Dry skin around the mouth. Causes, treatments and more!


Did you wake up one morning and notice your mouth surrounded by dry skin? Did you run around the house panicking? Because we did! There are many reasons for that dry skin around the mouth. Today, we will enlighten you with the possible reasons for this occurring and what you can do to help manage it! Let’s go!

What causes dry skin around the mouth?

Dry skin around the mouth can be the product of skin diseases, lifestyle patterns and even the products you use.

Skin conditions that cause dry skin

1. Perioral dermatitis – This skin condition is caused by creams and inhalers that contain steroids. Various skin irritants, heavy creams and certain kinds of toothpaste can also cause this condition. When it occurs, the skin around your mouth can turn red, scaly and inflamed. Dealing with it can mean facing some burning and itching.

2. Eczema – This can be another cause of dryness, cracking, bumps and some itching around your mouth. This is because you have come in contact with something that has reacted with your skin causing eczema.

3. Psoriasis and rosacea –  These common skin issues can also cause surface reactions around your mouth as a symptom.

Those allergies again!

Allergies cause all kinds of chaos when it comes to the skin! You could be allergic to absolutely anything! And end up with a terrible rash or skin irritation. This happens around the mouth very often as this is where we consume food and end up touching our face most often.

The weather? The dry skin culprit

Yup, the weather can give you dry skin around the mouth. In particular, dry, cold weather is the culprit. The skin around your mouth is sensitive and delicate. Therefore it can get affected quite easily by the kind of weather you expose it to.

Your skincare products can cause dry skin

The products meant to heal and protect your skin may be resulting in drying it out further. But how do you know which ones? If they have alcohol or any fragrances in them, then you have got your suspects right in front of you. Alcohol dries your skin, while fragrances can irritate it.

The source of life

Are you dehydrated? Then you have your answer. A lack of water in your body and skin will eventually lead to dry skin. A lack of natural oils can also cause dryness. This dry skin can turn red, flaky, and even erupt into tiny bumps. So drink that water and drink it now.

Bad habits that lead to dry skin

This is a fun one! You know all that lip biting, licking and picking? That can be the reason why there is dry skin around the mouth! You are probably causing skin irritation and raw skin because of these habits. The good news is that we have the solution! Stop doing it.

How to treat dry skin around the mouth?

Every cause for dry skin around the mouth has a different treatment. So let us have a look at some!

  • When it comes to perioral dermatitis, go to a doctor, and they will probably ask you to stop using any steroid treatments.
  • If the dryness is caused by eczema, you should consider moisturising well and consulting with a doctor.
  • A doctor should address all skin disease-related causes before you try anything else.
  • To avoid allergic reactions, always do a patch test before putting anything on your face.
  • Wash your hands well before touching your face.
  • Use a moisturiser that suits your skin type regularly, especially on dry areas.
  • To avoid irritation, use products that a dermatologist recommends. Mild products are more gentle on the skin.
  • Always cleanse your skin well but do not cleanse it more than twice a day if your skin is dry. Otherwise, it will make your skin lose its moisture.
  • To remove dead skin cells, exfoliate your skin once a week. This can help in revealing your new fresh skin, especially around the mouth.
  • Stop biting your lips. Instead of licking your lips, apply a lip balm and do not pick your lips or the skin around them. Use a lip scrub to remove any flaky skin.

The silver lining

While dry skin around the mouth and rashes can seem scary, they can be fixed by simple lifestyle changes most of the time. If it gets worse, however, visit a skin specialist or dermatologist. The main lesson here is to take good care of your skin, and it will thank you with a beautiful glow!


The natural remedies mentioned in the blog are the widely popular ones. However, it is in no way a substitute for medical advice, treatment or diagnosis. Avoid using these if you have sensitive skin or are prone to allergies. 

Before trying any natural remedy, always test a small quantity on your skin to check for any adverse reactions or allergy to any particular ingredient. Then, in case of an emergency or any reaction, immediately connect with a doctor who can offer the proper treatment.


1. What home remedies can I use to reduce dry skin around the mouth?

Hydrating ingredients like honey and aloe vera are an option for treating dry skin. Just make sure you are not allergic to them. However, if your dryness is due to a particular skin condition, these remedies will not help. You will need to consult a dermatologist right away.

2. How can a dermatologist help with this?

They will first identify the cause of the dryness. After talking to you about your environment and lifestyle habits, they will instruct you on the proper steps to take to heal your skin.

3. What does perioral dermatitis look like?

It can often look like a red rash around your mouth that has bumps on it. Your skin can also become swollen and inflamed.

4. How long does it take for dryness around your skin to go away?

This entirely depends on the cause of the dryness and the necessary treatment.



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