Severe dry skin. Steps to survive the dry weather?


Dry skin is something many of us deal with on a daily basis. If not addressed immediately, it can turn into criminally severe dry skin and get painful too. Chronic dry skin is sometimes something we have to live with. There are so many ways to tackle this issue, but you have to be willing to make some changes to your daily life.

Causes of severe dry skin

There are many reasons why dry skin occurs or gets worse. Here, we have a look at some of the main suspects!

The constantly changing environment

The winter brings with it dry and cold weather which can immediately affect your skin. The summers can also cause your skin to dry due to the use of air conditioners. When your skin gets dry, its outer protective barrier loses its natural oils. This results in the skin losing its ability to create enough moisture for itself. This is when it needs a helping hand from you.

The sun and its pal UV

As we know by now, the dreaded UV rays cause ageing, cancer, and specifically, DRY SKIN!

The wrong products are a big No.

We don’t want you using the wrong products for your skincare because it can have dire effects in the long and short term. Very often, using the wrong products can make your skin drier than it was before.

Medications can cause severe dry skin

Certain kinds of medications can cause your skin to dry up. To find out more about this, ask your doctor about the side effects of any medications that you are taking.


Hormonal changes can affect your body functioning in many ways, one of which is dry skin. It is more common for women to go through hormonal fluctuations like puberty, pregnancy, monthly periods and menopause.

Genetics. Can’t do much about that now

It is actually possible to inherit skin sensitivities, allergies, skin conditions and the tendency to have dry skin from your parents. All of these factors result in dry skin as a symptom.

What does severe dry skin look and feel like?

Dehydrated skin can not only feel tight and rough, but it can also be itchy, scaly, flaky and end up cracking too! Your hands, feet and lips are most prone to cracking when dry.

10 ways to care for severe dry skin?

There are numerous things that you can do to help with the dryness of your skin. Starting with the most minor and most essential things to more complex methods, you can take charge of your skin and give it the nourishment it needs.

1. The fundamental rule of skin care is to moisturise. For dry skin, this is the ultimate requirement. Use a hydrating cream that makes your skin supple, especially immediately after a shower.

2. Do your research or speak to a dermatologist about the right products for your severe dry skin and the best method to use them.

3. Always wear sunscreen, even when you are indoors. Yes, you heard us right.

4. Change your products according to the season. Use lighter and non-comedogenic products in the summer and heavier bodied products to nourish your skin well in the winters.

5. If you have sensitive skin, skin conditions or allergies, consult a dermatologist about keeping your skin healthy. Don’t hesitate.

6. Avoid hot and long showers as they strip your skin of its natural oils.

7. Drink loads of water. If your body is hydrated on the inside, then it will reflect on the outside.

8. Do not itch, pick or touch your skin too much.

9. In dry weather, get a humidifier to keep your skin moist.

10.  Creams with glycerin, ceramides and hyaluronic acid are very good for addressing severe dry skin issues.

The silver lining

There is so much you can do for your skin when it comes to self-care. Always do your research, take good care of your skin and if your condition gets dire, then always visit a dermatologist for the safest method to treat it.


1. What kind of soaps should I avoid for dry skin?

Avoid using alkaline soaps as they take away your skin’s natural moisture. Use creamy and hydrating options. Also, avoid soaps with added fragrances.

2. What kind of skin diseases cause severe dry skin?

Skin diseases like psoriasis, atopic dermatitis, keratosis pilaris, eczema are all conditions that can cause a high level of dry skin. Chronic conditions such as diabetes, thyroid or kidney diseases can also cause excessive dryness of the skin.

3. Can ageing cause severe dry skin?

It turns out that as you get older, your skin can get drier because it produces lesser oils.

4. How do I avoid dry skin during the pandemic?

Carry a small bottle of hand cream with you always and moisturise your hands right after sanitising them as well as washing them with soap.



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