What helps us stay calm during the lockdown? We asked the experts!

lockdown tips

Today, due to lockdown, having dinner with friends outside or inviting guests to our home is no longer considered normal. We are consistently told to stay back home, isolated from each other and this is taking a toll on all of us!

The news on the coronavirus outbreak has been continuously negative, making us feel hopeless. Along with this, we are unable to carry out usual routines that might have helped us manage this stress. Hitting the gym, meeting friends over coffee and even our morning walk has been banned. It’s expected of us to get more annoyed, less patient and less calm. 

There’s uncertainty on many levels which is very new to us. Walking the dog, riding the metro/bus to work, dropping children at school creates a sense of normalcy. Unfortunately, when these daily activities are significantly impacted, we experience angst.

How to manage stress and remain calm when the world has turned upside down. Here’s what the experts say.

1. Don’t neglect yourself

Self-care has never been more important. Get good sleep, eat a healthy meal and engage in some kind of physical activity every day. Doing these things right will help you stay calm and relaxed. Keep them as priority among others.

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2. Amidst negativity, try staying positive.

A whole lot of people are complaining about how to stay at home without conflict. This is an unusual situation. People are going to vent out frustrations due to missed out important events, vacations, weddings and even funerals, along with countless other celebrations, over the next few days. Most of us are disappointed. Those feelings are real and destructive. But, we need to keep the bigger picture in mind and try staying positive.

3. Stay connected with your loved ones.

Distance is no more a barrier in communication. Virtually meetup your family & friends to get updates on them. It’s times like these we need one another most. And even though we can’t physically connect, it’s important and luckily possible to stay connected with anyone through social media, phone calls and video conferencing.

4. Accept the situation

Sometimes, situations are not within our control. Let go of the things you can’t control and focus on those aspects of your life you still have control over, like cooking a meal, calling a friend or starting your day with a workout.

5. Stop overthinking

Stay informed about the latest news & policies being implemented. But keep your focus on the facts without adding the “what ifs,”. It can lead to catastrophic thinking which impacts your well-being negatively. 

6. Take a break from the news

Stay informed, but don’t ponder over it all day every day. Constant news consumption will fuel your anxiety than to be helpful.

7. Remain joyful

In a serious situation, do more of what makes you smile and laugh your heart out to eliminate stress. Find the small joys in the situation, like getting to spend more time with loved ones, cooking or watching funny movies. 

8. Appreciate things you still have

Feel grateful for what you have. Tell your friends and family how much you appreciate them, this is the perfect chance.  Sharing deep feelings can make us feel good.

9. Create a new healthy routine

Create a new routine that suits your current situation. Stay on track throughout the day, continue progressing towards your bigger life goals. Look for opportunities to catch up on the backlog of things you always wished you had more time for. Find new routines that make you happy.

While we’re living in a stressful time, it’s important to take care of our health. Let’s do it well!
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Picture of Dr Jisha Gomez

Dr Jisha Gomez

She is a highly skilled dermatology physician with strong expertise in improving skin & hair health through the development of corrective treatment combinations. She completed her Post-graduate Diploma in Dermatology from Cardiff, UK & Fellowship in Aesthetic Medicine (FAM) from the Institute of Laser and Aesthetic Medicine, Delhi with over 5+ years experience treating skin patients. She has worked in Government hospitals in Trivandrum and Bangalore. She is actively involved in creating awareness for healthy skin, breaking the social stigma based on skin colour & stopping steroid abuse in our country.