription as advised by your dermatologist."

can i take supplements on my own, without a doctor?

" It is not advisable to take supplements without the supervision of a physician."

Can we take the supplements during pregnancy.

" It is best to avoid any additional supplements during pregnancy apart from what the doctor has advised."

What does it mean to take medicine on an empty stomach.

" It means to take the medicine before eating food. (mostly at least half an hour before meal)"

Why must some medicines be taken with or after food?

" The reason for these instructions is to allow better absorption of the tablet and to improve its efficacy. Some tablets are not absorbed well after meal so are advised to be taken before meals. Some tablets are absorbed well along with food so they are advised to be taken along with your meals."

How long will take supplements to work?

" That would depend on the type of supplement. It is always best to follow the instructions of your doctor and to take the supplement for the duration suggested for good results."

What an alternative we can take instead of Tab Hhazi?

" It is not advisable to make this decision on your own. The doctor has suggested the tablet only after checking with your concerns. If you have an issue with the tablet, feel free to share it with your doctor who will be able to check and see if an alternative needs to be given or not."

if i don’t take medicine will it increase my risk of future disease?

" This would depend on your concern. Your doctor only prescribes a tablet for you if it is necessary and will treat your concern. If you do not take the tablet as advised, your concern may worsen and you may not be able to notice improvements."

How can I avoid oily products in day to day life as in our routine itself we make curries in oil?

" Use oil in moderation."

is alcohol safe to drink and how much can i have?

" We do not recommend drinking alcohol to any of our users."

should i take multivitamin?

" It is best not to decide this by yourself. Consult your physician and he/she will be able to check your concerns and advice if you are required to take multivitamins or not."

what is the best thing to eat before a workout?

" It is not advisable to eat anything heavy just before you workout. Drink adequate amount of water is very important."

Does consuming alcohol, cigarett or caffeine affects hair fall, if yes how?

" Yes, In various recent studies, smoking has been associated with increased hair fall. Link to the study for more details [] ( alcohol consumption (>4 drinks/week) and increased caffeine consumption has also showed increased hair thinning and increased hair fall. Link to study - [] ("

” Vitamins and anti antioxidants like Vitamin C and glutathione should be taken empty stomach for better absorption of the medicine. Other regular multivitamins like those given for hair , nail etc can be taken with meals.”

" Glutathione tablets need to be continued for atleast 6 months for adequate results and yes after stopping the medicines the effect of the same does fade away with time."

Do i need to take the multivitamins on empty stomach, is that mandatory?

" Vitamins and anti antioxidants like Vitamin C and glutathione should be taken empty stomach for better absorption of the medicine. Other regular multivitamins like those given for hair , nail etc can be taken with meals."

If i take Vitamin C tablets and along with that if I take vitamin C rich foods, will that affect me?

" No, you can safely take Vitamin C tablets and vitamin C rich foods but make sure you dont over consume Vitamin C rich food while you are on oral supplements as this can sometimes cause kidney stones."

Can I take antibiotics after lunch or is it advisable to take only after breakfast or dinner?

" Antibiotics can be taken at any time of the day but preferably with a meal to reduce the side effects of nausea, vomiting etc."

what are the side effects if any, if I take vitamin tablets for a longer duration without a break?

" There are no proven side effects of taking multivitamins for longer duration.Higher concentration of biotin found in hair supplements have been found in some studies to effect thyroid function test so if somebody is already on thyroid dysfunction treatment and during check ups the levels appear abnormal even after adequate medication they should stop the multivitamins for a atleast 2-3 weeks and re- check levels to see if that was the cause for the abnormal blood reports. Same for those who had normal thyroid levels and suddenly after starting multivitamins thyroid levels become abnormal inform the physician and stop the multivitamins and check levels again.Vitamin C in higher concentration can cause kidney stones so need to stop the tablets atleast for 1 month to restart again if required.Glutathione has not shown any proven side effects when consumed for long duration ."

What is the additional benefit of taking both Vitamin C tablets with GLO tablet? How does it make difference if I am just take Vitamin C tablet and dont take GLO tablets?

