6 Reasons why you might be getting under eye Dark Circles

dark circles

Are dark circles getting you down? Do you often get asked if you are tired or haven’t slept well? The chances are that your dark circles are getting worse. But don’t worry because we’ve got you!

What are under eye dark circles?

Dark circles are the pigmented regions that appear underneath the eyes.

Why do you have dark circles? The question we are all asking!

There are so many different reasons why you might have dark circles!

  • They are mainly caused due to a lack of healthy blood circulation.
  • Genetics
  • Certain eating and sleeping habits
  • Sun exposure
  • Use of cosmetics
  • Smoking or consumption of alcohol.
  • Ageing

6 reasons that cause your under eye dark circles and how to prevent them!

There are often specific reasons why dark circles shadow the face, and these may range from dehydration to lack of sleep or even lack of the right type of care.  

Beauty sleep for dark circles

The amount of sleep we indulge in has a significant impact on the appearance of our skin, especially the under eyes. Dark circles can appear when we fail to get enough sleep, which reduces primary blood circulation and makes the skin look paler while darkening the skin right underneath the eyes.

 So get more sleep! And no more late-night binge-watching Netflix.

Why does it have to be age again!

 As you age, the fat deposits under the eye and in areas where the skin is thinner reduce, and the likelihood of developing dark circles increases.

 A good supplementary eye cream can help replenish this. With the help and guidance of a dermatologist, you can choose a suitable eye cream.

 Move your body

Of course,late-night now comes the matter of maintaining your fitness and health. Poor physical health can cause dark circles. Many of you are probably wondering how jogging in the morning can reduce your dark circles? The fact is, it does.

Committing to a good exercise regime can help your body snap back into a fitter state, keeping blood circulation at a healthy pace and reducing the paleness of your skin. This can make dark circles disappear in no time.

You’ve got to watch what you eat.

A good balance of healthy habits, such as getting a sufficient amount of sleep and a well-balanced diet with less salt, can all help you cure dark circles under your eyes. However, if it is a genetic cause, the remedies will only contain the issue rather than cure it.

Who would have thought, salt and dark circles?

According to studies, you might have to start watching what you eat before you go to bed. A high intake of salt in your meals before sleeping can lead to waking up with bags under your eyes and dark circles. This is due to salt’s capability to retain water. It also dehydrates the body, leading to more dark circles.

So watch your salt intake. That is all we will say.

Anaemia sounds a lot like anemone.

One other, lesser-known cause for dark circles is anaemia. This is the term bestowed upon an iron deficiency in our system and is one of the more common causes for dark circles that people tend to overlook.

The silver lining

Thankfully, there are simple but highly effective ways to battle dark circles. Of the many possible options ranging from medical treatments to apparent homemade remedies, the best way to approach dark circles is to take preventive measures that put no risk to your skin or body. All these involve the consultation of a dermatologist who can significantly help you with dark circles.

This is where an app like CureSkin can change your entire experience of skincare. CureSkin is an online skincare platform that provides dermatological solutions through a mobile application. The beauty of the application lies in its simplicity, where you have to merely answer a set of questions and take a photograph of your skin condition for diagnostic purposes. As a result, the app develops a customized skincare regimen for you that you can then purchase.

Additionally, it schedules appointments with its certified dermatologists, who track your skin’s progress with regular photo updates. They analyse your skin continually to achieve the best possible result.


1. Can drinking water help reduce under eye dark circles?

Drinking plenty of water is the topmost advice given by most dermatologists when people ask for solutions to dark circles. It is said that dehydrated skin prompts the darkening of the skin, especially in fragile parts of the skin, like under the eye.

2. What deficiency causes under eye dark circles?

A deficiency of vitamins like B12, E, K and D can possibly result in dark circles.

3. Can stress cause under eye dark circles?

Yes, unfortunately, this can happen. When you are stressed, your blood is circulated to other parts of your body except for your face. This lack of circulation can cause dark circles.

4. Does vitamin C help under eye dark circles?

 Yes, eating foods rich in vitamin C and using a vitamin C serum can help with your dark circles.






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