Covid-19: How Not To Let Face Masks Affect Your Skin

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Skin irritation while wearing a mask is sure a thing all of us are facing in recent times. Covering one’s nose and mouth with a mask whenever stepping out in a crowded space has become a norm. While it does prevent the spread of the virus, wearing a mask poses skin health challenges that are hard to ignore. 

Skin itchiness being one of the common problems, many may suffer from rashes and acne too. This is due to increased sebum secretion and sweating, caused by trapping of heat and humidity. Here are dermatologist-given tips to deal with your skin while wearing masks.

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9 Tips To Avoid Skin Issues From Wearing Face masks. 

1. Cleanse, moisturize, repeat!

Before and after wearing your mask, wash your face gently with a pH-balanced, non-comedogenic cleanser to get rid of the oil, dirt, sweat and bacteria. Combine this with the application of a gentle, fragrance-free, non-comedogenic moisturizer to keep your skin soft and hydrated.

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2. Keep your lips hydrated

Lips get dry under a mask. Apply petroleum jelly or lip balm on your lips to keep them crack-free and hydrated. Do not let the balm or the jelly spread on the surrounding skin as they can clog your pores.

3. Stay away from makeup 

Avoid concealers and foundation creams, especially on the skin covered under your mask. Makeup can cause skin irritation and soils the mask. Keeping your mask clean will keep your skin healthy as well.

4. Avoid experimenting with new skincare products

To avoid the risk of further skin irritation, be careful in trying out new skin products. Continue using what’s worked for you before.

5. Stick with a basic skincare routine

A simple but regular skincare regime prevents and reverses any environmental damage to the skin. Follow cleanse, moisturise, repair and protect skin care regimen.

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6. Wear a mask that fits you comfortably well

The mask should comfortably fit above your nose and below your chin, giving you room to breathe well.

7. Switch to soft, natural and breathable mask made of non-scratchy material like cotton

Wearing a soft hypoallergenic mask made of a breathable fabric like cotton helps reduce skin irritation. 

8. Take a 15-min break from mask every 4 hours

Wearing a mask for a long time not only affects your skin but your overall health as well. When you find it safe to take your mask off, take a 15-minute, and if possible for every 4 hours. 

9. Do not wear a dirty mask, wash it regularly. 

The frequency with which you should wash your face mask depends on how often and how long you wear it. However, washing your mask every day is recommended by Dermatologists.

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Suffering face-mask skin issues?

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