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5 things you need to stop doing if you have Pimples

Having a pimple pop up on your skin, especially on your face, can instantly take your confidence down a notch or two. This may be when you are heading out to a meeting or a date or even a function, none of us would want our skin looking any less perfect than it can be. However, pimples are not as instantaneous as they would have us believe, with their random appearances.

A pimple is a skin abnormality which occurs when glands known as the sebaceous glands(1) get clogged, which leads to an infection and swelling. These glands when functioning normally secrete oils which attribute to oily skin and scalp. But when combined with dirt and debris on the skin with bacteria, this causes infections leading to pimples.

Pimples are something that most people come across at some point in life. This is regardless of how good a condition their skin may be at and how much care they take. There are certain factors that may be influential and they are exactly the sort of things you need to stop doing if you want a pimple free future for your skin

Dietary preferences

Most dermatologists tend to black mark junk food and processed sugary products as a bad influence on the skin when ingested. However, there aren’t specific studies that prove that they can be a cause for acne and pimples as of now. Nevertheless, there are certain food products which may contain a specific hormone that could trigger acne, such as dairy products(2). Apart from this, Spice always increases the body’s tendency to produce sweat. And while this is healthy to an extent, excessive sweating can leave pores open and vulnerable to infections and pimples(3).

Use of cosmetics

Just as we always watch what we eat to manage our weight, we should also watch what we apply on our skin to contain acne and pimple outbreak. Greasy or oil-based makeup, when applied on the skin, tends to have an adverse effect, where it clogs up pores on the skin. However, this is mainly an issue only if the makeup is left on the skin for long periods of time.

Stressing out

A leading contributor to acne outbreak tends to be stress, as shown in several studies, such as that conducted at Stanford University and published later in the Archives of Dermatology(4). It showed that there was a correlation between the stress levels of students writing their final exams and the acne outbreaks they faced. So the next time you find yourself stressing, it might be helpful to ask yourself if you prefer a stress or a good pimple free skin.


The biggest urge we face with pimples is to pick at them. Even the most disciplined succumb to the itching urge to pick at pimples and pop them. This inevitably only leads to scarring and spreading of pimples across the skin.

Choice of solution

However, the biggest mistake most people make when it comes to pimples is the choice of remedy they choose. Simply opting for a peer-recommended store bought medical cream or attempting home remedies found baselessly on the internet have risks of backfiring and are extremely risky.

The best results have always been seen when professionals are consulted, who in this case are dermatologists like the ones at firms like CureSkin, who have the experience and expertise to address such issues.  So wait it out with the help and constant guidance of our experts, and meanwhile learn all that you can to minimize the threat of acne and look forward to healthier skin!

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