" It is recommends to take Vitamin C (500-1,000mg) ascorbic acid with Glutathione to maximise its lightening effect.Taking vitamin C supplements increases glutathione levels in white blood cells(WBC’s) in healthy adults.Vitamin C alone also helps with overall body and skin health, boosts the immune system and improve collagen synthesis in the skin.Glutathione is always advised with Vitamin C because Vitamin c helps in improving the absorption and concentration of same in the body and thus enhances the lightening effect of glutathione whereas Vitamin C tablets can be adviced even without glutathione."

While fasting can i take tab keratoderm

" Keratoderm should be preferably taken with meals as sometimes when taken on empty stomach can cause GI symptoms like abdominal discomfort, nausea , vomiting etc."

Difference between tab follihair and tab keratoderm

llihair content - Iron 8mg + Calcium Pantothenate 50mg + Niacinamide 50mg + Zinc 25mg Dimethionine 40mg + L-lysine 20mg + Biotin 10mg + Manganese 5mg + L-Cysteine 5mg + Copper 2mg + Selenium 50mcg.Keratoderm content - Vitamin c 40 mg, Niacinamide 15 mg, Biotin 10 mg, Vitamin E -5 mg,Calcium Pantothenate 150 mg, Calcium 100 mg, Magnesium 50 mg, Iron 14 mg, Zinc 10mg,Manganese 3.8 mg, Copper 1.7 mg, Selenium 40mcg, Soya Isoflavones 50mg(containing 40% Isoflavones) 20mg

Does multivitamin tablets causes constipation

" Vitamins in general won't cause constipation, but certain components, such as calcium and iron if taken in higher concentration can sometimes cause constipation."

I am breastfeeding mother, can i take Glo and vitamin C tablets together? Will it effect my baby?

" Though there are no proven side effect of vitamin C or glutathione during breastfeeding its better to avoid any unnecessary supplements while nursing the child.Instead of taking tablets , natural source of vitamin C and glutathione in the form of fruits and vegetables can be included in diet for overall skin health."

Can i take Fish oil tablets daily as supplement for longer time? Is it good or not?

" Fish oil supplements are rich in the good fats- OMEGA 3 and OMEGA 6 and are good for overall skin health , they can be taken for longer duration without any side effects."

Who needs multivitamins and supplements? Is there is any age limit?

"Multivitamins can be taken by anyone for overall body, skin , hair and nail health.For individuals with specific vitamin deficiencies like Vitamin D , B etc , corrective dosage is given depending on the severity of the deficiency.There is no age limit for multivitamin or supplements but in children and elderly they should be taken only when there is an indication and under close supervision of a doctor."

can i take along with my other medications?

" Multivitamins can be usually taken with medication for any other systemic or skin issue until and unless there is a known drug interaction between the two then it should be avoided."

My daughter is 12 years and she has too dull skin, can she also take Vitamin C tablets or GLO tablets?

" Its better to avoid unnecessary supplement and tablets in younger age up . Instead maintaining a healthy diet pattern - taking vitamin , mineral and antioxidant rich food items, drinking adequate water and maintaining a good sun protection will help to keep the skin healthy and reduce the dullness"

I am pregnant, can I take this vitamin C tablets?

" Avoid Vitamin C tablets during pregnancy ."

I have fatigue and dull skin after coming from my office and will glo or vitamin c or supplement tablets can help me with my dull skin and will strengthen my fatigue?

" Vitamin C and glutathione both are antioxidants and will help with overall skin and body health, boost the immune system as well as help with dullness, anti ageing and pigmentation of the skin. Jisha John Gomez (2019-12-06 10:21) Yes"

I have pcod and I am on acne scar regimen, Will glo and vitamin c or supplement can help me with my skin concern?

" Glutathione and vitamin C tablets are powerful antioxidants which help in overall skin and body health.Glutathione neutralizes free radicals, boosts the immune system and detoxifies the body. It can also cause skin lightening by converting melanin to a lighter color and deactivating the enzyme tyrosinase, which helps produce the pigment.Vitamin C provides a skin-rejuvenating effect by improving collagen synthesis in the skin that slows down with aging, as well as limiting skin damage from free radicals.It also helps in reducing Stress and fatigue.Vitamin C helps in collagen synthesis and as an adjuvant to the current scar treatment it does help the skin better. Glutathione will not help much with scar reduction but for overall post acne dark spots and pigmentation it can lighten the same and thus give the face a more even tone."

