Did You Pop a Pimple? Here’s How to Handle it Carefully


You were frustrated, it was bothering you, or you couldn’t resist doing so. The reasons may vary, but the truth is you have popped a pimple and cannot undo that. Though, you can figure out how to heal the popped pimple and minimise the damage.

Why Should You Avoid the Urge to Pop a Pimple?

  • By popping a pimple, you are trying to go against the natural healing process of your body.
  • Even poking a pimple increases your chances of scarring. Remember that scarring will stay way longer than any pimple.
  • It can lead to a lot more pimples in surrounding areas.
  • You may also have to deal with hyperpigmentation in some cases.
  • It can also lead to bacterial invasion or infection.

What’s Different When Dermatologists Pop a Pimple?

  • Indeed, dermatologists pop a pimple, but the process and techniques are entirely different from what you and I do at home. 
  • Being experts, they know which pimples they should squeeze and which to treat using other options. 
  • They are exclusively trained and know pimples and other skin related issues.
  • Dermatologists use proper instruments and wear gloves to ensure that things are done accurately without spreading/introducing bacteria into your skin.
  • They are aware of the right amount of pressure needed to squeeze or pop a pimple. Simultaneously, doctors also know when to stop. 

What Can You Do After You Have Popped a Pimple?

You may have done it deliberately, or it could have happened by accident. Nevertheless, make sure that you follow proper steps to ensure that your pimples heal rapidly and hopefully without any scars. 

  1. Do Not Continue to Pick Your Pimple

Stop poking or squeezing the pimple and avoid the urge to see if there’s something left within the pimple. Clean your hands with an antibacterial soap.

  1. Clean the Affected Area

Use a gentle cleanser to clean the area but do it slowly and carefully. You don’t want to cause further harm to your skin.

  1. Avoid Touching the Area During the Healing Period

Throughout the process of healing, make sure that you do not touch it. Also, avoid picking the scab, which will only delay the recovery if you continue to do so.

  1. Maintain a Good Skincare Routine

Wash your face using a mild cleanser or face wash and keep your skin moisturised. A healthy skin care routine goes a long way in healing acne faster.

  1. Use Non-Comedogenic Products

Look for products that mention oil-free and non-comedogenic on the label. It will help keep your pores clean as well as maintain the oil balance in your skin.

  1. Try Pimple Patches

Pimple patches are medicated and help heal acne and decrease inflammation. These are small and clear patches that you can place over your pimples. When in doubt, it’s best to first check with your doctor.

  1. Re-evaluate or Create a New Acne Prevention Strategy

If you occasionally have pimples, it’s okay. However, if they are regularly making an appearance, you need to do something about it. Ensure that you are using products suitable for your skin, marinating good hygiene and consuming a healthy diet.

When Should You See a Doctor?

If you have tried many things and still see no improvement, you can seek medical help. Your doctor can suggest suitable treatment options, products, skincare regimen and diet. It’s also essential to get to the root cause of your acne. All of this can help create an ideal plan/strategy that works for your skin.

Summing Up

We understand the temptation to pop a pimple, but don’t do it ever if you love your skin. You need to keep in mind that this impulsive move can give you scars, infection and other not-so-great things which you don’t want. Meanwhile, stick to a good skincare routine and use products suitable for you. Also, remain patient and consistent as acne treatments take some time to showcase results. If you have queries and over-the-counter treatments do not seem to work, meet a dermatologist for guidance.


  1. Can you use a toner on a popped pimple?

No, do not use toner on a popped pimple, as this will cause further irritation.

2. Do unpopped pimples go away?

If you have consulted a doctor and are regular with your treatment, your pimples will surely go away.

3. Do pimple scars go away or stay forever?

That would depend on the depth and severity of the scars. There are multiple treatment options available that can reduce the appearance of these scars.

4. Is it okay to use ice on your pimples?

No, it’s best not to use ice on your pimples. However, if you have accidentally popped your pimple and notice too much redness in the area. You may apply a cold compress to reduce redness and swelling. 



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