5 Signs You’re Using Right Skin Care Products!

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Skin care is a massive industry with something new happening every day. There’s always some new ingredient, product, promise or medical jargon floating around. All of this, at some point, can turn out to be an overwhelming experience. It becomes challenging to understand which product is worth your money and which could be worthless. You may not be a dermatologist, but there are a few things that can act as a guide to help you understand if you are using the right skin care products or not. 


Your Skin Appears Even Toned 

You could be any skin colour but what matters is the evenness. In other words, healthy skin has a consistent colour. It does not matter if you are fair, dusky, or dark; the evenness of skin tone is what makes you look attractive. 


Your Skin is Well Hydrated

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Your skin bounces back as you press and release it. Hence, the products you’re using must be a good hydrant, if not anything else. As the water you drink goes mostly to your inner organs first before reaching your skin, a cream or any other product that moisturizes your skin should be your first choice. If your skin care products are drying up your face, replace it with a milder one.


There are No Acne, Bumps, Wrinkles or Scars on Your Skin

Your skin is uniform; it looks smooth and feels soft to touch. If you have acne, white/blackheads, or tiny bumps, your skin pores are probably clogged, and you need to clean them using the right skin care products. If your skin is photodamaged due to exposure to the sun, ageing signs including wrinkles, can appear sooner.


Your Have a Glowing Skin

Healthy skin has closed pores. When light hits healthy skin, it gets reflected. Hence, a person looking at you sees your skin shine and glow.


Healthy Skin Appears & Feels Normal

No weird sensations like stretching, burning, or itching are present in your skin, which indicates that you have healthy skin. In contrast, any of the signs mentioned above on a skin depict that there’s something wrong. 

Facts That Can be Useful in the Journey of Attaining Healthy Skin

Know Your Skin Type

You can get the best products, but they may never work for you if they aren’t for your skin type. The first step towards glowing and healthy skin begins with knowing your skin type. In case you are unsure about your skin type, talk to a dermatologist. It is easier to buy products once you are aware of the kind of skin you have. 

Don’t Fall For Marketing Gimmicks

These days you could suddenly be hearing about a product/ingredient a little too much. You could also get tempted by reading about it as a must-have or the packaging. Marketing wizards have several tricks up their sleeves to attract customers. However, do not fall into the trap; instead, look for the ingredient list. You can always take help from your dermatologist. Some of the ingredients to look out for are glycerine, tocopherol (vitamin E), retinol and L-Ascorbic acid (vitamin C). 

Always Go For a Patch Test

It’s a great way to get rid of products that may not be suitable for you. Those that aren’t ideal for your skin will cause allergies, irritation, redness etc. If you notice any of these or something unusual, it’s better to discard those products. Testing products help protect your skin and makes it easier to achieve healthy skin. 

Products or Life – Right Choices Make the Difference

If the five signs mentioned above define you, that’s great. However, if you feel you haven’t reached that point, no worries. Sooner or later, you will be able to attain healthy skin. The hardest thing is to maintain patience, but great things come out of patience too. Beautiful and healthy skin is undoubtedly a possibility if you’re not using the wrong skin care products. Hence, choose your skin care products wisely!


1. What are the signs of unhealthy skin?

Some of the signs that indicate unhealthy skin are dryness, dullness, uneven skin tone and poor skin texture. 

2. How to know if your products are actually working?

If you are using the right products, your skin will showcase all signs of healthy skin. You can go through the blog to learn how your skin might appear when using suitable products for your skin type. 

3. How long do skin care products take to work or show results?

It depends on the specific product as well as your skin condition. Some products take time to work, whereas some may show results quickly. 

4. Is it crucial to use skin care products? 

Regardless of your age, skin care is essential for everyone. It helps protect and nourish your skin. However, you would need skin care products to perform the various steps of the skin care routine. Remember that your focus should be on using the right skin care products rather than any particular product if you wish to get maximum benefit. 

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