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Frequently asked questions

answer to all the usual questions about the CureSkin app and company

I am unwell, should I continue my treatment?

Stop all your treatment immediately if you've fallen sick!

Contact our Customer Support immediately and fix an appointment with your dermatologist to further explain your concern. Our customer support will escalate your concern to your assigned dermatologist who will then revise your regimen accordingly.

I am pregnant, can I take/continue the treatment?

Pause your regimen immediately! Inform Skin Advisors about your situation on chat. Wait for your Dermatologist to make necessary changes to your treatment plan.

Note: It is always better to discuss with your doctor about your pregnancy planning to get a safe treatment that can be used even during your pregnancy period.

What if I face adverse reaction to the treatment?

CureSkin Hair and Skin Products are 100% safe if used under the guidance of your Dermatologist.

But, if you have faced an allergic reaction or noticed a side effect after starting your treatment, pause your treatment immediately and inform your Skin Advisor about your concerns on chat. Upload clear photos of the affected area, your Dermatologist will make necessary changes to your treatment plan and guide you.

Can I talk to the dermatologist?

You can chat with your skin advisor anyday, anytime between 9 AM to 12AM and discuss about your skin and hair concerns. Depending on your concern, your Dermatologist will get in touch with you within 24 hours.

For other queries, call our customer support between 9AM - 7PM, Monday through Saturday.

What after my treatment ends?

Once your concern gets solved, your dermatologist will suggest a maintenance routine with certain products ensuring that your skin/hair remains healthy for the long term as well.

Can I buy the prescribed products from outside?

It is advised to buy prescribed products from CureSkin for best results.

✔ CureSkin Products comes with the guarantee of expert Dermatologists.
✔ You can avoid allergy risks caused due to the usage of wrong skin products.

It helps your Dermatologist to track your skin improvement efficiently.

What will my treatment kit include?

A typical CureSkin Skin Kit contains a combination of 4 products:

1. Cleansing Agent: Helps clean your skin gently.
2. Sun Protection Cream: Helps avoid sun damage.
3. Repair Product: Helps fix your skin concerns.
4. Hydrant: Helps keep your skin moisturised.

A typical CureSkin Hair Kit contains a combination of 3 products:

1. CureSkin Shampoo: Helps clean your hair gently.
2. Repairing Conditioner: Protects moisture in your hair
3. CureSkin Serum: To fix your hair concern.

Note: Your treatment kit may/may not contain all of the above products. Your dermatologist will add just the right type of product to your regimen after reviewing your skin and hair.

How do I get treatment for more than 1 skin condition?

Skin cure is a step-by-step process.

CureSkin treats one skin issue at a time. Your doctor on CureSkin will treat your different concern one step at a time. Once your most serious skin issue gets sorted, the regimen will be updated by your Dermatologist during follow-up to solve your next concern.

Can I consult Dermatologist regarding my treatment plan?

Your treatment plan is carefully curated by one of our Dermatologist after analysing your skin/hair concerns to ensure good improvement. Regular follow-ups are done by the same Dermatologist to check if you've met progress. Despite this, if you wish to consult your Dermatologist, inform your skin advisor about it, and the Dermatologist will get in touch with you through the App on priority.

I don’t have any serious skin or hair issues yet, can I still go for the treatment?

Yes, even if you don’t have a particular skin or hair problem, you can get a personalised hair / skin care regimen that suits your skin type to maintain a healthy skin and hair.

How many days does it take for my order to get delivered?

It takes around 4-5 days for your order to get delivered.

I haven’t received my order yet, what should I do?

Your order will be delivered anywhere between 2-4 days once the order is placed.

However, deliveries can delay in case of a lockdown situation, natural calamities, transportation barriers. If you haven't received your order on time, please call our customer support for guidance.

What if I don’t see any results?

Your treatment plan is carefully curated by a Dermatologist to ensure 100% noticeable improvements. If you have not observed any positive difference after following your regimen as instructed, worry not! Our Dermatologists will regularly follow-up on your case to modify your regimen accordingly. Start following your upgraded regimen to see improvements. Good things need time and patience.

