Take Your Skin From Ordinary To Extraordinary

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Beautiful skin is desired by almost every man and woman on the earth. What if I say, beautiful skin has little to do with your DNA? Your skincare routine has a bigger impact on what you see in the mirror. 

95% of CureSkin users say having clean and clear skin has helped them boost their confidence! Since your skin directly contributes to your self-image, don’t you think it’s essential to care for your skin the right way?

Here are 4 things (lesser-known) to consider to take your skin from ordinary to extraordinary.

1. Believe that you’re beautiful

“I am beautiful” is the mantra to become beautiful.

Feeling superstitious? Don’t! There is substantial scientific evidence that proves repeating an affirmation creates new neural pathways in the brain. It’s quick and free, no product in the world can give you the kind of confidence that comes from loving yourself.

Your body listens to your mind. So, start feeling good about yourself, and with good looks, good skin follows. Without this belief, not a lot could help you. 

Also, if you don’t believe in yourself, who else will?  

 2. Follow a morning skin routine

Positive thoughts are good, but positive actions are better! Follow a skincare routine every morning that prepares and protects your skin for the busy day ahead. Preventing skin problems is easier than fixing them later. Skincare routine daily takes less time/money than having to see dermatologists as a result of neglect down the line.

Remember, beautiful skin is a lifelong process, and a daily skincare routine can help you keep beautiful skin for the future.

3. Follow a night skin routine

While the morning skincare routine is all about protecting your skin against damage, a night skincare routine is about repairing the damage and supplying the skin with good, nourishing ingredients. It is mostly like hitting the ‘un-do’ button on the damage done to the skin during the day. 

Cell regenerates at night and there is maximum blood flow to the skin. So, giving yourself good skincare products at night will ease up the repair process.

Want to get a morning/night skincare routine that works for your skin type and can keep your skin looking and feeling fabulous for years to come?

Get your skincare routine kit given by the dermatologist today!

4. Do not let any skin problem stay long

Got any skin issues? Do not leave it unattended!

Your skin mirrors your internal health. Skin speaks about underlying disease. While some skin problems are temporary, some are permanent, while some cause physical pains, some cause emotional pains, while some have situational causes, others may be genetic, while some skin conditions are minor, others can be life-threatening.

Contact a dermatologist if you think you need help with your skin as early as possible. They know the best!

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Picture of Dr Jisha Gomez

Dr Jisha Gomez

She is a highly skilled dermatology physician with strong expertise in improving skin & hair health through the development of corrective treatment combinations. She completed her Post-graduate Diploma in Dermatology from Cardiff, UK & Fellowship in Aesthetic Medicine (FAM) from the Institute of Laser and Aesthetic Medicine, Delhi with over 5+ years experience treating skin patients. She has worked in Government hospitals in Trivandrum and Bangalore. She is actively involved in creating awareness for healthy skin, breaking the social stigma based on skin colour & stopping steroid abuse in our country.