The dangers of having Dull Skin: Permanent damage if not treated

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Updated On - August 25, 2020 Dr Jisha Gomez
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In today’s society, where having a glowing skin translates often to a glowing review of the personality and a better public image, the pressure to maintain and improve skin condition is high.

One of the biggest dangers of having dull skin is how unappealing it can look, apart from any health-related red flags that it may indicate. When left unattended, dull skin can slowly lead to a diminished self-confidence and general dismay in individuals.

This is often one of the main reasons why people reach out to dermatologists in the first place, to address dull skin.

Since it is not an obvious skin condition like acne, the solution to it doesn’t come to people as fast as concocted home remedies that they find for pimples.

But when it comes to the dangers of having dull skin, it is against the advice of experts to ignore dull skin because it is often a cry from your body trying to ask for help. For instance, if you are a smoker or a constant consumer of alcohol, chances are high that you may have more dull and drab looking skin. This is because such products drain your skin off one important substance that it needs for looking healthy, and that is oxygen.

Additionally, when the skin is dehydrated it tends to show in certain characteristic ways. One main sign is when there are itchy patches on the dull skin. This is combined with dark under-eye circles. And if the skin is additionally flaky in certain regions, peeling to reveal more sensitive skin, then the condition is severe. These are the basic signs which alert you of dehydration, which uses dull skin as an indicator.

Dull skin is an affliction we face when there is a lack of adequate blood circulation.  Everyone today aspires to have glowing and healthy looking skin, and one of the easiest ways to obtain this is to adopt vitamin C into your lives. Although it has always been well known for being a vital component in healthy living, its effects on the skin are now being studied and prove to be astonishing.

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Vitamin C has the capability of suppressing an enzyme known as tyrosinase. This enzyme is what usually prompts and triggers the production of melanin in cells called melanocytes. This is especially effective on pigments that are present around hair follicles. Luckily these are prevalent throughout our body.

With this pursuit of good skin, people are slowly realizing when they have comparatively duller skin and look for solutions. And since the cause for dull skin lies in unhealthy habits, the solution is to follow and adopt a set of healthy habits.

This starts with hydration. Since oxygen and nutrients are the two main contributors to glowing skin, lack of moisture and hydration in the body can deprive the body of both. The natural nutrient content of water and its basic hydration of the body will always help in improving the dullness of skin.

This should be followed up with a healthy diet plan. Withholding nutrients from our system and indulging in unnecessary junk food does no good for the body and results in dull skin. So go ahead and pack nutrients and greens into your diet with plenty of fluids for glowing skin.

As much as you may like to live life to the fullest and indulge in alcohol consumption, it will slowly but surely show up on your skin. This and smoking robs the body of nutrients and produces free radicals that damage the skin structure.

By simply making small changes to your lifestyle, you can bring about a change in your skin. Get ready to introduce a glow to it with the help of dermatologists and experts who can guide you better.

But this is easier said than done, especially for people living in more suburban cities. This is where an app like CureSkin can change the whole experience of skin care. CureSkin is an online skin care platform that provides dermatological solutions and cares through a mobile application.

The beauty of the application lies in its simplicity, where the user has to merely answer a set of questions and take a photograph of their skin condition for diagnostic purposes. And the result is that the app develops a customized skin care regimen for you that you can then purchase.

Additionally, it schedules call appointments with its certified dermatologists who track your skin’s progress with regular photo updates and analyze the skin continually to achieve the best possible result. This consists of follow-up calls every two weeks till the customer is satisfied with their skin.

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