5 Shocking lifestyle reasons behind Dull Skin and why it needs to be rectified immediately


If looking at the mirror makes you cringe at how all of your salon treatments, expensive cosmetics or your home made skin remedies have failed you, then it’s time for a detailed analysis. As the first line of defense, our skin is exposed to all kinds of dirt, grime and pollution externally on a daily basis.

This affects the luster of the skin which is evident almost immediately. While we spend a lot of our time, energy and resources trying to curb these effects what we often forget is that the problem can be deeper than we think. One of the most important factors to consider here is our lifestyle.

Here are five shocking lifestyle reasons responsible for dull skin and why you need to rectify it immediately:


Like any other cell in the body, skin cells are also made up of water. Without adequate hydration the skin becomes dry, tight and dull. Skin in this condition is less resilient making it more prone to wrinkling and dullness.

Large amount of water that is lost on a daily basis for the proper functioning of the body must be replaced. Hence, it is advised to drink at least 8 glasses of water per day to stay hydrated. Ideally, applying a moisturizer is also an important form of skin hydration.

But not all brands available in the market are designed specifically to suit your skin type. On consultation with an expert dermatologist on the CureSkin app, you can find products and treatments tailor-made for your skin type.

Alcohol and Smoking

Excessive consumption of alcohol is another reason for unhealthy-looking complexion. A good balance of moisture is important for healthy looking skin and alcohol ruins that balance by dehydrating the skin. This imbalance makes the skin dull and you look older than you actually are.

Moreover several dermatological conditions like Rosacea and Psoriasis are aggravated by the consumption of alcohol. After sun and chemicals, tobacco is one of the main factors that accelerate the skin’s natural ageing process.

Smoking narrows the blood vessels of the body hence starving the skin of vital oxygen. It also damages the elastic tissues that keep the skin tight.  Hence alcohol consumption and smoking wreck havoc on the natural glow of the skin.

Not eating right

Following a certain diet sure helps you stay slim and fit but its effects are deep rooted. Whatever we eat, be it fruits, veggies or fats, it affects the skin just as much as it affects the waistline. Hence it is important to analyse if your diet is helping or ruining your skin.

Many diet plans on the internet claim to be the ultimate solution to your skin woes but what it doesn’t tell you is that the results are subjective. This is exactly why professional attention from a dermatologist is required. On the CureSkin app, one can get specially curated regimes to suit and solve specific skin and hair issues.

Improper sleep pattern

While skipping sleep for a night or two might not seem like a big deal, chronic sleep deprivation can damage the skin. Our body undergoes the process of repairing and renewing itself when we sleep. This is a cellular level process happening in the skin hence getting the right amount of sleep counts.

Since the skin is not exposed to the sun and other harmful elements in the night, it is in a more relaxed state allowing greater circulation and oxygen. This is the time for the repair mechanism to come into action.

If you do not get enough sleep, you do not allow the skin this time to repair itself. Now you have all the more reasons to get at least 7-8 hours of shut-eye every night.

Stress and Fatigue

The mind and the skin are intertwined in many ways.  Chronic or prolonged stress takes a toll on the skin and hair as well. The list of sin issues that are made worse by stress is long which includes Eczema, Psoriasis, and Acne etc.

Studies are being conducted to understand in detail how the stress hormones, Cortisol affects the skin. So basically our inner havoc shows itself clearly on our skin. How important it is then for us to identify our stress symptoms and correct them for a healthier looking sense?

Flawless glowing healthy skin is something everybody wants. Just like miracles don’t happen overnight, tackling lifestyle based issues takes time and patience. It is also important to consult a dermatologist from time to time to maintain healthy skin. On the CureSkin app, you can schedule a consultation session with expert dermatologists and solve your issues before they complicate further.



Picture of Dr Jisha Gomez

Dr Jisha Gomez

She is a highly skilled dermatology physician with strong expertise in improving skin & hair health through the development of corrective treatment combinations. She completed her Post-graduate Diploma in Dermatology from Cardiff, UK & Fellowship in Aesthetic Medicine (FAM) from the Institute of Laser and Aesthetic Medicine, Delhi with over 5+ years experience treating skin patients. She has worked in Government hospitals in Trivandrum and Bangalore. She is actively involved in creating awareness for healthy skin, breaking the social stigma based on skin colour & stopping steroid abuse in our country.