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Why many Hair Fall treatments don’t work as well as they claim. An analysis

There is approximately 810000 number of hair loss sufferers worldwide. So it’s not a surprise as to why there are more and more hair loss treatments and why its one of the most booming industries too. And you know it well because you’ve been in that club for quite some time now.

There are different types of hair fall control treatments available for both men and woman to keep hair healthy and you must have tried a few of them that too at a very high price to pay for.

Are the hair fall control products really worth it?

Remedies for Hair fall control are generic in nature and are the same for all. But the fact is that the same treatment doesn’t work for everybody the way it should makes it clear that every individual needs customized treatments and regimen suited to stop hair fall  in their case.

The moment one notices signs of hair fall some of the most commonly sorted ways to curb the issue are trying out natural home remedies, buying over the counter products meant generally for hair fall or even consulting a general physician who might not be qualified to solve your problem.

You have seen one or more of these remedies work wonders for people around you. This is the reason you decided to give them a try. But why aren’t any of these working for you then?  What could be the reason?

Are home remedies effective?

Also, most of the treatments including home remedies or generic over the counter products that claim to prevent hair loss are not scientifically backed. Specific instructions on their methods of usage, quantity etc are not clear hence their effectiveness is questionable.

Image highlighting different home-remedies
Most of the treatments including home remedies or generic over the counter products that claim to prevent hair loss are not scientifically backed

Techniques like using Onion juice, Aloe Vera or even green tea that are touted to be some of the best remedies may work for some and show no difference at all for others. The results depend on the type of hair and scalp condition as well.  This is why you see certain remedies working amazingly well for some but not doing any good to your hair.

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Is self-medication worsening your condition?

Self-medication is another way people resort to for reducing hair fall. This practice should stop because we do not know what our hair type and scalp condition is.  Going wrong with something as simple as your method of application of a certain product meant for hair fall control can lead to something as serious as rupturing your hair follicles.

Any kind of unsupervised medications may lead to loss of more hair strands than before hence worsening your condition. Commercial hair fall treatments are harmful and some of them have bad side effects on the skin as well.

What about the products on commercials?

Most of the mainstream hair fall treatments are expensive and positive results are not one-hundred percent guaranteed. The products may contain harsh ingredients and may have side effects too. The generic composition of most of these products are not meant to cater to the needs of specific hair type and skin condition.  To control hair fall the treatment needs to be from inside out with proper care.

What should you do now?

To promote hair growth, apart from maintaining a healthy diet rich in protein and iron, changes in lifestyle habits like using a mild shampoo to wash your hair and being careful to avoid brushing wet hair, it is always advisable to have a professional look at your issue and get the right treatment plan.

That is where CureSkin App steps in.  It gives customized hair loss treatments with a guarantee to solve your hair loss problems once and for all. At CureSkin expert dermatologists examine your issue and suggests the treatments and medications that are delivered at your doorstep.

Unlike the other treatments, your CureSkin treatment regimen includes regular follow-ups by doctors to keep track of your progress. Also, a 24/7 chat support is made available for when you need help with or have any queries regarding your regimen.

Thousands of people gave CureSkin a try when nothing else worked for them.  Their testimonials on our YouTube channel and reviews on the Apps store are a proof of the fact that CureSkin helped them get rid of issues they never thought they could.  The stories of these happy customers are what gives others the confidence to try CureSkin.

Image of a happy girl
Thousands of people gave CureSkin a try when nothing else worked for them


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Stop ignoring your Hair Fall. Here are 5 reasons why

When you ask someone what worries they have about their body and health, the topic of hair closely follows in that conversation. This is because hair growth and especially hair fall have grown to become some people’s major concerns in life.

It is a rarity to find someone who claims to “not care” about their hair fall. But, if actions speak louder than words, then what we are clearing hearing nowadays, is a lot of ignorance and carelessness.

Even after knowing that they suffer from hair fall, people tend to ignore it until they can no longer afford to. Hair fall should not be treated lightly and here are a few reasons why you ignoring your hair fall issues may have been a huge blunder.

