Acne, Dark Spots and More; Find What’s Wrong With Your Skin

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Does skin care feel like a never-ending experiment with lots of trials and errors? Skin care can be difficult if you have not understood your skin well.  Many skin products and treatments could benefit your skin, but unless you know which ones are the most appropriate for your skin, you may never see good results.

Getting your skin analysis should be the 1st step in any skincare routine. Every skin is unique and the best way to determine your skin type and conditions is to get a professional skin analysis done.

Try Smart Skin Test on CureSkin App, the AI skin expert that detects and analyses your skin issues (Dark spots, Acne, Dark Circles, fine lines etc) accurately.

It further provides the most scientific and professional solution curated by Dermatologists for your skin type and conditions. The result? Healthier skin!

Diagnose your skin health in just one camera click. 

Transform Your Skin With Just 1 Photo

Use your phone’s camera to take a picture of your face concern & CureSkin quickly analyzes your photo to provide you a complete skin report and information on what to do next, all while protecting your privacy.

How Does It Work?

  • Step 1: Once you log in to CureSkin App, Select your Skin Goal.
    There are many skin goals to choose from, and you can select the one you like to solve first.
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  • Step 2: Answer a few questions.
    Answering a few questions on your lifestyle and medical history will help your Dermatologist to understand your skin better and suggest a targeted and effective solution.
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  • Step 3: Take a photo of your face from your back camera.
    Pull back your hair, find a good lighting setting and take a photo from the right distance without makeup/cosmetic on for accurate results.
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  • Step 4: Get your skin report.
    The App will then show you the picture it just took of you with lots of little graphics to show you where all of your skin imperfections are. Your face will be marked for common skin concerns including comedones, inflammatory pimples, dark spots, melasma, open pores, dark circles, scars, etc
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  • Step 5: Order your skin regimen given by Dermatologist.
    The skin report will play into what skin care kit the Dermatologist will recommend you to buy. Once you place the order, your personal dermatologist will review your regimen kit for its correctness by looking at your skin analysis report and considering your skin goals.

    Following the recommended skin care regimen as advised helps reverse your skin problems most effectively and safely.
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95% of Women Agreed That The Skin Care Regimen
Recommended Worked For Them! 

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Skin Analysis Helps You

✔ Understand your skin and help keep it healthy for the long term.
Analyse your present skin issues like spots, pores, acne, wrinkles etc.
✔ Find out what you may be doing wrong that is worsening your skin.
Detect various skin conditions early on and treat them before the situation goes out of hand.
✔ Your skin analysis will help identify what skin treatment will help you accordingly.
✔ Easily figure out what to improve on your skincare regime and routine.
Check, track, and monitor the skin progress of your ongoing skin treatment time-to-time.
✔ See for yourself the effect of following CureSkin regimen before and after.

Know Your Skin Better, Today!

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Chaitra K

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