How different is Vitamin C tablets from any other brightening Creams?

" Skin lightening agents interfere with melanogenesis and reduces pigmentation. They inhibit the conversion of tyrosine to melanin.The skin lightening agents are mainly classified as plant and non plant extracts. Vitamin C ( ascorbic acid) is obtained from plant extracts and is a powerful antioxidant which inhibits melanocyte ( cells synthesising melanin) proliferation.It provides a skin-rejuvenating effect by improving collagen synthesis in the skin that slows down with aging, as well as limiting skin damage from free radicals.Its a powerful immune system boosters also.It also helps in reducing stress and fatigue.Thus apart from its skin lightening properties a Vitamin C supplement helps the body internally also by improving immunity and providing energy and making you feel more active in day to day life."

I would want to go for a laser treatment, how good is it?

" LASER treatment is a cosmetic dermatology procedure used for various skin concerns like hair reduction, acne , pigmentation, anti ageing etc.It depends on the indication for which you want to take the treatment and should always be done under guidance of a certified dermatologist ."

Is laser treatment permanent result for pigmentation

" LASER treatment for pigmentation helps in removing the pigment from the deeper layers on the skin ( mid dermal and dermal ) areas which does not go with creams alone. After reduction in the pigmentation skin maintenance with adequate sun protection and a mild skin lightening cream is important else even after LASER reduction the pigmentation can recur."

If I start laser treatment for pigmentation, should I do it life time

" The concerned dermatologist will assess the depth of your pigmentation and based on that decide on the type of LASER reduction and also the number of sessions required. During each follow up based on the clinical response your cosmetologist will advice further. Between the procedure sessions and after reduction also the skin does need to be maintained long term with adequate sun protection and steroid/hydroquinone free skin lightening cream."

Is Derma roll safe to use?

" Derma rolling is a form of micro-needling, involves using a mini wheel covered with hundreds of tiny needles to gently prick the face.The medical derma roller needles are 0.5-1.5 mm in length. During treatment, the needles pierce the stratum corneum and create microconduits (holes) without damaging the epidermis . Microneedling leads to the release of growth factors which stimulate the formation of new collagen (natural collagen) and elastin in the papillary dermis. In addition, new capillaries are formed-this neovascularisation and neocollagenesis following treatment leads to reduction of scars, wrinkles and also help in facial rejuvenation. It is safe when done under supervision of certified dermatologist."

Can dermarollers remove wrinkles, acne scars and other skin marks?

" The medical dermaroller needles are 0.5-1.5 mm in length. During treatment, the needles pierce the stratum corneum and create microconduits (holes) without damaging the epidermis. Microneedling leads to the release of growth factors which stimulate the formation of new collagen (natural collagen) and elastin in the papillary dermis. In addition, new capillaries are formed-this neovascularisation and neocollagenesis following treatment leads to reduction of acne scars , wrinkles, stretch marks and also helps in facial rejuvenation ."

Can I use derma roller for acne holes???

" Yes derma rollers can be used for acne scars reductions."

what is the difference between light and deep chemical peels?

" There are different types of chemical peels in the market. Light and deep peels basically imply the depth at which the peel is going to work.Lighter peels will help to exfoliate and treat superficial layers of the skin. This would be useful in cases of uneven skin tone or fine lines.Deeper peels will work on deeper layers of skin and would take a longer time to recover. Usually used for deep wrinkles or scars.These are not commonly used."

how can laser skin resurfacing improve my skin?

" Laser skin resurfacing removes skin layer by layer with precision. The new skin cell will be healthier and after healing will improve your skin to give you a tighter, younger looking surface.It can also be used to treat fine lines or shallow acne scars."

What is the best procedure for skin tightening?

" It would depend on the severity of the concern, region of the body and availability of the equipments.FDA cleared non- surgical skin tightening procedures include:-1) Ultrasound skin tightening - Ultherapy - best for brow, chin, neck and chest. Apt to treat early signs of aging of face and neck.2) Radiofrequency treatment - FDA cleared options can be used to treat face, neck, hands and body.3) IPl/RF combination treatment - heats deeper layers of skin to induce healing response and triggers collagen production."

