How to use toner, and do you even need to use it?


So, there are a lot of different opinions about the importance of toner. Many people and sources say that it is an essential part of a regular skincare routine. But at the same time, many dermatologists say that it is an unnecessary step in a skincare regime. So let’s dig in!

Is face toner necessary?

According to our very own skin expert, Dr Jisha John Gomez, using a toner for the face is not a necessary step when creating your skincare regime. Using it every day is not recommended. If required, then a non-alcoholic toner is a better alternative. Applying the wrong toner or using one daily can lead to dry skin.

Can I use face toner every day?

We do not recommend using a toner every day. It doesn’t actually have any medical benefits and can be an unmerited product.  

What is the purpose of face toner?

Toners were created at a time when the quality of skincare wasn’t the same as it is today. Their primary purpose was to remove excess dirt and lard when people were making soaps using lye. This sometimes left a stickiness on the skin after washing. Consumers used toner to remove this buildup. Today, however, skin care products in the market have come a very long way. Face washes and cleansers are more efficient and clean your pores well enough. If this is not true, then you are probably utilising the wrong product for your skin or the wrong cleansing method. 

What skin types need a toner?

Usually, alcohol-based toners can be very harsh on the skin and therefore cause more damage. If required, you can use a non-alcoholic natural toner if you have oily skin on days when there is excess oil. You can also apply the toner as a spot treatment for the area on the skin that feels oily rather than using it on the whole face.

Do I wash off toner?

You do not usually wash toners off. They are made to stay on your skin. You must follow them up with a moisturiser. 

How to use toner?

You can use a them in different ways. You can put some on a cotton swab and apply it on your face, or you can put it in a spray bottle and spray it on.

What is a natural face toner?

Natural toners are derived from natural sources and do not contain harmful astringents, alcohol, parabens or other chemicals that dry out and damage the skin. Organic pure rose water is an excellent example of a natural toner. If made of natural sources, they help restore the pH balance of the skin and prepare it for moisturisation. 

Natural toners that can be used at home.

If you have to use a toner, then go for a natural one. Please do not use chemical ones as your skin can react to them. Here are some natural toners that you can try if needed. 

Rose Water

Rosewater is a natural product acquired by distilling rose petals. It is a gentle and soothing product that you can use on your face. It is suitable for sensitive skin. Its antibacterial properties can help fight breakouts and rashes. Therefore, it is a much better alternative to chemical-based toners.

Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera is an entirely natural ingredient that you can even grow at home! It has a lot of healing and therapeutic properties that can be great for the skin. Aloe helps fight acne and is also an excellent moisturiser. It’s the perfect ingredient for dry skin. You can mix aloe vera extract and rose water and create a natural toner at home. 

How do I choose a toner?

When choosing one, you should consider ingredients that you are not allergic to and properties that will address your skin issues and suit your skin type.

The silver lining

While there are a lot of sources out there saying toner is an essential part of your skincare regime, that might not be entirely true. It is important to us that you make informed decisions about your health and skin. And here, we hope we have helped you get some perspective. If ever in doubt, reach out to a professional!


The natural remedies mentioned in the blog are the widely popular ones. It is in no way a substitute for medical advice, treatment or diagnosis. Avoid using these if you have sensitive skin or are prone to allergies. 

 Before trying any natural remedy, always test a small quantity on your skin to check for any adverse reactions or allergy to any particular ingredient. In case of emergency or any reaction, immediately connect with a doctor who can offer the proper treatment.


  1. Should sensitive skin use toner?

We do not recommend using toners for sensitive skin as it can sometimes irritate the skin or cause a reaction. When using one, make sure it is very gentle and suitable for sensitive skin. 

2. How long do I leave the toner on my face?

Toner is usually left on and followed up by a moisturiser.

3. Can Toner remove pimple marks?

No, it cannot remove pimple marks. For that, it is best to see a dermatologist.

4. What is the best natural face toner?

Rosewater and aloe vera are great natural toners.



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