What Can You Do to Tighten Sagging Skin?


Ageing is a natural process, and none of us can escape that. Eventually, all of us will have sagging skin and other signs of ageing. Despite being aware of the reality, a part of you may still desire firm and glowing skin. Honestly, we all do. 

Apart from age, saggy skin can also occur due to other reasons such as sun exposure, medical conditions, weight loss and lifestyle factors. No secret or magic can ensure younger-looking skin forever, but there are things you can do to reduce or delay it.

What Do You Understand by Skin Sagging?

Firmness in your skin is thanks to two essential proteins known as elastin and collagen. With age, there is a gradual decrease in the production of these proteins, which makes skin sag. You can notice sagging skin anywhere in your body. However, some of the common areas are the stomach, chin, upper arms and eyelids.

Causes of Skin Sagging


As collagen and elastin decrease in the body due to ageing, your skin loses its elasticity and firmness. Therefore your skin appears saggy. Lack of attention towards the skin and overall health can cause sagging skin and wrinkles.

Excess Sun Exposure 

Unprotected sun exposure through the years can have a drastic effect on your skin and the ageing process. It’s a pretty common reason that leads to premature skin ageing. 

Losing Weight

If you have lost a lot of weight or your weight loss has been rapid (e.g. bariatric surgery), it can lead to sagging skin.

Medical Conditions

Certain medical conditions can also cause saggy skin. One of them being cutaneous T-cell lymphoma.


Women commonly experience sagging skin due to pregnancy. Those who have twins or triplets may have more sagging skin as compared to someone carrying one baby.

How Can You Improve Skin Sagging?

Non-Surgical Options for Skin Tightening

Several non-surgical procedures can help loosen sagging skin. Dermatologists may suggest the treatment that is suitable for you. However, it may not be an ideal option for extreme levels of saggy skin.

Non-Surgical Radio Frequency

In this process, a dermatologist will use a device against the skin to heat the tissues underneath. You may see results even after one treatment.

Tighten Skin with Ultrasound

Another option that can help retain skin tightening is ultrasound. It works by getting into the deepest layers of your skin. Within two to six months of the first treatment, you may start noticing subtle changes. You can enhance this by taking up additional treatments. The effects of ultrasound may last up to one year.

Minimally Invasive Procedures to Tighten Skin

Some of the procedures may be slightly invasive. Given below are a few options that a dermatologist may suggest.

Laser Resurfacing

It is a highly effective treatment for saggy skin that can give you results in about two weeks. Laser surfacing may require you to take a rest for around 5-7 days after the procedure. Though, this treatment does have a small risk of scarring involved.

Surgical Radiofrequency

Your dermatologist will insert tiny tubes by making small incisions (cuts) in your skin to send heat to areas to tighten them. You may notice results within a month.

Exercises Can be Useful

Regular exercises make it easier to stay healthy and age well. Some exercises may aid in delaying skin ageing too. Those with minor skin sagging may notice changes. E.g. pilates, resistance training or weight lifting are some of the exercises that can be beneficial.


You can include supplements for skin sagging and anti-ageing. Before taking any supplements, talk to a doctor to check if you need them or not, the correct dosage, medical conditions, and other queries. 

You Can Try Firming Products

Several products in the form of gels, lotions and creams are available for minor skin sagging. You can look for products that have retinoids. Though, experts do not consider them to be effective and believe that the results may be subtle. You need to use it continually to see results, but there’s no guarantee that it will work for you.

Summing Up

Sagging skin is neither harmful nor a medical condition. Though, some people may not like the appearance of loose skin. The proper treatment will depend on your condition, extent of sagging skin and various other factors. It is best to reach out to a doctor who can examine and suggest suitable treatment options.


  1. Is it possible to reverse saggy skin?

We cannot reverse ageing, but you can reduce skin sagging through various procedures. Consult with a doctor regarding the best option for loose skin.

  1. What is the best procedure or treatment option for skin tightening?

As discussed in the blog above, various options can make your skin firm. However, it is best to leave the job of choosing the right treatment option to the experts, i.e. dermatologists.

  1. Can massage or facial massage help sagging skin?

Some studies (1, 2) suggest that massages and facial massages may be helpful, but we might need more research before making any such claims. 



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