Hair Straightening: Things You Should Know Before Trying It


You could be tired of your curly hair or maybe want to experiment with a new look. The reason may vary, but the straight hair look is here to stay. One such sure-shot way to get sleek and smooth hair is hair straightening. Although you might be familiar with some of the hair straightening treatments, there are several others that you should know. It will aid in making an informed decision as to which hair straightening technique will be the best for your hair.


Permanent Hair Straightening

i. Hair Relaxation

One of the most popular techniques that can help straighten extremely curly hair. From the varied chemical relaxers, your hairstylist will select the one appropriate for you. The effects of hair relaxation can last for about three months until new hair regrows.

Things to Remember

  • You may experience dryness, hair fall, and split ends.
  • As a permanent hair straightening method, it will take time and effort to get back to your natural hair texture.
  • Your hair lengths may remain straight, but roots may depict curly hair as they regrow. Hence, you may have to go for regular touch-ups.  

ii. Keratin Treatment

If you want to smoothen and soften your hair, this treatment is perfect for you. Instead of completely straightening your hair, it softens your natural curls and waves. Also known as a Brazilian blowout, this treatment makes daily styling easy for you. The hair appears shiny and healthy. Based on your hair texture and type, the effects may last for about three months.

Things to Remember

  • As the treatment contains unsafe levels of formaldehyde (cancer-causing chemical), it can be immensely harmful.
  • You may have itchy eyes, runny nose and scalp irritation.
  • Coughing or Chest tightness are other issues that some people face.
  • Consult with a professional and follow all the safety measures and instructions to remain safe.


Temporary Hair Straightening

i. Straightening Hair With a Flat Iron

This technique can get you straight and soft hair quickly without spending a fortune. You may have to do it regularly to attain smooth hair as it is a temporary solution. If you do not want to try chemical treatments, this is an ideal option.  The effects may remain until you wash your hair.

Things to Remember

  • Before straightening your hair, always use a heat protectant spray.
  • Follow the correct procedure and safety measures.
  • Apart from this, try to have some heat-free days to let your hair breathe.

ii. Blow Drying

A great way to tame your unruly hair is to use a blow dryer. This treatment gives a straight and sleek finish. The effects will remain intact until you wash your hair or if it’s hot and humid where you stay.

Things to Remember

  • Before blow-drying, use a heat protectant spray and serums.
  • Other than this, a round bristle brush will give you more control as compared to regular brushes. 

How Should You Choose the Best Hair Straightening Technique For Your Hair?

1. Hair Type 

Your hair type is a crucial factor that determines which treatment will suit you. If you have extremely curly hair, you may need a treatment that’s good enough to make your hair straight. Despite your hair type, start taking care of your hair months before the treatment. Be cautious if you have thin or damaged hair. 

2. Budget

It is a vital factor as the expenses differ for each treatment. Along with this, you will also require other products such as shampoo, conditioners, serum to maintain the effect of the treatment. Do talk to your stylist and see which treatment can fit into your budget and satisfy your needs.

3. Results that You Desire

You may want to soften your hair rather than making it poker straight or straighten your hair for a shorter period. It’s crucial to focus on the result or outcome you wish to achieve and then choose an ideal hair straightening option. 

4. Look For a Professional

Always choose a hairstylist who has years of experience to help avoid any damage to your hair. Research and talk to hairstylists and go ahead only when you are sure.

It’s a Wrap

Either you want to straighten your hair permanently or try it for some time; the choice is yours. Whatever technique you finalise, your hair health should be your priority. Your straightened hair will look beautiful only when it’s healthy and strong. Therefore, keep nourishing and caring for it.

Most treatments have certain risks that you must be aware of before you plan to try them. Pregnant women or those with sensitive skin should avoid hair straightening methods that use chemicals. Talk to a doctor for any concerns or queries as she/he can advise you on the right treatment for your hair. 


  1. Is straightening good for your hair?

Straightening can surely give you frizz-free, smooth and straight hair, but excessive use of heat and chemicals can damage your hair too. Your hair may face issues such as hair loss, dryness and split ends. 

2. Which hair straightening method is the best?

As varying as your hair types and requirements, not every treatment may work for you. The best hair straightening method is the one that is ideal for your hair type, needs, condition, budget and results. 

3. Is it possible to permanently straighten your hair?

Yes, there are several ways to straighten your hair permanently. Go through the blog to understand the different techniques in detail. 

  1. What are the side effects of permanent hair straightening?

With all the hair straightening techniques, there are some side effects involved. Some of the issues you can encounter are an itchy scalp, hair fall, coughing, split ends, and dryness. Other than that, some of the chemicals used in these treatments can even cause cancer. Therefore, keep these facts in mind and then opt for hair straightening. 



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