Pregnancy is often quoted to be one of the most remarkable periods of a woman’s life. The “pregnancy glow” and the “motherly instincts” and tastes that a woman picks up are often the most highlighted part of the journey.

Yet, there is a whole chapter during this period that is more of a nightmare to navigate for a woman, and that is the condition of the skin(1). The largest organ in the body is subjected to a number of remarkable changes during this time period, and if not dealt with correctly, these may be irreversible and quite permanent.

Along with the hormonal changes and body alterations that our system goes through, the skin faces issues like acne, rough skin. This leads to rashes and itches. And with the expansion of the body comes the curse of stretch marks. Our skin inevitably increases in sensitivity, and suddenly the warm sun is too warm, leading to sunburn and sun damage and even hyperpigmentation or melasma.

Although most people are aware of which skin conditions to look out for, they are still unclear as to why such skin problems arise during pregnancy. The famous phrase of “blame the hormones” to justify the mood swings and irregular actions of pregnant women may often seem like an exaggeration. However, in this case it is more often the reason behind the skin issues.

One of the first by-products of pregnancy is the hormonal changes that accompany it. It is a well-known fact that at times hormonal changes can trigger the excessive production of oils in sebaceous glands.These are oil-producing glands that exist in the epidermis and are responsible for the oil content present in our face, giving us our characteristic oily or well-balanced skin types.

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However, with this excess oil present, the chances of pores getting clogged are also increased. This leads to infection and spreading of pimples and acne. With this and the corresponding change in pH levels of the skin on our face, it has an adverse effect on the skin in the form of acne breakouts.

One of the other major reasons for skin issues showing up when you are pregnant can be the increased blood flow that pregnancy instigates. Although for most of the time it contributes to the so called “rosy glow” that pregnant women are known to boast, it is inevitably also the culprit behind broken blood vessels that sometimes show up on the skin as spider angiomas.

Apart from these, the constant changes that the body goes through during pregnancy are a reason or skin problems. An apt example of this would be the occurrence of stretch marks on the skin. Ask any woman what her worry about pregnancy is and the word stretch marks won’t be that far away. These are striations that appear in different shades depending on your skin color, and most are found around the abdomen (1).

It forms when the skin rapidly stretches, trying to keep up with the rapid growth of the fetus. Inevitably, this puts the skin under stress, forming these unpleasant lines on your skin.

Lastly, an increased sensitivity in the skin makes it vulnerable to normal conditions which suddenly become too much to handle. This would often explain why pregnant women tend to easily develop heat rashes and disrupted skin. All these skin conditions are issues which dermatologists can normally address and help with, but only if the patient makes the effort to visit them for a consultation.

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