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Meet the RajasthaniMamtha. She’s a Software Engineer in Bangalore.

Acne was the reason behind her low confidence. She went out less often, met fewer friends because of her skin issues. 

Using CureSkin has made her confident than ever before, hear her out yourself:

Mamtha has found a secret to acne-free skin, What About You?

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Chaitra K

Chaitra K

I’m a Skin Care Enthusiast from Bangalore, a writer here @CureSkin teamed up with Expert Dermatologists to spread awareness on the right kind of skin and hair care for men and women. Inspiring people to explore the skin and hair care that suits their need and help them look and feel beautiful is my full-time job. Skin & hair problems affect every person's self-esteem and confidence. Hence I love helping people by giving them the best information about skin and hair health with my writing, driven by the BEST Dermatologists.