Stop ignoring your Hair Fall. Here are 5 reasons why

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Updated On - August 25, 2020 Dr Jisha Gomez
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When you ask someone what worries they have about their body and health, the topic of hair closely follows in that conversation. This is because hair growth and especially hair fall have grown to become some people’s major concerns in life.

It is a rarity to find someone who claims to “not care” about their hair fall. But, if actions speak louder than words, then what we are clearing hearing nowadays, is a lot of ignorance and carelessness.

Even after knowing that they suffer from hair fall, people tend to ignore it until they can no longer afford to.

Hair fall should not be treated lightly and here are a few reasons why you ignoring your hair fall issues may have been a huge blunder.

Since the phases of the hair growth cycle conclude with shedding, hair fall is termed to be a normal part of it and is natural. What is not so normal is the amount of hair fall experienced in that said period. And the type of hair loss makes a difference too.


One of the first questions dermatologists ask when it comes to hair fall is regarding your genetic history. This is because your genes can very well determine the story of your hairline and knowing that you suffer from hair loss is a major reason for some digging into your family history.

It is a well-known fact that thyroid related issues are one of the foremost causes of hair fall. So it only makes sense that the deficiency of nutrients like selenium, which has antioxidant properties needed to take care of thyroid functions, can cause hair loss.

Iron Deficiency

This is often the biggest concern behind hair fall because hair fall is a sure telltale sign that your body is suffering deficiencies of some sort or another. When your hair starts to shed unnaturally, it is your body’s way of let you know that it lacking necessary nutrients.

This could range from anything between mild iron deficiency to anemia which is commonly associated with fatigue. It equally affects hair growth because it causes lesser oxygen to be carried to hair follicles. Without this the hair growth cycle is disrupted, causing follicles to rest and restrict growth.

Other Deficiencies

Biotin (a form of vitamin B) deficiency shows up in the form of brittle nails and hair fall(1). Also, copper and zinc deficiencies are what in turn lead to other forms of deficiency, partly because copper helps absorb nutrients like iron that leads to better health in general. Vitamins A, D, and E are generally needed in our system for healthy hair growth. The lack of any of these can lead to potential hair damage(2).

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Hormonal Changes

Yet another reason for hair fall is our hormones and hormonal changes. Much like how hormonal changes trigger excess sebum production in sebaceous glands, leading to acne and pimples, a similar effect can be seen with hair follicles. So anytime between childbirth or pregnancy or even menopause, hair fall can be excessive for women(3).

Extreme Solutions

One last reason why ignoring hair fall may be a mistake is the severity of certain solutions which you may have to resort to in the end. What starts as a few strands a day can, in a blink of an eye, escalate to unnatural volumes.

People then have to count on extreme solutions like surgical treatments or cosmetic procedures, both of which are risky and expensive. So a little attention to your hair at early stages can ensure a better and healthier future for it.

Hair Fall is a relatively common problem among all. This is inevitable simply because it is not entirely under our control. However, once it starts, understanding the cause and knowing how to treat it is our part of the task. Ignoring something as trivial as hair fall can lead you to be in a much worse scenario in the recent future.

Moreover, it is important to treat any problem in the beginning since it is then easier to treat the underlying problem and controlling the amount of hair fall becomes more manageable.

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