Curly hair do’s and don’ts and how to take care of it.


To all the curly hair beauties out there! This one’s for you.

We all have many different hair types and textures, but the most fun one is definitely curly hair. Thick curly locks are all the craze right now. For years, straight hair was made to seem like the ideal hair type. However, that is just not true. Our opinion is that your hair type is the perfect type! Today, more people are embracing their curly hair in its natural avatar. And we think that is amazing!

While curly hair is a lot of things, it is also harder to take care of and maintain. A lot of the time it is possible for curly to look frizzy or rough because of the wrong hair care techniques.

So, that is what we are here for. We’ve got you!

How to wash curly hair

Washing curly hair does not necessarily follow the same pattern as washing other hair types. It is crucial to take into consideration the needs of curly hair and address them.

Pre-shampoo treatment – The biggest issue with curly hair is that it doesn’t get much moisture and can therefore get quite dry. A pre-shampoo treatment involves using a pre-shampoo conditioner or a regular conditioner before you shampoo it. This step is usually recommended only for very curly and dry hair. It softens the hair so that it is easier to detangle later. During the process of shampooing, the hair tends to get tangled up. This process also provides an extra layer of moisture so that the natural oils are not washed off when using shampoo.

Cleanse – Naturally, the next step is to wash your hair with shampoo. Try to invest in good quality shampoos and conditioners that are specifically tailored to curly or waxy hair. It is best to use lukewarm water while shampooing. Try to resist the temptation of using water that is too hot or too cold. When washing your hair, gently use your fingers and cleanse your scalp. Try your best not to put your hair in positions that will make it more tangled up. After this, you can wash off your shampoo thoroughly.

Condition – When conditioning curly hair, it is best to neatly part your hair into sections and then apple the conditioner onto each section. Make sure the conditioner is distributed evenly throughout the hair.

Post hair wash care for curly hair.

When it comes to curly hair, what you do after a shower is also necessary to pay attention to, if not handled properly, you take the risk of dismantling your curls or even increasing the frizz.

1. When your hair is still dripping wet, apply your leave-in conditioner or a curl defining cream or gel. This provides loads of moisture to your curls, helping them retain their bounce.

2.  Make sure to follow the instructions as given on your product label.

3. Now start scrunching up your hair. Either put your head upside down or bring it to the front of your shoulders and use your hands to create a scrunching motion. With cupped fingers, scrunch upwards until the hair feels bouncy.

4. The next step is to air dry your hair as much as possible, as blow-drying can unravel your curls and leave you with a terrible frizz. If you absolutely have to use a blow dryer, use a diffuser attachment and low heat to dry it. This helps retain your natural curls.

How to take care of your hair while sleeping!

Yup, with curly hair, you have to worry about what happens to it while you sleep as well.

·  Using a silk or satin pillow cover is a perfect way to retain the moisture in your hair. This is because cotton covers absorb a lot of natural oils from your hair, and you can’t afford that with curly hair.

·  Tie your hair up into a top knot or bun, or you can even braid it loosely. This prevents the hair from getting tangled and rubbing against each other.

·  You can use a serum or something hydrating in your hair before you go to bed to ensure you wake up with luscious curls.

·  It is a great idea to wrap your hair up in a silk or satin scarf before you hit the bed. This keeps your hair in place and reduces the loss of moisture. Nowadays, you also get silk hair caps or nightcaps that you can order online and put around your head at night.

Curly hair do’s and don’ts.

Don’ts –

o   Do not use too much shampoo when washing your hair. This will only lead to dryness.

o   Do not wash your hair frequently. This can affect your lustrous locks and also cause dryness. The maximum you should wash your hair in a week is twice or every other day if really needed.

o   Do not use a towel to dry your curly locks. Towels can be harsh for curly hair and take away the moisture from it. Instead, use a soft cotton t-shirt or microfiber cloth.

o   Try to avoid heat and styling products as much as possible. If using, then make sure they are on low heat and always apply a heat protectant serum or spray 10 minutes before using them. This avoids damage.

o   Do not tie your hair too tight when making a bun or ponytail.

Do’s –

·  Adopt a method called co-washing. This involves applying conditioner to your hair without shampooing it first. When it comes to curly hair, because of its tendency to be dry and rough, this is a great way to get moisture in.

·  Deep condition your hair whenever necessary. When it starts to feel dry and frizzy, don’t hesitate to give it a good deep conditioning treatment.

·  Choose hairstylists who you trust to cut your hair. Your selection should be based on their experience with cutting and managing curly hair because that is a whole different ball game.

·  Just before stepping out of the shower, wash your hair with cool water to close your hair cuticles and maintain moisture

·  Be gentle with your hair and protect it from split ends.

The silver lining

Curly hair is definitely one to be embraced with all its beauty and craziness. But all of that comes at a cost. Your care routine for it may seem harder, but it will always be worth the time.

 Love those locks.

They deserve it.


  1. Is it okay to go to sleep with wet hair?

Ideally, you should hit the bed only when your hair is dry. Sleeping with wet hair can increase the risk of fungal infections and hair breakage. It can also result in waking up with messy tangled hair.

  1. Why does my curly hair feel sticky?

If you are feeling a stickiness in your hair, then you’re probably using too much product. While we understand that curly hair can be coarse and dry it is still important not to overuse your hair care products.

  1. How can I bring out my natural curls?

This can be done by using your fingers to detangle your hair when it is dry instead of a brush when you want your curls to stay intact on certain days. 

  1. What does hair build-up look like?

A build-up of hair products will make your hair look dull in appearance. The only way to undo this is to cleanse it properly with an appropriate shampoo.



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