Since the phases of the hair growth cycle conclude with shedding, hair fall is termed to be a normal part of it and is natural. What is not so normal is the amount of hair fall experienced in that said period. And the type of hair loss makes a difference too.


One of the first questions dermatologists ask when it comes to hair fall is regarding your genetic history. This is because your genes can very well determine the story of your hairline and knowing that you suffer from hair loss is a major reason for some digging into your family history.

It is a well-known fact that thyroid related issues are one of the foremost causes of hair fall. So it only makes sense that the deficiency of nutrients like selenium, which has antioxidant properties needed to take care of thyroid functions, can cause hair loss.

Iron Deficiency

This is often the biggest concern behind hair fall because hair fall is a sure telltale sign that your body is suffering deficiencies of some sort or another. When your hair starts to shed unnaturally, it is your body’s way of let you know that it lacking necessary nutrients.

This could range from anything between mild iron deficiency to anemia which is commonly associated with fatigue. It equally affects hair growth because it causes lesser oxygen to be carried to hair follicles. Without this the hair growth cycle is disrupted, causing follicles to rest and restrict growth.

Other Deficiencies

Biotin (a form of vitamin B) deficiency shows up in the form of brittle nails and hair fall(1). Also, copper and zinc deficiencies are what in turn lead to other forms of deficiency, partly because copper helps absorb nutrients like iron that leads to better health in general. Vitamins A, D, and E are generally needed in our system for healthy hair growth. The lack of any of these can lead to potential hair damage(2).

Hormonal Changes

Yet another reason for hair fall is our hormones and hormonal changes. Much like how hormonal changes trigger excess sebum production in sebaceous glands, leading to acne and pimples, a similar effect can be seen with hair follicles. So anytime between childbirth or pregnancy or even menopause, hair fall can be excessive for women(3).

Extreme Solutions

One last reason why ignoring hair fall may be a mistake is the severity of certain solutions which you may have to resort to in the end. What starts as a few strands a day can, in a blink of an eye, escalate to unnatural volumes. People then have to count on extreme solutions like surgical treatments or cosmetic procedures, both of which are risky and expensive. So a little attention to your hair at early stages can ensure a better and healthier future for it.

Hair Fall is a relatively common problem among all. This is inevitable simply because it is not entirely under our control. However, once it starts, understanding the cause and knowing how to treat it is our part of the task. Ignoring something as trivial as hair fall can lead you to be in a much worse scenario in the recent future.

Moreover, it is important to treat any problem in the beginning since it is then easier to treat the underlying problem and controlling the amount of hair fall becomes more manageable.

Hair fall: Are you doing enough to stop it?

Finding too many strands of hair in your brush or clogging the shower drain? Have you tried everything but still haven’t achieved your desired results? If your answer to both the questions is ‘yes’, then you should be worried!

Hair fall is considered to be a problem that can be rectified at home. People do not usually take it seriously and prefer giving everything else a try before actually seeing professional advice. But it is a serious issue and requires expert intervention at the right time. When left untreated it can intensify over time and lead to baldness as well.

On noticing symptoms of major hair fall, people resort to various ways. Following are some of them:

Home Remedies: Natural doesn’t always mean safe when it comes to your hair. Not all of the home-based remedies are clinically tested and hence are potentially risky. While some people do get benefitted, others may experience adverse side effects.

Using Generic or Over the Counter (OTC) Products: If you have been taking medication for hair fall and still don’t see any result, you’ve been doing it wrong. These products are not aimed at treating your specific issue. Sometimes, they even worsen your hair fall. The ingredients in generic products are not meant for particular hair issues like hair fall.

Taking advice from a general physician: A general physician might not be able to help you in case of severe hair fall. Only seeking help from a hair specialist and getting an accurate diagnosis will help you treat hair fall efficiently.

If you are someone who has tried one or more of the above solutions, you know it isn’t enough. Then what should you do? The solution is simple (and effective).

Open the CureSkin app on your phone and answer the questions asked about your condition. Upload a picture if needed and a treatment regimen will be sent to you in no time at all.

