Why do Skin problems happen during and after Pregnancy

pregnancy skin problems

Pregnancy is one of the most incredible phases in a woman’s life. There’s excitement and joy to enter a new phase of life. Though, it also comes with its share of issues that are no less than a nightmare. Here, we are talking about the changes in the skin during as well as after pregnancy. Challenging and demanding are words that won’t do any justice to what women go through. It’s way beyond what you and I can imagine. The skin undergoes numerous changes during this period. If not dealt with early and adequately, it can further aggravate the situation. You may have heard or are already aware of the several skin issues, but there’s still a lack of clarity regarding why these skin problems arise during and after pregnancy. 

Causes of Skin Problems During and After Pregnancy

Hormonal Changes & Skin Issues

Pregnancy and hormonal changes are almost synonymous. At times, these hormonal changes can trigger excessive oil production in sebaceous glands. However, excess oil present often leads to clogged pores.  Eventually causing acne or pimples. 

Increased Blood Flow 

One of the other primary reasons for skin issues can be increased blood flow. Although it contributes to the so-called “rosy glow” that pregnant women are known to boast of most of the time, it is inevitably also the culprit behind broken blood vessels that sometimes show up on the skin as spider angiomas.

Skin Problems Due to Constant Changes in Body 

Apart from these, the constant changes that the body goes through during pregnancy are reasons for the various skin problems. An apt example of this would be the occurrence of stretch marks on the skin. Ask any woman what her worry about pregnancy is, and the word stretch marks would feature at the top. It forms when the skin rapidly stretches, trying to keep up with the rapid growth of the fetus. Inevitably, this puts the skin under stress, creating these unpleasant lines on your skin.

Increased Sensitivity in Skin

Lastly, increased sensitivity in the skin can make you so vulnerable that handling even normal conditions seems too much. That’s why pregnant women often tend to develop heat rashes and disrupted skin easily. All these skin conditions are issues that dermatologists can address and help with, but only if the patient makes an effort to visit them for a consultation.

Skin problems during and after pregnancy

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Summing Up

Your body goes through massive changes during and after pregnancy that can take a toll on your health, physically and mentally. These changes are mostly inevitable and annoying. Though, consulting a doctor can help get proper treatment and avert any potential risk. When it comes to the little one, every step and effort matters. No need to take any pressure or criticise yourself; take one day at a time. For any concerns or queries related to skin issues during or after pregnancy, speak to your doctor. 



1. Is it normal for one to get rashes during pregnancy?

Yes, rashes are common during pregnancy. However, if you do develop one, do not ignore them, always consult your dermatologist for the right opinion.

2. Why does skin appear dry during pregnancy?

Hormonal changes in the body can make your skin lose moisture and elasticity. It can lead to symptoms like dry skin and itchiness. 

3. Why does my skin look different after pregnancy?

Due to the immense changes that occur in your body, you may notice changes even after pregnancy. Your body would need some to get back to normal.  Hence, remain patient and continue loving yourself. Reach out to your doctor regarding any issue that could be bothering you. 

4. Is it safe to use skincare products while breastfeeding?

Not all products are harmful in general, but some do pose certain risks. It is best to use products suggested by your dermatologist to stay safe. 





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