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How CureSkin Treats Your Skin With Just Your Photo

Wondering how CureSkin recommends a Personalised Skin Treatment Regime based on a single photograph? 

Here’s what happens behind the scenes once you upload a picture of your skin:

Step 1: AI Analyses Your Skin Thoroughly

✔ Our breakthrough AI technology instantly detects your skin type, skin conditions, skin concerns like acne, dark circles, pigmentations, scars, etc, even the ones invisible to naked eyes. 

Step 2: Skin Questionnairecureskin

✔ A simple questionnaire is the second step in the process. You will be asked to answer a few questions based on your medical history and lifestyle. This helps doctor to know your skin better.

Step 3: A Personal Dermatologist is Assigned To You



✔ An expert CureSkin dermatologist looks at your picture, takes the help of the AI-generated report of your skin to formulate a personalised skin treatment regimen.

Step 4: Customised Skin Treatment Regimen


✔ Your personal dermatologist prescribes you a personalised skin treatment kit with some diet & lifestyle guidance that’s simple yet effective in achieving healthier skin.

In just a few quick steps, you’re on the road towards your healthiest skin ever! 


Can’t wait to Transform your Skin into Better?

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