Frequently Asked Questions

Find answers to all your questions regarding Cureskin app, products, services and more

01. About Cureskin

02. About Dermatologists

Once you upload your photos on the Cureskin app:

  1. The smart AI technology analyses your skin/hair health and detects concerns like acne, dark circles, pigmentation, scars, hair fall, and dandruff. It even detects the concerns invisible to the naked eye.
  2. Our dermatologist looks at your AI photo report to understand your skin and hair condition.
  3. The dermatologist then curates a regimen, specifically meant for your skin or hair needs.
  4. Dermatologist uses your photo as a reference for not only accurate diagnosis, but also to monitor timely improvement during the regimen.

Thus, in just a few quick steps, Cureskin treats your skin and hair concerns.

Cureskin treats every skin and hair problem that can be corrected with right active ingredients, prescription creams, medicated ointments, oral medications, and lifestyle changes. However, we do not treat conditions that require surgical intervention or cosmetic procedures.

Also, we provide regimens only for the customers who are of the age 14 years and above.

The head office of Cureskin is in Bengaluru, Karnataka.

No, Cureskin is an entirely online platform. No personal clinic visits are required.

Your skin and hair are different from others, and so are their concerns. Trying to cure them with normal skin or hair care products can aggravate the problem further. Instead, do the smart thing and get the advice of a dermatologist for free at Cureskin app.

Yes, Cureskin doctors are expert skin and hair specialists, certified by the Indian Association of Dermatologists (IADVL). They have superior medical knowledge and proven experience in treating a range of skin and hair conditions. Lakhs of people have already gotten great results with the correct guidance of these dermatologists.

Yes. After you respond to all the questions, your replies and photos get sent to your assigned Cureskin dermatologist. That dermatologist then analyses your condition and prepares a regimen for you. In case of detailed regimen instructions, the dermatologist also sends a voice note to resolve any queries. Moreover, our team of skin advisors remains available on the chat all seven days of the week between 10 am to 7 pm.

Once you start your skin or hair regimen, Cureskin dermatologists help you track your progress with complimentary monthly checkups. These checkups help you and the dermatologist analyse the improvement and avoid relapse.

The dermatologists at Cureskin use your photos to analyze and treat your skin and hair concerns. According to your given photos and details, they prepare the correct regimen to suit your skin and hair needs.

Rest assured, in the Cureskin app your photos remain completely safe and confidential. None of these photos are used or circulated without your consent.

03. About Your Photos

Yes, your photos are kept 100% safe and confidential. It is solely for the dermatologist to analyze and assess your skin/hair conditions and track your progress. Your photos and information won't be shared with anyone other than your assigned dermatologist.

Yes. Your assigned Cureskin dermatologist needs to see your photos to understand, diagnose, and cure your concerns. This way, they can recommend the correct regimen course that suits your unique needs.

No, they won't be shared with anyone or anywhere else. Your photos will be referred to only by the Cureskin dermatologist to provide you with the correct regimen.

04. About My Regimen

Cureskin regimen is a treatment plan curated by a dermatologist for your skin or hair type and concern, after carefully analyzing your photos and details. This treatment plan includes:

  1. Dermatologist-verified customised regimen kit along with step-by-step instructions to use them.
  2. Regular checkup sessions with a dedicated dermatologist to ensure you've met results.
  3. Diet and lifestyle guidance personalised for you by the expert.
  4. 10 AM to 7 PM call support from your skin/hair advisor to solve any concerns.

Cureskin dermatologists have varied experience in curing skin and hair problems of people from all over India. They see your skin or hair condition and recommend different compositions with assured quality. Moreover, routine checkups ensure you get the desired results.

No, we offer emergency call consultation only if you're already on the Cureskin regimen.

Answering a few questions about your medical history and uploading clear photos on the app helps our dermatologists give an accurate diagnosis of your skin/hair concern and provide you with an efficient regimen to treat the same. Just the same way if you had met them personally.

Skin clinic visits can be both time-consuming and expensive. Instead, Cureskin is a smart way to get a consultation from the comfort of your home.

Yes. To understand your regimen better, you can speak with our advisor at 08046809361. Call them any day between 10 am to 7 pm.