How it is decided the number of sittings for a laser treatment or any chemical procedure?

" This would depend on the severity and depth of the concern. The more severe or deeper the concern, the more number of settings that may be needed."

How laser is effective for hair removal? Is that a permanent solution?

" Laser hair removal procedures only help in hair reduction. They work by heating the hair follicles to stop new hairs from growing. However, hair follicles eventually heal and new hair can come back. Thus, multiple sessions would be suggested along with maintenance."

Do we need doctor’s suggestion before doing any procedures?

" Yes, Always consult with your dermatologist prior to doing any procedures as some procedures and repair creams should not be used together."

How derma fillers effective for skin?

" Dermal fillers are used for smoothing fine lines, wrinkles, adding volume or fullness."

what is done in skin biopsy? Is that painful?

" During skin biopsy, your doctor will remove a sample of your skin to help diagnose your condition. Prior to the procedure, a small amount of anesthetic will be given to numb the area. Only the pinch of the anesthetic needle may be felt. The procedure is usually painless."

what are the do’s and dont’s to be taken after doing chemical peeling?

" Post chemical skin care would depend on the type of peel you have used. Common tips include:-1) To be gentle while applying anything on the skin2) Adequate sun protection and to apply sunscreen3) Avoid repair creams at least for a few days or as suggested by your dermatologist.4) Moisturise regularly.5) Avoid picking out the flaky skin6)Avoid exfoliation, use of harsh soaps or face washes at least for 1-2 weeks."

Which peel is best for skin lightening?

" There are many different types of peels that can help with skin lightening and reducing dark spots and pigmentation. Depending on the severity of your concern, your dermatologist will be able to suggest the right peel for you."

How long chemical peeling last?

" The duration of the procedure can last from 10 to 30 minutes."

Is chemical peel painful?

" It would depend on the strength of the chemical peel. Mild redness, stinging sensation or burning may be felt during the procedure."

Is skin resurfacing permanent?

" No. You can expect results to last for a few years if you have completed your treatment sessions. However, you may have to repeat the procedure later on."

What does skin rejuvenation do?

" Skin rejuvenation includes many different procedures done for different skin concerns to improve overall appearance. These include laser procedures, botox, fillers, microdermaabrasion, etc."

Whats are post care to be taken on my skin after skin procedures done.

" Common steps includes:-1) Be gentle on the skin and to avoid any harsh products for a while.2) Sun protection is also mandatory as skin would be more vulnerable to damage.3) Moisturise.Any additional steps would be advised to you by your doctor depending on the specific procedure done. Jisha John Gomez (2019-12-16 15:42) Post care steps will depend on the type of procedure you have undergone and will be advised to you by your dermatologist."

How can chemical peeling be different from derma roller treatment.

" Chemical peels are a type of chemical exfoliation whereas derma roller is a type of physical exfoliation. Both are procedures which cause controlled injury to the skin to promote healing and rejuvenation.During chemical peel, a thin layer of solution is applied on the skin to remove the top layers or skin. This helps in resurfacing the skin reduce fine lines, wrinkles or discolouration.Derma rollers help to puncture small superficial holes in the skin which trigger the healing process leading to rejuvenation and helps in reducing signs of aging and acne scarring."

Can i do Thermage for antiageing concern.

" Thermage is a non invasive RF therapy system that can help with treating wrinkles and fine lines.Yes, it can be considered for your anti aging concern, however, it is always recommended to discuss it with your dermatologist first as to which procedure would suit your skin type and skin needs."

Is derma roller good for skin or laser treatment for acne scars concerns?

" Both derma roller and LASER resurfacing help with acne scar reduction.Derma roller takes longer to show results and requires multiple session whereas LASER can reach upto greater depth of skin layers and requires lesser sessions to show the changes and results are better even for deeper scars ."

I have done the laser treatment for my face, can I use your regimen?

