Skin tag removal using toothpaste. Is it the best or worst idea?


Have you heard of skin tags? Did you wake up one day and freak out because there was a random growth on your body? Desperate for solutions, did you come across skin tag removal using toothpaste? Well, the debate is up! Should you be using toothpaste to remove skin tags or not? Let’s find out.

First, what is a skin tag?

A skin tag is a growth on the skin that protrudes. While it may look scary, it is not cancerous. It can, however, be unappealing and inconvenient. They are also called acrochordons. They tend to grow in places where the skin is folded over, like the underarms, neck and groin.

Skin tag removal and toothpaste

People believe that toothpaste can remove skin tags because it contains hydrogen peroxide. Along with its whitening properties, it also dries out the skin. Repeatedly drying the skin tag out can result in it eventually falling off. The question here is, do dermatologists recommend this?

The answer is no.

Why don’t dermatologists recommend toothpaste to remove skin tags?

  • First and foremost, you should not diagnose a skin tag at home. It is always safe to get it diagnosed by a doctor in case the growth is cancerous.
  • Toothpaste that contains hydrogen peroxide can dry the skin and cause wrinkles along with other damage.
  • Apart from this, the removal of skin tags is a precarious process that can have complications.
  • There is no medical evidence that toothpaste is effective or safe to remove skin tags.
  • If you do want to get a skin tag removed, then your best option is to book an appointment with a dermatologist and undergo safe treatment.

Risks of skin tag removal at home

Removing skin tags at home can be dangerous if not handled properly.

1. You can risk ending up with an infection by exposing it to an unsanitary environment.

2. Improper removal can cause excessive bleeding.

3. You can also end up with a scar from improper treatment.

The silver lining

Skin tags are actually not harmful to your health in any way. The only reason for its removal is inconvenience and aesthetics. As long as you make the right decisions and get it removed by a doctor, you can avoid complications.


1. Can I use home remedies to remove skin tags?

We do not recommend the use of any home remedies to remove skin tags as none of them have medical evidence to back them up. Always go to a doctor for this procedure.

2. How do I know if my growth is a skin tag or another growth?

The only way to know this is to get it diagnosed by a doctor. Do not self-diagnose this condition.

3. How does a dermatologist remove skin tags?

A dermatologist can remove your skin tags safely with procedures such as laser treatment, cryotherapy and cauterisation.

4. Does the removal of skin tags leave a scar?

When removed in a healthy environment by an experienced doctor, a skin tag can be removed with minimal damage and no scar left behind.



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