Can I pay by cash?

Yes, we accept Cash on Delivery (COD).

How should I look in my photo?

Please take a photo of your face with no makeup, no skin care products on it! It should just be your face, simple and clean. Also, ensure sufficient lighting.

Can I upload my selfie?

No, clarity and focus on selfies can vary. Take photos from your back camera to help our doctors to see your skin concerns clearly and provide you with just the right treatment.

Will my photos be shared on the internet or with anyone else?

No, it won't be! You photos will be viewed only by CureSkin Dermatologist to provide you the right treatment.

Do I have to upload photos of my condition?

Yes, CureSkin Dermatologist needds to see your photos to understand, diagnose and treat your conditions with just the right treatment kit that suit your unique needs.

Is it safe to upload my pictures on the CureSkin App?

Yes, your photos are kept 100% safe & confidential. It is solely for the doctor to analyse and assess your skin/hair conditions and to track your progress with the treatment.

It won't be shared with anyone other than your Dermatologist. This is our Guarantee!

Will my information be shared with anyone else?

No, it won't be! Your photos and personal details are privacy protected on CureSkin App.

Your personal information is to help our Dermatologists assess and curate the right treatment plan for your unique needs and is kept 100% confidential.

Why do you require my details?

Your medical history and other details help our Dermatologist to prepare a customized treatment plan that suit your unique needs accurately.

What skin conditions do you not treat?

CureSkin does not treat conditions that require surgical intervention or cosmetic procedures.

Also, we are not providing treatments to people who are:
Less than 2 or greater than 65 years of age.

What skin conditions do you treat?

CureSkin treats all your skin and hair problems, which can be solved by the usage of oral medications, medicated ointments and prescription creams.

Why choose CureSkin?

With CureSkin App, you can easily get the dermatologist-driven skin & hair care.

6 Reasons To Choose CureSkin:

✔ A personalized approach to skin and hair care to help you get the results that you want.
✔ Our Dermatologist-given customized products address skin concerns that a mass-produced over-the-counter product cannot.
✔ You can easily avoid allergy risks caused due to the usage of wrong products on your skin while trying to resolve simple skin problems.
✔ You will have a sense of assurance knowing that something was made specifically for you by Dermatologists.
✔ To ensure the BEST care possible, a dedicated Dermatologist regularly follow-ups with you and provides constant guidance through the app during your treatment plan.

How can the Dermatologist suggest treatment without seeing me in person?

Answering a few questions on your medical history and uploading clear photos on the App will help our Dermatologists in accurate diagnosis and to provide you with efficient treatment just as you would if you had met them personally.

Skin clinic visits can often be time consuming and expensive. Choose the smarter way instead!

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Who are the Dermatologists working with CureSkin?

We work with skin experts, dermatologists who we trust to provide you with the best skin and hair care solution. Our doctors have superior medical knowledge, proven experience in treating a range of skin, hair and nail conditions. Having a specialization in Dermatology, they have a passion for treating a range of skin and hair conditions efficiently.

See who works with us - Our Doctors

How does CureSkin treat my skin with just a photo?

Once you upload your photo on CureSkin App,

1. Our smart AI detects your skin's health, skin conditions like acne, dark circles, pigmentations, scars, etc. even the ones invisible to naked eyes.
2. Our Dermatologist looks at your AI photo report to understand and visualise your skin/hair conditions.
3. The Dermatologist will curate a treatment regimen, specifically for your skin type and needs.
4. Your photo will be used as a reference by our Dermatologist, not just for accurate diagnosis but to monitor timely improvements during your treatment plan.

In just a few quick steps, you’re on the road towards your healthiest skin ever!

What does CureSkin App do?

With just your photo, AI-powered Cureskin App home delivers you customised treatment kit curated by Expert Dermatologists after carefully analysing skin type and conditions. Regular follow-ups & constant guidance provided by Dermatologists through the App during your treatment plan ensures good improvement in your concerns