" Yes you can use the regimen after a LASER session.Post LASER session the skin is sensitive for the next 2-3 days and adequate sun protection and moisturization is required. So use only the face wash, sunscreen and moisturizer in your regimen and after 3 days you can start with the repair products given in your treatment plan. If there is no moisturizer in the regimen we can add the same for you.Also prior to LASER treatment stop all night repair products for 2-3 days and use only moisturizer and sunscreen so that at the time of procedure the skin does not get irritated or you dont develop any reaction post procedure."

Can i do Acne Blue Light Therapy, rather than trying topical chemical acne treatments.

" Blue light is effective in the treatment of inflammatory acne because it results in photo excitation of porphyrins within Propionibacterium acnes and this generates free radicals that are bactericidal to P. acnes. Blue light treatment also appears to have anti-inflammatory effects on keratinocytes.The blue light treatment is effective , gentle, and convenient treatment of inflammatory acne. The blue light device offers a valuable alternative to antibiotics and potentially irritating topical treatments and can also be used adjunctively to complement other therapies.Before going for any procedure its best to let your dermatologist assess your skin and then advice you based on the same."

Can I do laser treatment for my blackheads concern?

" Photopneumatic therapy: This treatment combines an intense pulsed light (IPL) with a gentle vacuum. It works by removing excess oil and dead skin cells from clogged pores. It is FDA-approved to treat blackheads, whiteheads, and some pimples. It cannot treat acne nodules or cysts."

Is it recommended to do microdermabrasion during acne regimen.

" During a microdermabrasion treatment, tiny crystals are sprayed across the skin and simultaneously vacuumed off. This process can irritate already inflamed acne, and leave it looking and feeling worse. Microdermabrasion can help improve mild acne breakouts and comedonal acne, it’s not the treatment of choice for inflammatory acne.So if you have active inflammatory acne on skin microdermabrasion is not recommended. Check with your dermatologist before going ahead with this procedure while you are on acne control treatment."

After the laser treatment if i go to sun exposure will effect my skin?

Yes, after laser treatment, it is advised to avoid direct sun exposure at least for the first few days as skin may be more vulnerable to damage by UV rays. Apply generous amount of sunscreen and avoid direct sun exposure.

I have Pcod, i have unwanted facial hair will the laser treatment can cure my concern?

" PCOD is one of the common reasons for excessive facial hair due to hormonal dysfunction.Laser hair reduction does help in slowing the growth of facial hair as well as reduces the thickness of the hair with repeated sessions.When there is an underlying hormonal disorder getting evaluated and treated for it first is important before going for LASER hair reduction as the response can be delayed , partial with higher chances of relapse or regrowth if PCOD is not treated."

After laser treatment will i get acne and due to acne will i get scar?

" Acne can be caused as a side effect of using certain ablative lasers if post laser care is not done correctly.Acne is a chronic condition and unfortunately there is no permanent cure for it. It would depend on certain factors such as genetics, hormonal changes, weather changes, pollution, stress, diet, etc. If acne is left untreated for long, it can develop into scars or marks. Early treatment is always advised."

What is the difference between an acne and comedone?

" Acne is a term used for any form of pimple which can be comedones, inflammatory, pustular or cystic in nature.Comedone refer specifically to whiteheads and blackheads. Open comedones are blackheads; black because of surface pigment (melanin).Closed comedones are whiteheads; the follicle is completely blocked"

Do I need to wash the water-bomb after applying it and then I have to apply the sunscreen?

" No you dont need to wash off water bomb hydration gel before applying the sunscreen.Water bomb hydration gel is a non comedogenic , non oily moisturiser and the sunscreen can be applied directly on top of it."

How to apply 2 shampoos together, do I need to mix both and then apply or one by one?

" When you have 2 shampoos like an antidandruff shampoo ( KZ lotion or Ketorex) and a regular hair cleansing shampoo first wash the hair with the regular shampoo. Apply it on wet hair , gentle massage so that it lathers well and then wash it off. After that take the anti dandruff shampoo , apply it on the scalp, massage , leave it on for 3-4 mins and then wash it off. Do not mix both the shampoos together.Always remember to use your conditioner post shampoo along the length of your hair strands."

I have so many pimples, and 1 -2 rice grain size of pimple is not sufficient for me, can I apply little more?

