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Want to know what your skin is suffering from? Each skin is different and so is yours! Your skin problems and needs vary from that of your friend’s. Need to know what your skin needs to look healthier? Try Cureskin App.

Cureskin App is built with the expertise of Dermatologists, it is India’s #1 Skin Treatment App with smart AI designed for everyone who cares for their skin. More than 4 lakh Indians trust Cureskin for understanding their skin needs. For skin and hair specialists, CureSkin enhances diagnostic accuracy, aid treatment decisions, and improves patient safety. 

Cureskin is all about determining the skin conditions you might have and finding the right treatment regimen for your skin based on your skin needs with just your photo.

Scan Yourself Now

Cureskin does not diagnose patients or replace a dermatologist. Instead, it generates possible next steps for people who have questions about their common skin conditions.

Check skin symptoms yourself

Cureskin lets you learn about your skin conditions. Instead of worrying about your skin problems, self examine your skin yourself and get clear treatment options from Dermatologist you need with Cureskin.

First of all, Cureskin App prompts you to take the smart AI skin test by clicking a photo on the App. This helps you (& us) get familiar with your skin, track major skin conditions and know what it’s like and what it needs to get healthier.

Your skin report on Cureskin App will have different skin issues like acne, dark circles, pigmentations, scars, etc. marked on your face right where it exists. Even the ones invisible to naked eyes are marked for early treatment.  

Learn about different skin problems in minutes without having to wait using our AI-Dermatology Tool

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How it works

Download Cureskin app, choose a skin goal and take a photo of your skin concern. The smart AI scans your photo to analyze the various skin issues to show you what you’re suffering from. 

Cureskin asks a series of simple questions on your medical issues, hormonal imbalances, stress levels, menstrual cycles, and more while maintaining data privacy 100%. This helps our Dermatologist understand the reason behind your skin problems.

Finally, Cureskin gives advice on the recommended course of action devised by Dermatologists for your skin needs. The suggested customized skincare regimen will be about your skin type, skin needs, and helping you achieve the best version of your skin. Once you place the order, the regimen is sent to a dermatologist for experience-based analysis. 

Any skin issue- dry skin, oily skin, acne, pigmentation, signs of early ageing, etc., Cureskin Dermatologists recommend you the perfect combination of skincare products that will repair, protect and nourish your skin- to give it a healthy, beautiful glow.

The app keeps track of your skin problems time-to-time and schedules follow-ups regularly where the Dermatologist personally will see that your skin is improving.

Instead of looking for ‘Dermatologist near me’, the method which can be expensive and time-consuming. Getting treatment from a real dermatologist with Cureskin, could not be easier and more effective!

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