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CureSkin – Transforming the way India deals with Skin Health

<< A Make in India Story>>

Some Indian FACTS!

☑ For a population of 130 crores, we just have 6,600 dermatologists in India.
☑ Majority of the Indian population has zero access to proven skin treatments.
☑ Most Indians try self-treating skin problems with commercial products that may cause further skin damage.

How CureSkin (an Indian Company) Solves this!

☑ CureSkin is India’s #1 AI-Driven Dermatologist App designed by Indian Skin Experts.
☑ The App home delivers treatment kit given by dermatologists to solve your skin issues.
☑ CureSkin combines Dermatologist’s Expertise & efficacy of AI technology to provide proper and affordable skincare access to every Indian.

Reasons (for Indians) To Choose CureSkin!

☑ CureSkin is an Indian company aligned to “Make in India” initiative.
☑ By choosing CureSkin, you’re making Indian Economy stronger.
☑ CureSkin Treats Your Skin With Just Your Photo, no clinic visits required.
☑ Free Regular Follow-ups by your Personal Dermatologist to track your skin’s progress.
☑ CureSkin Products are Clinically Tested & approved by Indian Expert Dermatologists.
Trusted By Millions &  is Proved To Be Effective on Indian Skin.


Can’t wait to Transform your Skin into Better?

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