Large Pores: Is there a Way to Shrink Them?


Do you often stand in front of a mirror and keep staring at your pores? Your mind is constantly bothered with the appearance and pore size. Despite trying not to overthink, that’s the only thing in your mind. This obsession with the way your pores look is a real issue faced by numerous people worldwide. Keep reading the blog to learn more about large pores, their causes, and how you can make them less visible.

a. What do You Mean by Pores?

Our entire body, except for feet and hands, is covered with hair. Each hair strand has a follicle located beneath the skin’s surface, under a small opening called a skin pore. 

Pores are small openings that help release sweat, and the natural oil of your body, known as sebum. It helps moisturise your skin. Apart from this, they are necessary to maintain healthy and supple skin. 

Quick Fact/Clear Your Concepts With CureSkin

Open pores is a misleading term as they are always open. They can get clogged, but you cannot remove or close them. A large pore implies a large opening rather than the pores being large or small. 

b. What Leads to Large Pores?

Generally, your genes determine your pore size, but factors such as ageing, oily skin, and sun damage also lead to enlarged pores. You cannot remove or close them; however, with regular skincare and the use of the right products, you can slowly reduce their appearance. Also, with an increase in age and sun exposure, pores may start to appear larger. 

c. How to Make Large Pores Appear Less Visible?

1. Keep Your Face Clean

It may seem like a pretty basic step, but it is essential for healthy skin. Opt for a cleansing routine that is appropriate for your skin. You can wash your face twice a day. Those with normal to dry skin can use creamy cleansers, whereas; oily skin can benefit from gel-based cleansers or foaming cleansers. Apply the cleanser gently in a circular motion for around 20 to 60 seconds. Use lukewarm water to wash your face. 

Tip To Remember

Never buy cleansers that have scrubbing agents or soap. Using them can make your pores look enlarged.

2. Never Skip Moisturising Your Skin

All skin types need to moisturise their skin every day. Choose a moisturiser that hydrates your skin but without clogging your pores. By using a moisturiser, you’re not only reducing the appearance of oil but even conditioning your skin. Look for a light, non-comedogenic or water-based moisturiser.  

3. Exfoliate Regularly

Exfoliating your skin helps eliminate excess oil, dead skin cells and dirt that can clog pores. You can exfoliate either once in two weeks, but not more than that. It can make your skin dry. If you have acne, avoid exfoliation as it can irritate your pimples. Look for an exfoliant that contains BHA (beta-hydroxy acids) and AHA (alpha-hydroxy acids). If you are allergic to aspirin, avoid using BHA products, also known as salicylic acid.

4. Switch to Water-Based Products

Oil-based products contain coconut oil, petrolatum and other kinds of oil. They moisturise the skin but may not be appropriate for people with large pores and oily skin. In other words, the extra oil on your skin can clog your pores and make them large. It would be better to choose water-based, oil-free and non-comedogenic products.

 5. Always Use a Sunscreen

Excess sun exposure can increase the risk of cancer, causes wrinkles, dryness and large pores. Use sunscreen with an SPF 30 (at least) and apply it 15 minutes before you plan to step out. 

6. Do Not Forget to Remove Makeup 

Sleeping may seem like an easy option when exhausted, but it is necessary to remove makeup before you hit the bed. When you leave makeup overnight, cosmetics can combine with oil and dirt, causing clogged pores. 

7. Do Stay Hydrated

Drinking water is the key to healthy and clear skin. Apart from keeping skin hydrated, water helps remove toxins from pores and enhances the overall complexion. You can have about eight glasses of plain water every day.

8. A Clay Mask Can be Helpful for Large Pores

Clay masks are great to remove dead skin, oil and dirt from your pores to make them look smaller in size. Avoid using a clay mask and exfoliating on the same day as it can cause skin irritation. Use this face mask once a week.

 9. Reach Out to a Dermatologist For Large Pores

If you do not see any impact despite changing your habits and lifestyle, talk to a dermatologist. She/he can recommend the proper treatment that would be suitable for your condition. They can also recommend in-office procedures like chemical peels, microdermabrasion, microneedling and laser treatments. If your large pores are due to acne, the doctor can prescribe medicated products. 

It’s a Wrap

Large pores can be a massive concern for many of us. Though, you need to keep in mind that a pore isn’t a defect in your skin. As humans, it’s normal to have pores on your skin. Living in a world that eats and breathes filters, it becomes easy to desire flawless skin. Additionally, the photos in ads and magazines make you believe that pores do not exist. Honestly, those photographs have gone through editing to look like that and aren’t real. 

You can minimise the appearance of your pores by following a good skincare routine, a balanced diet, and regular exercise. Use products that work for your skin concern and type. Do consult a doctor if you want to opt for professional treatments or have any concerns.


1. Is it possible to close your pores?

You cannot close or remove your pores. Though, there are things you can do to make them appear less visible. Go through the blog above to understand the methods and essential tips to decrease your pore size. 

2. What are the causes of large pores?

Some of the factors are as follows:

  • Genetics
  • Excess Sebum
  • Acne
  • Decrease in elasticity around your pore
  • Sun Damage
  • Increase in the hair follicle volume

3. Does pore size increase with age?

Ageing makes your skin lose its elasticity which leads to sagging and stretching of the skin. Thereby making pores look large.

4. How to make pores look smaller naturally?

Natural remedies such as egg-white mask, fullers earth or multani mitti mask and aloe vera gel can make your pores look smaller. Though, there are no medical studies or evidence to prove their efficacy. These natural remedies are popular and extensively used, but you have to be sure that you aren’t allergic to these ingredients. Always take a patch test to see if it suits you or not. If you face any adverse reaction after applying any natural remedy, immediately talk to a doctor.

5. Can rubbing ice on the face decrease pore size?

Rubbing ice or placing a cold pack on the skin will help reduce puffiness or swelling. There is no medical evidence to claim that it can reduce your pore size.



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