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Self-medication helps you skip Doctor’s visit? You are thinking wrong!

Self-medication helps you skip Doctor’s visit? You are thinking wrong!

With so many painkillers and antibiotics easily available at the local pharmacy, it becomes possible for anyone to self-medicate & treat common health problems, isn’t it? Most of us have done it at some point in life! We tend to become self-doctors at times. In addition, the internet makes it super easy to self-diagnose (which is often wrong!) and self-medicate without ever seeing a doctor. Well, this appears to be convenient,  saves a hospital’s visit and a costly bill. But, little did you know that it comes at the expense of your health and can cost your life too?

Many times we rely on pharmacists to find medical solutions, we treat the man in the medical store as a doctor. Of course a cheaper version of the doctor. The medicines/drugs they offer you might look relatively safe, but it’s not! Inappropriate use of such over-the-counter (OTC) drugs could have serious implications on your health. Pharmacists are not trained health care professionals, they are here to make a profit out of selling medicines, do not blindly go by their words!

Not just now, but for generations, people have been self-medicating to quick-fix health problems and to cope with life, often turning to drugs available over-the-counter. Whether it is just a crocin (for fever!) or aspirin(for a headache!), we believe they are ‘safe’ medicines and can be used by anyone. Not just these, people also prescribe doses of powerful drugs too by themselves due to ignorance, misbelieves, advertisements, never bothering to consult the doctor. Popping pills to mask your health conditions may get you instant relief but what we don’t realize is that it is not free of side-effects. It will make matters worse!

12 Reasons why self-medicating using over-the-counter drugs is dangerous.

  1. Firstly, you might end up doing wrong self-diagnosis followed by wrong self-medication.
  2. Wrong medication can lead to adverse reactions and worsen your health conditions.
  3. Some drugs lead to addiction, it could also cost you your life.
  4. Some painkillers and antibiotics can’t be taken in random doses, but often, we underestimate its strength and take them in excess. Now, this is a real threat.
  5. We simply do not know what the drug/medicine is made up of, it may or may not suit our body type.
  6. We do not know whether it can be combined with other medicines or not. Truth is, we are ignorant, and ignorance is not bliss.
  7. Some drugs might be disastrous for someone prone to allergies, it creates drug-dependence too.
  8. We are also clueless about the side-effects of medicines on our body. This leads to health complications.
  9. Some drugs may have long-term consequences of liver or kidney failure.
  10. Basically, there are high chances of wrong administration of medicines and dosage.
  11. Due to the overuse of some drugs, our body starts developing resistance to antibodies. Later, even when the right medicine is given, it may turn useless.
  12. We are totally unaware of how the drug should be taken, its side-effects and even reactions. Hence, consulting a doctor is a must!

Self-medication looks instant, and of course, there is no expense of the doctor. But eventually, you will suffer from severe health issues, your medical expense increases two-fold. Your desire to self-medicate in order to avoid hospital may, ultimately, send you to the hospital.

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