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9 Tips to protect your child's sensitive skin - Cureskin

9 Tips to protect your child’s sensitive skin


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This children’s day lets make your child a lot safer and healthier with regards to their skin and hair. Children have a sensitive skin which needs to be taken care of  with accurate measures. Any damage at this age can be long lasting or severe, since their skin surface area to body volume is significantly larger than adults and 10 times thinner than adults.

Here are few tips from our dermatologists for you to keep in mind while you take care of your child’s skin and hair.

  1. Nourishing Diet:

    Intake of healthy fats like Omega 3 and Omega 6 Fatty Acids and other  fish oil-based, skin-friendly fats are a must for those who seek a healthy skin. Vitamin A which is found in sweet potatoes, carrot, spinach and mangoes acts like an antioxidant. Other vitamins like B3, B5, D and K are important for healthy skin and hair.

  1. Preventing dull skin:

    Sunscreen is an important way to prevent and treat dull skin. It not only protects skin from harmful sun rays but also hydrates it, which is important for a glowing skin.

  1. Body care:

    Diaper rashes are a problem, which can be easily prevented by using diapers which have no paraben and fragrance. Use of  diaper cream after every use is also important. Body moisturizer, soap free cleanser and their body wash should be paraben and fragrance free too.

  1. Skin conditions:

    Skin conditions like eczema and dermatitis can be easily treated using steroids in adults, but it is a big NO NO for children specially till the age of 8. Use of aloevera, vitamin E and mild liquid paraffin can be used to soothe the skin.

  1. Baby eyes:

    The tear ducts in newborn babies are narrower. They can be slightly blocked, causing accumulation of tears in the corner of the eyes making them watery. In that case, the eyes can be cleaned using cotton balls soaked in water, gently wiping from the inside corner to the outside corner. Use a new cotton ball for each eye.

  1. For oil prone skin:

    Oil prone skin needs basic care. Face wash containing Aha bha contents can be used to control oil. Oil free sunscreens are a must whether it is indoors or outdoors. Consistent cleansing once in the morning and once before bedtime is important to remove the excess oil, debris and cut down oil product.

  1. Hair care:

    To treat problems like dermatitis or itchy scalp caused by seborrheic dermatitis, mild shampoos with pH balance that is around 5.5 to match the pH of the scalp can be used to take care of the scalp.

  1. Basic skin care:

    The most basic point to keep in mind is that any product should be paraben fragrance detergent or alkaline free. Paraben has been linked with damaging the endocrine system. Synthetic fragrances contain wide variety of irritating or even harmful chemicals derived from petroleum or coal.

  2. Coming cold climate:

    Intense moisturisers are a must in cold climate since the skin tends to  become dry easily. Herbal products often leads to allergies. Any product which is chemical free is a good choice.

Your child’s skin is sensitive and needs special attention and care. It is important to keep in mind that they can’t use the same products and diagnoses like adults. Parents are their soul caregivers and you need to take all measures to give your child a soft, glowing and nourished skin. These first steps are crucial for a healthy adult skin in future.



Chaitra K

Chaitra K

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