Freckles on the wrist. Why do so many women have them?


Most people don’t even notice freckles anywhere but their face! So it makes sense that people didn’t realise that this is a common occurrence until it became a viral tweet a little while ago.

What are freckles?

Freckles are small brown spots where there is a build-up of melanin in the skin. An excess of melanin is produced when your skin is exposed to the sun. They are most common on the face, but they can occur anywhere on the body.

Why do so many women have freckles on the wrist?

As it turns out, the wrist is quite a common place for freckles to pop up because of the lack of protection it receives from the sun. When you go out, even if you are a stickler for sunscreen, most people tend to forget to apply sunscreen on their wrists specifically. This can cause exposure to UV rays, resulting in the appearance of freckles.

How do I avoid getting freckles?

While some people are born with freckles, it most commonly occurs due to sun exposure. Applying a generous amount of sunscreen on your skin, including your wrists, can help a great deal. Reapplication of your sunscreen every 2-3 hours is just as important. Along with your sunscreen, it is also important to wear protective clothing and cover up whenever outdoors. Lastly, you can also protect yourself by not going out when the sun is at its peak.

The silver lining

Freckles are not harmful to your skin. Sometimes they even add a hint of beauty, but it is crucial to keep an eye out for irregularities and changes to your freckles and visit a doctor if something concerns you.


1. Do all women have freckles on their wrists?

It is not necessary that all women will have freckles on their wrists in particular. But it seems to be a common phenomenon.

2. Can the freckle on my wrist be a mole?

Yes, it is quite possible that the freckle on your wrist might be a mole. 

3. Are freckles a sign of cancer?

While freckles are not a sign of cancer, they should be kept under careful watch for any change in color, shape and size.

4. When should I worry about a freckle?

If the freckle increases in size, becomes irregular in shape, changes colour, or starts to protrude then you should probably get it checked by a doctor or dermatologist.



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