A team of Specialists and expert Dermatologists, at CureSkin curate treatment regimen based on your specific hair conditions. Not just that, it will be followed up with 24×7 chat support to ensure your treatment is going on well.

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Want to stop Hair Fall? Is Hair Transplant the answer? Things you need to know!

If all the remedies from your “how to stop hair fall naturally” search on the internet haven’t made any difference to the growing number of strands you are losing each day, you need something new. New hair oil, a change in the brands of hair products on your shelf or a hair transplant, what should you try next?

We say, none of the above! The answer is just one click away in an app on your phone.

The name is CureSkin and the aim is problem free Skin and Hair!

Have you been trying the wrong remedy for hair loss?

Hair fall is an issue that everyone generally thinks can be treated with natural home remedies. Methods like using onion juice when experiencing hair loss work for some but it may not show the same results in your case. Similarly, over the products and generic treatments do not work for everyone.


Image showcasing OTC products
Over the counter products and generic treatments do not work for everyone.


The reasons for your hair loss could be different from others. It could be anything from hormonal imbalance to poor blood circulation or improper blood flow to the scalp and effectiveness of your treatment depends on how accurately your hair loss causes have been analysed.

Self medication is one of the major reasons for deteriorating hair health. Maintaining a healthy diet, reducing stress levels, using essential oils and using a mild shampoo to wash your hair are some of the ways to keep your hair shaft healthy and prevent hair loss.

But when are losing your hair at an abnormal rate consulting an expert is the best thing to do. An expert will be able to analyse the causes that lead to hair loss in your case and suggest the best remedy.

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Is Hair transplant your ideal solution?

After trying practically every remedy under the sun for a fuller head of hair if you are contemplating a hair transplant, here’s why you need to reconsider the idea. Read on to know why CureSkin is the better option for you.

The Procedure

Hair transplant is a surgical procedure and just like any other surgery, transplants may involve risk factors like bleeding and infection. Also, pre-surgical and post surgical routines can take a toll on the health of your hair.


Surgical Treatments for hair fall
Hair transplant is a surgical procedure and just like any other surgery, transplants may involve risk factors like bleeding and infection

Another important thing to remember is that not everyone who is experiencing hair loss is a good candidate for hair transplant. The procedure isn’t for everyone. It can up to 8 hours for the entire procedure.

The cost

The above mentioned risks also come with a price tag. Depending on the amount of hair you are moving, the cost varies from person to person. The hair fall treatment regimen at CureSkin is priced reasonably and comes with a guarantee of positive results.

The Recovery time

Hair transplantation is a serious process and demands enough recovery time. Not taking the proper precautionary steps after the surgery may irritate the transplanted area and disrupt the healing process of the hair follicles. There are chances of you losing more hair before the new hair starts growing during the recovery period.

The side effects

Any surgical procedure comes with a list of potential side-effects and same is the case with hair transplants. Infection of the hair follicle, swelling of the scalp, itching and loss of the transplanted hair could be some of the major side-effects.


illustration of excessive hairfall
Infection of the hair follicle, swelling of the scalp, itching and loss of the transplanted hair could be some of the major side-effects


At CureSkin, the Specialists customize treatment regimen based on the condition and needs of the individual hence reducing the risk of side-effects.

Try CureSkin!

Thousands of people tried CureSkin for their issue of Hair fall and are happy with their treatment. Be assured of results that you will be satisfied with. If you have been experiencing hair loss and have tried everything possible, it is time to give CureSkin a try.

Before you decide on getting a hair transplant for your issue of Hair fall, here’s what you could do. Get advice from specialists and expert dermatologists for your specific condition, accompanied by regular follow-ups and 24×7 chat support without burning a hole in your pocket.


Help is just three clicks away:

  • Open the CureSkin App on your phone.
  • Answer all the questions and take a photo (If you haven’t already).
  • Order your custom-made Hair fall treatment from CureSkin


Your customized treatment regimen will be then delivered to your doorstep. You get the best treatment for your hair fall without even stepping outside your home. It is as simple as it can get!

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