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What is Frizzy Hair?

Frizz is hair that does not align with the other hairs, creating an irregular hair texture. Frizzy hair may be hard to tame and is a sign of hair damage. Frizz is caused when hair is dry and lacks moisture.

Reasons behind your Hair Problem

What Causes Frizzy Hair?

If you have dry hair that lacks moisture, it causes frizziness. Anything that dries out hair can make frizz worse. Heat, UV rays, and even friction from combing and brushing all make hair weaker and more prone to becoming frizzy.

 Humid conditions return hair to its natural pattern, which for most of us, means frizzy hair.

Just like skin, hair has a natural protective barrier that helps keep essential moisture locked. Over using cleansers strip your hair of this barrier, leading to dryness, breakage, and frizz.


Whether you use a blow dryer, flat iron or curling iron, daily high heat from hair tools can damage the hair and strip it of moisture, leading to frizz

Frizzy Hair Treatment

With countless anti-frizz products available in the market, home remedies for frizzy hair easily accessible, you’d think it would be easy to get rid of frizzy hai . But sometimes it feels like no matter how much stuff you put in your hair to stop it, nothing works.

Get Customized Hair Care Kit to get rid of Frizzy Hair given by Dermatologist for your Hair Type

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How CureSkin Solves Your Frizzy Hair

CureSkin is an AI-driven Dermatologist App designed by expert Dermatologists in India. With just a photo of your hair, Cureskin home delivers you a Customised Hair Treatment Kit given by a Dermatologist who has analysed your Hair Conditions thoroughly. 

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How CureSkin works

4 Simple Steps To get rid of frizzy hair

Step 1

Choose Frizzy Hair as your hair concern on the App and provide details

Step 2

Upload Pictures of Your Hair and get your hair analysed

Step 3

Your Personal dermatologist will prescribe you customize Hair Treatment Kit

Step 4

Once you receive your kit, follow the instructions to see the improvements

Regular follow-ups are done by CureSkin Dermatologist to make sure that frizziness of your hair is controlled.

All with a TAP on your phone at the comfort of your home!

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Frequently Asked Questions on Frizzy Hair

Frizz is caused when hair is dry and lacks moisture. When your hair is dry, the cuticle is rough, and when the weather is humid, it causes frizz. The outer layer of the hair takes in the moisture from the air, causing the hair to frizz.

Yes, extremely damaged hair looks dull and frizzy and is difficult to manage.

Regular Over-the-counter shampoos may dry out your hair and the friction that comes from washing your hair can contribute to frizz as well.

Every hair is different. One shampoo does not suit all hair types. Get to know your hair type before you choose a shampoo. Get Dermatologist-given hair treatment kit from CureSkin

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