Get Clear Skin With These 7 Evidence- Based Tips


With information at every nook and corner, it can be hard to figure out the right way to get clear skin. Varying skin types and conditions just add to your struggle. If you are facing the same issue, continue reading the blog. We have compiled a list of evidence-based tips to make it easier for you to attain healthy and clear skin.

1. Get Some Sleep to Attain Clear Skin

You don’t need to head straight to your bed as there are many more tips that you surely don’t want to miss. Remember that one of the simplest things you can do to achieve clear skin is to get plenty of sleep. Since a lack of it (sleep) can lead to breakouts or worsen your acne.

As per study (1), the majority of participants who felt tired also had acne. Our lifestyles and work may hinder our sleep cycles but try and get around 8-9 hours of sleep every day to keep your skin healthy and clear.

2. Look for a Mild Cleanser

According to several reports (2), you may find it surprising that the kind of cleanser you use hardly has an impact on your acne or breakouts. In other words, an expensive cleanser may not necessarily be the best one. Therefore, it is better to stick to a cleanser that is gentle on your skin. Also, find something that doesn’t include fragrances and a lot of ingredients.

3. Keep Your Face Clean

If you have oily skin or acne, make sure that you keep your face clean. Do wash it twice a day, once in the morning and evening. This simple technique is an easy route to make your skin appear clear. In a study that went on for six months, participants were monitored based on the frequency of washing their face once, twice or four times a day.

The results showcased that washing the face once led to an increase in pimples, whereas those who washed their face twice saw a great deal of improvement in both their acne and acne spots. 

3. Moisturise Your Skin Every Day

You may skip this step thinking it isn’t vital, but the truth is your skin needs hydration. By not doing so, it will either turn dry or generate more oil to compensate. Thus, making your skin feel oily and causing breakouts. While buying a moisturiser, choose a product that mentions non-comedogenic on the label. It will prevent acne and keep your pores clean. Those with oily skin can opt for lightweight moisturisers.

4. Stop Touching Your Face

You need to stop touching or picking your zits to maintain clear skin. When you keep touching your face, you are exposing it to different kinds of germs and bacteria. By pinching or popping zits, you are ensuring that a lot more bacteria can enter the pores. It can also cause scarring and infection.

5. Exfoliate to Get Clear Skin

Exfoliation aids in eliminating dead skin cells and makes your skin glowing, healthy and clear. A build-up of dead skin cells can lead to dullness and signs of premature ageing. Buy products that aren’t harsh on your skin and should be ideal for your skin type. Do not over-exfoliate, as it can cause skin irritation.

6. Choose Makeup Based on Your Skin Type

Never buy makeup because you heard about it or due to attractive packaging. You should buy cosmetics that are suitable for your skin condition and type. Makeup can also cause acne, which is known as acne cosmetica. It appears as raised and small bumps on your cheeks, chin or forehead. According to a study (3), people using cosmetics were more likely to get breakouts.

Points to Keep in Mind if You Wish For Clear Skin

  • Never sleep with makeup on your face.
  • Switch to products that are light, oil-free and non-comedogenic.
  • Do not use dirty hands on your face while applying skincare products or makeup.
  • Wash your sponges and makeup brushes regularly.

It’s a Wrap

It may feel no less than a herculean task to get clear skin, but that’s not true. Sometimes, it’s the little things rather than major ones that can do the trick. There’s no need to buy hundreds of expensive products or spend hours caring for your skin. Focus on a healthy diet, sleep, exercise, and stay stress-free. Simultaneously, get yourself the right skincare products and stop playing with your zits. If you feel you’ve tried everything and see no results or there are other concerns, consult a dermatologist.


  1. Is it possible to get clear skin overnight?

All of us want quick and overnight results, but that’s not how it works. Follow a good skincare routine consistently, eat a balanced diet and stay happy. Read the blog to understand in detail the tips and things you can do to get clear skin. 

  1. Will drinking water help get clear skin?

Drinking an adequate quantity of water can help flush out toxins from your skin. It makes your skin appear hydrated, supple and clear.

  1. What foods can help you get clear skin?

Almost all the fruits and vegetables comprise several nutrients which are great for your skin. Include whatever is available locally around you. E.g. carrots, sweet potato, tomato, citrus fruits, banana, apple and green leafy vegetables.

  1. How to get clear skin naturally?

Using natural products or home remedies are not evidence-based. They are not proven to be effective in most cases and can sometimes cause harm rather than good. It is best to stick to a simple skincare routine as suggested by your doctor. The key to get results is consistency.  



Chaitali Nayak

Chaitali Nayak

A writer and a skincare fanatic, Chaitali believes that words and kindness can transform the world. She has a master’s degree in Advertising & Public Relations and has worked for various advertising agencies and digital marketing firms. With the help of expert dermatologists at CureSkin, she works towards creating content that helps eliminate misinformation related to skincare. The aim is to educate yet bring something exciting and new every time for the readers. When not busy writing, you can find her talking to her plants, eating, drawing or watching movies.
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