Our skin is the first part of our body that comes in contact with the environment outside, so whether its dust, dirt, oil, all of it attacks our skin first and that’s exactly why it needs to be given the most care. This means your skin needs 24/7 care. This is why we need night creams, these creams work on your skin throughout the night, nourishing it and repairing it more than how much you could get done during the day.

Your skin needs the most care during the night because this is when it replenishes and nourishes itself, with the natural oils, Night Creams aid this process. They provide your skin with the nutrients that are necessary for its growth and revival. Especially when you’re particular about having a glowing skin, it would be necessary to take care of your skin throughout the night. (1)

The skin tends to do some damage control and repair itself with nutrients and natural oils at night. This is why most of us stress on a treatment that works overnight for most of the skin issues.

The benefits of night cream is that it helps in providing added nutrients that the skin can absorb and utilize at night because during the day with the pollution and other such environmental hindrances it makes it difficult for the skin to completely utilize anything that you apply on it. Also, there is a lot of dirt and oil that might even affect the efficiency of the products and treatment you utilize. This when a night cream can work perfectly well for your skin because there would be no such hindrances that it would have to overcome in order to work perfectly for your skin.

Sometimes if you sleep without washing your face, this could leave your pillow covers and sheets dirty with all the dust and oil residues on your face. When you constantly rest your skin on these sheets it tends to do more harm and affects your skin in a rather bad way. That’s why washing your face is stressed on to such an extent. Applying a night cream would form a protective layer that keeps away these things and at the same time still helps your skin nourish.

By pressing your face against the pillow it would also stop your skin from breathing, and your skin needs to breathe and get its right amount of oxygen. Your skin also does a lot of repair and rejuvenation, where old skin cells are replaced. A major part of that cycle happens during the night and it is important to have a night cream that aids in that. It thus helps in the aging process as well.

Another thing you would do for your skin by applying a night cream is that it would revitalize your skin for the next day. Your skin would be renewed and up for the day’s activities and it could also lessen the damage that your skin would otherwise be prone to. Night creams also help to moisturize your skin, along with having anti-aging properties. It keeps your skin hydrated making it look tight and reducing wrinkles. (2)

Night creams aren’t absorbed that easily into your skin, that’s why it’s important to give it the whole night to set inside your skin completely.

There’s usually a set way in which you apply your night cream, if it’s from a tube it’s better to just dot it on the face, this way you won’t be losing any quantity from your palm. (3)

You have to use that 5 dot method to apply a night cream on your face for full coverage. Basically, you apply 5 dots starting from your forehead, nose, two on each cheek and one on your chin, then you massage this throughout by using circular motions, do not ever drag your skin up and down, be gentle when you massage it throughout.

If you’re using it for its anti-aging properties it’s always better to apply a good quantity on your neck as well because aging signs such as wrinkles are most likely seen on your neck prominently.

Overall using a night cream would be beneficial for your skin in the long run because it prepares your skin by nourishing it during the night, which is almost like the peak hours. This would thus not only make your skin look good but also keep it healthy and rejuvenated.



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