" Kindly use only the recommended amount of acne gel for your pimples.Using excess amount of acne gels can irritate the skin and cause more peeling, dryness, redness and sometimes the breakouts worsen too."

I have dark spots all over the face, so can I apply kojivit on full face or onky just 1-2 rice grian size only on dark spots?

" When you start any repair cream , it takes atleast 2-3 weeks for the skin to adjust to any skin care medicine. Using cream for dark spots all over the face during the initial period can cause irritation and dryness so always start with less quantity and only on affected area. Once the skin adjusts to the medicine you can start using it all over face which can be after 2 weeks or as per your doctor's advice during follow up ."

Can i take Gluthathione 1000mg during breast feeding

" No, glutathione should be avoid during breastfeeding."

I have the dead skin on my face that looks like dull skin due to climate change, will cleanup help to remove the dead skin.

" Yes a basic clean helps to unclog pores and removes dead skin cells, dirt, excess oil and tan."

Can i have fresh fruits in the night time instead of having roti and rice?

" You need to follow a balanced diet and based on your body weight and height you need to consume certain amount of calories daily. A dietician can help you with same to plan how much calories you must consume in a day. Keeping the dinner light is good for overall health and helps keeping your metabolism working well. So yes you can replace the chapati and rice in dinner with fresh fruits or salad but do make sure you are consuming the right amount of calories throughout the day to stay healthy."

Can I use hydrogen peroxide to clean the burn area?

" If the area is burnt and raw do not wash it with hydrogen peroxide as it will irritate the skin further, slow healing and worsen the condition. Wash with a gentle cleanser and water and seek advice from a dermatologist locally for further treatment."

what are the most important parts of a skincare routine?

" The 3 main parts of any skin care routine is :-1)Adequate cleansing twice a day with a face wash based on the skin type.2) Sun protection whether indoors or outdoors.3) Moisturization even if its an oily skin ."

can i mix skin care products from different companies?

" Using multiple products on face will expose you skin to more chemicals and this can irritate the skin and cause rashes, itching, allergies, breakouts and pigmentation. So always use products based on your skin type after the advice from your dermatologist."

how long does it take to know if a skin product is effective?

" It takes atleast 2-3 weeks for the skin to adjust to any new skin care routine or medicines and results take atleast take 4-6 weeks to be noticeable."

do expensive skincare products guarantee an effective skincare routine?

" Its not the cost but using the right medicine to address the skin issue based on the skin type and sensitivity which determines the efficacy of any medicine or treatment."

can Kojivit plus and kojivit ultra be used under eyes?

" Yes kojivit plus and ultra can be used for under eye darkness , however do confirm with the dermatologist before informing the same to the user."

Can I apply sunscreen at night, what will happen?

" Applying sunscreen at night will not cause harm unless you have active inflammatory acne. Sunscreens with added moisturiser will help to moisturise the skin and can help protect your skin from damage caused by other light sources."

I am using your product facewash, episoft, glyco6 and revise micro but my skin is very thin and its burning lil bit after applying your product. wat to do?

" Mild burning sensation or irritation can be felt especially when you start using any repair creams. Due to the active ingredients this can be expected. However, this irritation is temporary and goes away by itself once your skin has adjusted to the products. If the burning or tingling sensation is persistent, causing redness or peeling of the skin, kindly consult you doctor immediately."

Which are the food which can give natural gluthathione instead of taking supplements.

" These foods include vegetables such as avocados, spinach, okra, asparagus, brocolli, brussel sprouts, cabbage, potatoes and carrots. However, dietary glutathione is not always fully absorbed by the body."

Can i sure virgin coconut oil as hair oil instead of plain coconut oil.

" Yes you can."

I have frizzy and curly hair. Can I use 2-3 drops of coconut oil for my hair daily?

" While on regimen, it is not always advisable to use any such home remedies without consulting with your doctor. However, in general, you may apply just 1-2 drops at the ends of your hair if you feel your hair is too dry or frizzy."

How do i manage an oily complexion?

" With good and consistent skin care, you can make sure your skin is taken good care of."

when should i moisturize my face?

