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Causes of hair loss in men.

2 out of every 5 men in India suffer from hair loss. It is completely treatable with the right care & products.

The root cause behind your hair loss can be:


Few of your close family members might be facing hairloss


Your body might be sensitive to a hormone called DHT, which restricts hair growth

Lack of nutrition

Vitamins & iron deficiency causes hair follicles to die early.

Can genetic hair loss be treated?

Yes, 100% yes.

The key to treating genetic hair loss is to start the right treatment during the early stages of hair loss. The sooner you start, the better results you will see.

Hair loss is completely manageable & reversible with Cureskin app.

At Cureskin, we take photos of your scalp and hair. These photos help our Doctors identify the main cause and stage of your hair loss. After which, the doctors prepare a complete hair growth kit for you which is proven to regrow hair.

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