Which Face Wash Should You Use And Why?

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Updated On - August 25, 2020 Dr Jisha Gomez
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Face Wash! Confused with which product to buy and which one not to? Choosing skin care products has never been harder than it is today. We are spoilt for choice! There are just too many of them. We fear to make wrong skin care choices, don’t we?

What’s covered in this article:
✔ What does a Face Wash do?
Normal Soap v/s Face Wash: Which one should you use?
✔ Finding Face Wash based on Your Skin Type
How often should you use a Face Wash?

What does a Face Wash do?

Face wash is the basic step to any skin care routine. It helps remove the build-up of dirt and oil, it helps boost skin hydration levels and maintain clear skin.

Normal Soap v/s Face Wash: Which one should you use?

Most skin experts advise people to keep bar soaps off the facial skin at all costs. This is because of 3 main reasons:

  • pH Balance 

Our skin naturally has an “acidic” layer. This is a barrier layer of the skin that protects it. However, a regular bar soap which is more “basic” in nature kills not just the bacteria, but the skin’s acidic layer as well. Meaning, soap neutralizes the basic properties of skin, leaving it exposed to possible harm.

  • Skin type 

Bar soaps are not always prepared for a specific skin type in mind. So if your skin type is “dry skin” and comes in contact with such a soap, your skin gets dangerously dried out causing severe skin issues like acne, inflammation etc.

  • Harshness 

Sometimes the ingredients in a bar soap tend to be too harsh for the facial skin as it differs from the skin on our body. This often leads to allergic reactions or increased sensitivity. This is why Dermatologist suggests everyone to switch to Facewash/cleansing gel instead.

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Finding Face Wash Based on Your Skin Type

Here’s how to find the perfect face wash for your skin type:

  • Normal Skin:

✔ Normal skin type needs a simple and balanced face wash that helps balance the pH of the skin.
✔ It normally needs no further benefits from the face wash other than the removal of dirt and dead skin cells.

  • Oily Skin:

✔ For this kind of skin, one can use water-based face wash and cleanser before any skincare routine.
✔ This ensures that the excess oily secretion is removed, hence reducing the risk of pores getting clogged and infected.
✔ This skin type also needs a balancing of the pH levels to ensure healthy-looking excess oil-free skin.

  • Dry Skin:

✔ As for this skin type, an oil-based cleanser would do great, as it replenishes the oil on the skin, helping it balance out the natural dryness.
✔ Face wash should address skin sensitivity since most dry skins suffer from this.

How often should you use a Face Wash?

The next confusion that most people face is the frequency of washes for healthy-looking, clear skin.

However, it is often recommended by Dermatologist that one should wash face not more than twice a day, once in the morning and once in the evening.

This ensures we keep the skin clear from dirt and dead skin cells that accumulate through the night, as well as remove the oils secreted through the night-time.

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