" It is best to moisturise your face immediately after washing it in the morning and once at night. If you are on a treatment regimen from your doctor, she would have already included it in your regimen considering your skin type and concerns."

what is the best way to handle sensitive skin?

Sensitive skin can be difficult to handle if you are not sure what skin care products to use on a daily basis. Consult your doctor who will be able to help you better with your concerns. In general, a gentle cleanser, good moisturiser and suitable sunscreen would be included depending on your skin needs. Avoid use of toners, astringents, or harsh scrubs.

can diet really affect acne?

This has been controversial as evidence for the same have suggested varied results. However a link between high glycemic foods and dairy products have been suggested.

Can I do clean up twice a month to remove whiteheads and blackheads? I have more whiteheads and blackheads.

You can do a basic clean up once a month and that's enough to cleanse and unclog the pores. Too frequent clean ups which involve scrubbing as a part of the procedure can irritate the skin and cause more breakouts.

Curesk+n Cleansing Gel Facewash can be replaced for which face wash that user was using

It is similar to aha glow face wash contents. Our cleansing gel facewash can be suggested to those user who were previously using aha glow rejuvenating face wash.

Curesk+n Gentle Cleanse Facewash can be replaced for which face wash that user was using

Our gentle cleanse face wash can be suggested to those user who were using fash foam or fash x face washes earlier.

Curesk+n Deep Cleanse Facewash can be replaced for which face wash that user was using

Our deep cleanse face wash can be suggested to those users who have used Fash OS or Ahaglow-S face washes earlier.

can the face wash that was suggested by us be used life time or is it useful only for some skin concerns

It would depend from individual to individual and also on their present concerns. This would need to be discussed with the doctor.

Can I gift these face wash to my sister?

Our doctors suggest a regimen only after checking with your skin type and photos. It is not advisable to share your products with any other family member without checking with your doctor as what suits your skin needs might not suit theirs.

I was using green gram powder instead of face wash until my 10th Std is it advisable for me to switch to cure skin face wash.

Yes, your doctor will suggest products only after checking with your concerns and photos.

Does cure skin face wash has a rejuvenating effect on skin

The cureskin cleansing gel has a rejuvenating effect on the skin.

Is it safe to use the cure skin face wash for the children below 5 years.

No do not use cureskin face wash below 5 years of age. There are different face washes which can be suggested for children and kindly discuss the same with the concerned dermatologist.

Can i use cure skin face wash for a longer time.

Yes cureskin face wash is safe and gentle on the skin and specially designed to adequately cleanse the skin based on the skin type , so it can be used long term for overall maintenance of your skin.

Is it safe to use the cure skin face wash when i chickenpox at the healing stage

Yes you can use the cureskin gentle cleansing face wash when you have healing chicken pox scabs.

How do I pick the right face wash ?

Selecting the right face wash for your skin type is very important. After checking your photos and concerns, your doctor will suggest the right face wash for you.

Can i suggest CureSkin facewash who is not in regimen?

Your regimen was made specifically for you. It is personalised for your skin concerns and skin type. Sharing the products with other is not recommended. If they wish to get a personalised regimen, you may suggest them to download the app in their mobile and follow the instructions.

I can use two different face wash on same day?

It is always advisable to follow the instructions and advise as suggested by your doctor. Using other products along with the regimen will interfere with your treatment progress

I have inflammatory acne after the facewash the pimples are oozing out and bleeding too?

Do not panic if your pimples are oozing or bleeding by itself. Make sure to wash your face gently and follow the regimen. To stop the bleeding, you may use a clean soft facial tissue and put pressure on the area for a few minutes. Do not pinch or burst your pimples as this will lead to more infection and scarring.

I have acne will the facewash works on it?

Your doctor has suggested your face wash and creams only after checking your photos and skin concerns. You may safely use the products as the doctor has advised.

Is there a right way to use face wash?

Take the advised quantity of face wash on your hands, lather them, and gently massage on your face for few seconds. Wash well with water and pat dry gently with a soft facial towel.

can two different face wash be used at a same type?

It is not advisable to use any other face wash or products while on regimen. Depending on your skin concerns and skin type, your doctor has suggested your personalised regimen. Make sure to use them as advised for good results.
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