How to get fair hands can be a tricky question to answer. It’s important to assess the situation first to understand what led to your skin becoming darker.

Our hands and feet are two parts of our body that are in constant contact with the environment in one way or the other. For example, when we’re walking, be it at home or outside, our feet are in contact with dust, or if you’re wearing shoes for long hours then it’s in contact with the sweat and moistness.

The same thing applies for your hands, for anyone working in the kitchen, washing vessels, the common problem can be dry hands because of the constant contact with detergent. The chemicals in these detergents could also cause them to lose color and turn darker (1).

Exposure to UV rays is another reason why they could get discoloured because most of us take care of protecting our face but often forget to cover our hands and feet. Although, covering your hands and feet physically is not always an option. This could cause a lot of difficulties as it would interfere with your daily functions as well.

That’s why the next best thing is to use natural ingredients that you may find at home to help get rid of the darkness and get your original color back.

If this doesn’t work then, there are whitening creams especially for your hands and feet that help in doing this.

There are quite a few factors that could be causing the darkening of your hand and feet. These may include as I mentioned above, the environment you’re in contact with, daily activities, chemicals, infections, inflammations usually cause your skin to darken after they leave, chemicals, hormones, and the sun.

For most people with diabetes, for example, they have sores on the feet, that usually get infected and cause darkening of the skin. For sports people as well, the moisture and sweat in their shoes can infect cuts and cause inflammations that could lead to darkening of the skin.

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The one important thing that people usually forget to do when it comes to their feet especially is to scrub and get rid of those dead skin cells regularly. It’s extremely important to scrub especially the soles of your feet because this is directly or indirectly in contact with the ground and needs to be cleaned properly from time to time (2).

There are certain things you could do physically to avoid darkening of the skin (3).

If you’re going out for long periods of time, get something to cover your hands at least.

  • Don’t expose yourself to sunlight, stand in the shade.

  • Try wearing covered shoes if you’re going to be out in the sun for too long.
  • Scrub your feet and hand once you get back home
  • Apply a moisturizer.
  • If you’re constantly involved in washing and cleaning, wear gloves and do so.

Here are a few other things that you can use on your feet and hands to whiten your skin in these parts.

  • For one after a long day, fill a bucket full of hot water, throw in a few spoons of rock salt. Put your feet in and stay there till the water gets cold, take your feet out wipe it and apply a moisturizer before going to sleep.
  • Another ingredient is lactic acid that helps your skin glow. You can get this by taking milk and applying a few drops of lemon extract in it to make it form lactic acid. Apply this on the darkened areas of your skin and let it rest for 15-20 mins before you wash it off.
  • Honey and sugar are also considered to be good exfoliators for your skin. Mix both together and slowly move your hand in a circular motion on the darkened areas of your skin.
  • Anything which contains Vitamin C and Vitamin E like lemon, orange, aloe vera help. Orange peels powdered and used with milk over the darkened areas can help reduce darkening.

There are also skin whitening creams on the market that you can use. Choose creams that contain hydroquinone in them. This helps getting rid of melanin in that skin that’s causing the skin to pigment. Although, this would increase your skin’s sensitivity as it is more exposed to UV rays with reduced melanin.

It’s always better to do as much as you can to avoid darkening of the skin physically, and if you can’t, it’s better to use natural ingredients to whiten your skin. In certain cases, skin whitening creams contain mercury that is harmful to your skin, and health even.

Also, remember that what you eat and the amount of water you drink is also extremely important in this.


Do hand whitening creams work?

Yes they do work, but they come with their side effects.

Do foot whitening creams work?

Yes, they do.

Is it safe to apply bleach on hands?

If you only apply it once, its safe. Continuously applying bleaching creams in your skin can damage your skin.


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