What solves your skin problems better?
Skin Clinic or Cureskin App

While some of us prefer to discuss skin issues in person with the doctor, there are many instances where a skincare Dermatologist app like Cureskin can be just as effective. The AI-backed Cureskin App analyses your skin issues with just your photo and enables Dermatologist to provide accurate treatment to the description of your symptoms and medical history.  In simple words, you can get dermatologist-given skin treatment without needing to visit the clinic. 


Let’s looks at how Cureskin can be a better choice for all your skincare needs!

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Skin Clinic Visit

Cureskin App


Clinic visits can be expensive. An average visit to the doctor costs at least Rs.3000*
(Consultation + Travel Cost + Basic Medicines)

Cureskin is a cheaper yet effective holistic approach.
Get a customised treatment kit, on-demand skin advisors & follow-up from your personal Dermatologist, starting @Rs.1499/- only


Settle with the someone near you due to limited access
Travel long to find a better one.

Cureskin offers you high-quality treatment and unlimited access to the competent, reputable and experienced Indian Dermatologists without needing to travel.

Time & Convenience

Travelling to clinic + Waiting in long queues can be time-consuming and frustrating if you have a tight schedule

Getting diagnosed, prescribed and treated for your skin issues can be done with just a tap on your phone in just a few minutes without messing up your schedule.

Ease of Access

You have to wait until the clinic opens, or rush to a 24/7 clinic. You may still fail to get the desired time-slot.

Cureskin offers you 24/7 treatment. This AI-backed dermatologist App tells you what’s wrong with your skin and suggests a customised treatment kit almost immediately.

Prescription Medicines

After the doctor writes you the prescription, you need to buy them from the local pharmacy store.

Cureskin home-delivers customised treatment kit, given by the Dermatologist after carefully analysing your skin type and conditions.
NOTE: Skin Care products in your treatment kit are 100% clinically tested, dermatologically safe and paraben-free.

Product Instructions

The doctor orally guides you on how to use the prescribed products which you may forget after a while.

Clear written instructions on how to use, for how long and order of usage will be mentioned on the App for your quick reference.


Talking freely about medical problems face-to-face can be uncomfortable and embarrassing for many.

Cureskin is a revolutionary skin care app that treats you with just your photo. Some questions on your symptoms and medical history will be asked via chat for better diagnosis. Many find this comfortable.


You have to Follow-up with the doctor if your issue doesn’t get any better.

Cureskin dermatologist regularly follows-up with you & ensures timely improvement. Your regimen gets updated to suit your current skin conditions.


If you’re sitting and waiting for hours among people (infected ones) for your turn to come, you might catch all kinds of skin diseases.

There is no risk of catching infections as you would not come in physical contact with anyone.

Medical record keeping

Proper record-keeping is rare. Each time you visit the clinic, you’ve got to spend time answering the same questions & going over your medical history once again.

Cureskin offers automatic record-keeping service. Your skin reports are kept up to date after each follow-up, making it extra convenient for future references.

Data Security

Direct human connection ensures data privacy. Your doctor is legally forbidden from sharing your personal information to others.

Cureskin provides you with the same human connection, privacy, and security of your photos and medical details. 100% data security is guaranteed!

Instant Medical Support

Doctors don’t respond to your issues immediately. Access to instant emergency support is too little.

Cureskin instant medical support is always ON. Cureskin advisor puts your doctor in touch the moment you start feeling unwell. 100% data security is guaranteed!


Depends on the doctor. Some explain your conditions well, while many do not have time.

Cureskin is your 24/7 skin companion! The smart skin report helps you learn your skin conditions better and how to deal best with it. A dedicated dermatologist stays with you in your entire skin transformation journey.


In-person examination helps in accurate diagnosis and treatment comes with a sense of assurance.

Same assured treatment as you would if you had by attending your doctor’s office in person.

Additional Support

It’s mostly a one-time consultation you pay for.

Your Cureskin Dermatologist will provide continuous support and guidance throughout your treatment period.

Cureskin is one of the easiest, economical and safest way to access high-quality professional skin treatment from Top Indian Dermatologists instantly.

It is a sure way to determine your skin health and know dermatologist-recommended prescribed medicine for common skin conditions.