Hydrated Skin: Secrets Tips Approved By Dermatologists

Hydrated Skin

There’s so much more to hydration than applying a good quality moisturiser once a day on your skin. The lipid barrier, also known as the moisture barrier, plays the role of locking in moisture. It helps keep the skin healthy and hydrated. 

Lack of hydration can make your skin appear dull, tight, inflamed and itchy. Eventually, this could lead to wrinkles, sagging skin and premature skin ageing. The good part is that you can restore hydration and heal the damage through certain lifestyle changes and tips. Continue reading to learn the ways to make your skin hydrated again. 

What Are The Signs to Check If You Have Dehydrated Skin?

  • Wrinkles & Fine Lines
  • Dark Circles
  • Dry Mouth
  • Dull Skin
  • Itchiness
  • Puffy Eyes

Effective Ways To Make Your Skin Hydrated

Check Your Products

You could have the best products, but that doesn’t mean they are doing you any good. Always choose the ones that are ideal for your skin type and condition. A better option is to look for products with hydrating ingredients like hyaluronic acid, ceramides, lipids and fatty acids. 

Food That Can Boost Hydration

Several food sources are known for their high water content as they can help provide essential nutrients and keep your skin moisturised. You can include food items such as cucumber, watermelon, carrot, pear, bell peppers, plums and berries.

Drink Water

Apart from things that you can do externally, it is necessary to pay attention to internal factors. In other words, monitor your daily water intake. You need to drink an adequate amount of water to ensure your skin stays supple and smooth. Lack of water can make your skin rough, dry and dull. 

Get Rid Of Soaps

You may not know that soaps contain harsh chemicals that strip away the skin’s natural oil and moisture. Avoid using soaps that have perfume, alcohol or deodorants. Switch to soap-free cleansers. 

Enjoy Your Beauty Sleep

It is good to wake up early, but you also need to understand the importance of getting proper sleep. While you sleep, your skin gets into work mode. It repairs damage and replenishes moisture. At least try to get 8-9 hours of good quality sleep.

Get Yourself a Humidifier

A wise investment that’s great for your skin is to get a humidifier. It is beneficial during the winters and throughout the year if you reside in a dry climate. Low moisture content in the air can make your skin dry. Using a humidifier adds moisture into the air and helps your skin to stay hydrated.

Exfoliate Regularly

No product will work on your skin if you do not remove dead skin cells. Whatever you apply on your skin will not seep in, thanks to dead skin cells acting as a barrier. A gentle exfoliating scrub or mask can come to your rescue. Do not forget to moisturise your skin afterwards. Keep in mind not to overdo it as it can damage your skin. Once in two weeks is more than enough. 

Pay Attention To Your Feet & Hands

You spend most of your time nourishing your face, but your hands and feet are as important. Whenever you are moisturising your face, do not forget your feet and hands. Also, keep in mind that lips, too, are often ignored. Throughout the day and specifically at night, moisturise all the areas mentioned- face, hands, feet and lips. 

Start Using an Under Eye Cream

Apart from your face, even the skin around your eyes can lose moisture. Since it’s a delicate area, it requires extra care. Look for under eye creams with hydrating ingredients. 

Summing Up

A natural human tendency is to expect instant results. That could be the case with you as well. You need to remember that there’s no quick fix to get hydrated skin. Even the products need some time to show results. It can be frustrating to wait, but you need to be patient. With time you will be able to notice changes in your skin. In case you do not see any results despite trying almost everything, talk to your doctor. 


  1. How can you hydrate your skin from the inside?

Your diet and water intake play a massive role in keeping your skin healthy and hydrated. Include water-rich food and drink a lot of water. 

  1. What food items help in hydrating the skin?

Some of the food items that help hydrate your skin are as follows.

  • Carrots
  • Watermelon
  • Nuts & Seeds
  • Tomatoes
  • Cucumber
  1. What can you drink to make your skin hydrated?

The best, as always, is plain water that you should have throughout the day. You can also include herbal teas such as tulsi tea, dandelion root tea and spearmint tea. 

  1. How can you hydrate your skin fast?

There is no way you can hydrate your skin fast or rapidly. You’ll have to follow the tips mentioned in the blog and remain patient to see results. 



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