Dusky Skin: Some Essential Skincare Tips


With changing times, the idea of beauty has evolved as well. People are warming up to the concept that every skin colour is beautiful. The aim is to gradually get away from the fair skin obsession and celebrate how nature has created us. In this blog, we will discuss how people with dusky skin should care for their skin and some essential points to keep in mind.  


#Tip 1

Dusky Skin Too Needs a Sunscreen

You may relate to the fact that those with dusky skin often tend to skip using sunscreen. It is a common misconception that dusky people do not need to apply sunscreen. Regardless of your skin tone, everyone needs sunscreen to protect their skin from harmful sun rays.

#Tip 2

Choose a Gentle Cleanser for Dusky Skin

You can use a gentle cleanser that does not clog your pores. If your schedule requires you to apply makeup, do not forget to remove it. Even if you are exhausted, do not sleep with makeup. Try using products like a cleansing milk, micellar water or a gentle cleansing oil formula.

#Tip 3

Moisturise Daily

It may seem easy to skip using a moisturiser but don’t do that. It is vital to moisturise your skin every day. Choose a moisturiser that’s suitable for your skin. It should be light, absorb quickly and offer hydration throughout the day.

#Tip 4

Be Careful With Exfoliants If You Have Dusky Skin

Those with dusky skin should be careful while using an exfoliant. Don’t go overboard and harm your skin. Even minor injuries on our skin can trigger pigmentation in the area. Select an exfoliant that’s gentle, nourishing, and capable of eliminating dead skin cells and unwanted build-up.

#Tip 5

Dark Spots Are Common in People With Dusky Skin Tone

Those with a dusky skin tone are more prone to experience dark spots, hyperpigmentation and skin discolouration. Though, it can affect people with other skin tones as well. Using sunscreen regularly can prevent new patches of hyperpigmentation, but it doesn’t work for already existing dark spots. Certain products containing vitamin C, Vitamin E, niacinamide, and kojic acid can help effectively treat these issues.  

Important Facts to Remember for Dusky Skin

  • Hydroquinone and kojic acid can cause skin irritation due to overuse.
  • Avoid using it for an extended period and take a break after using it for three months continuously.
  • Always talk to a dermatologist before using these products to ensure your safety as well as get the right treatment. 

#Tip 6

A Healthy & Balanced Diet

A balanced diet with all the required nutrients helps make your skin appear soft, smooth and glowing. You can include food items like whole grains, fresh fruits, vegetables, nuts, fish, eggs and olive oil. Avoid consuming food that’s processed or has a lot of sugar. You can also try to quit or limit your alcohol intake. For those with eczema or acne, consult with a doctor to check if any food items can worsen the condition.

#Tip 7

Do Not Use Skin Lightening or Brightening Products

You may feel tempted to use these products, but they are primarily marketing gimmicks. There is no way you can change your skin tone. These products, rather than doing good, can damage your skin. Do not fall into the ‘fair is beautiful’ trap. Try to stay away from these products and love yourself the way you are.

#Bonus Tip

Forget All the Limitations

Irrespective of your skin tone, you can have healthy skin only when you are away from all kinds of negativity and limitations set up by society. When you are happy, it shows on your skin. Society may come up with its own rules and notions, but you should follow your heart. Wear colours that you like, choose a bright lip shade and go with your gut instinct. Some of the colours and things accentuate your skin tone, and you can surely try them. However, do not be scared to experiment if you ever feel like it. The kind of glow that comes from within, no cream or skincare regime can offer that. 

Summing Up

A good skincare routine, exercise, diet can make your skin smooth, clear and healthy. In case you have dark spots or hyperpigmentation, it is best to consult a dermatologist. Always use sunscreen to prevent damaging your skin. Most importantly, be proud of your skin tone and yourself. Your skin colour doesn’t determine your worth; several other things define who you are.


  1. Which skin tone is the most attractive?

Every skin tone is attractive; it’s all about the way you see it. There’s nothing like a particular skin colour is the most stunning and the best. 

  1. Can dusky skin be made to look fair?

There is no way you can change your skin tone.

  1. How to make dusky skin look beautiful?

Any skin tone can look beautiful when it’s healthy. Focus on your diet, exercise, sleep, active lifestyle, and a good skincare regime to make your skin look gorgeous.  



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