Yes. Even if you don’t have any particular skin or hair problem, you can always get your own personalized skin/haircare regimen that suits you best to maintain healthy skin and hair.

The treatment kit is customised according to your concern and the concerned area (i.e. Skin or Hair). Based on the diagnosis, your usual Cureskin skin regimen kit includes a combination of the following 4 products:

  1. Cleansing Agent: Cleans your skin gently.
  2. Sun Protection Cream: Helps avoid sun damage.
  3. Repair Product: Helps fix your skin concerns.
  4. Hydrant: Keeps your skin moisturized.

Whereas, a typical Cureskin hair regimen kit contains the combination of the below-given 3 products:

  1. Cureskin Shampoo: Cleanses your hair gently.
  2. Repairing Conditioner: Protects moisture in your hair.
  3. Cureskin Serum: To repair your hair concern.

Please note that your treatment kit may or may not contain all of the above products. Your dermatologist will add just the right type of product to your regimen after reviewing your skin/hair. Your overall regimen will also include FREE monthly checkups with the team of your assigned doctor to review the progress and customise the regimen accordingly.

Your regimen plan is curated by one of the Cureskin dermatologists only after carefully analyzing your skin/hair concerns. They also conduct regular monthly checkups to check on your progress. However, if you still wish to consult your dermatologist, kindly communicate the same to your Cureskin skin advisor by contacting them at 080-468-09361 (10 AM to 7 PM). Your assigned dermatologist will then get in touch with you through the app on priority.

Your regimen plan is carefully curated by a dermatologist to ensure 100% noticeable improvements. If you have not observed any positive difference after following your regimen as instructed, worry not! Our dermatologists will do regular checkups on your case to modify your regimen accordingly. Start following your upgraded regimen to see improvements. Good things need time and patience.

Once your concerns fade away, your assigned dermatologist suggests a maintenance routine to ensure that your skin/hair remains healthy.

Once you receive your customized regimen, you will also be getting complimentary monthly checkups. These routine checkups are conducted by the team of Cureskin dermatologists, who will compare your old and new photos and suggest regimen changes if sufficient improvement isn't observed. Also, your assigned dermatologists will address your additional concerns.

If you have queries regarding your regimen, you can speak to your Cureskin advisor on 08046809361 (10 AM to 7 PM).

Skin is a step-by-step process. After checking your photos and concerns, your assigned dermatologist will treat the most severe concern first. Once the primary concern gets solved, the dermatologist will guide you with the treatment of your next problem until you're left with no concerns at all. For hair concerns, your doctor will suggest a separate treatment regimen, if needed.

05. About My Products

Yes! All Cureskin products that come along with your regimen kit are verified and advised by a Cureskin dermatologist, after carefully analysing your specific concerns.

An expert dermatologist picks just the right products and prepares a regimen for you after understanding and analysing your concerns. Regimen products are 100% safe if used as per given instructions, paraben-free, contain clinically-tested ingredients, and are approved by dermatologists. Lakhs of men and women have got great results after using our dermatologist-recommended products.

It is advised to buy prescribed products from Cureskin for the best results. The reason being:

  1. Cureskin products come with the guarantee of expert dermatologists.
  2. You can avoid allergy risks caused due to the usage of the wrong skin or hair products.
  3. It also helps your assigned dermatologist track your skin and hair improvement.
  4. In case of any doubt or concern, you can contact the Cureskin advisor any day.

Yes! If you wish to speak with a Cureskin advisor, you can call us at 08046809361 (10 AM to 7 PM).

If used as advised, products in your regimen will last for up to 3 months. You can choose to reorder them anytime on the app.

After placing the order, you will receive the products within 5-6 working days.

You may reorder them anytime on the app and we will home-deliver them for you. Once your concern is treated, your dermatologist will also suggest a maintenance regimen for you to help you maintain the results.

Absolutely not! An expert dermatologist curates your regimen to suit your unique needs. It has zero side effects if used as advised.100% safety is our guarantee.

No, you will have to get the full kit. All the hand-picked products in your kit work together to increase effectiveness and ensure visible results.